Sunday, 14 January 2018

SDR special: Iranian intelligence network exposed in Judea and Samaria

The Shin Bet security agency and the Israel Defense Force recently exposed a network sponsored by the Iranian intelligence apparatus in Judea and Samaria. The network was recruited and funded by an Iranian intelligence agent living in South Africa, according to information released for publication on Wednesday.
According to the Shin Bet, the key suspect arrested in the operation is Mohammed Maharmeh, a 29-year-old computer engineering student from Hebron.

Maharmeh was reportedly enlisted to the service of Iranian intelligence by a relative, Bahar Maharmeh, who lives in South Africa. The Shin Bet said that "Iranian intelligence used South Africa as a key arena for locating, recruiting and deploying agents against Israel."

Maharmeh, who had been operating on the orders of figures within Iranian intelligence, invested effort and resources into recruiting agents from Judea and Samaria and from Israel for the purpose of engaging in espionage for the Iranians.
Under this framework, Bahar Maharmeh took advantage of Mohammed Maharmeh's 2015 visit to South Africa to recruit him to the Iranian network.
Bahar even introduced Mohammed to a number of Iranian agents, some of whom came especially from Tehran to meet with them.

The computer engineering student was tasked with a variety of missions to advance terrorist efforts against Israel, including recruiting a volunteer for a suicide attack and recruiting a terror cell to commit shooting attacks. He was offered explosives and weapons training and asked to open an electronics store in the Hebron area for the purpose of transferring photos to Bahar and the Iranians.
He was also tasked with recruiting Israeli Arabs to take espionage photos inside Israel.

Maharmeh was also expected to transfer Israeli SIM cards and money to Iran. The Shin Bet suspects these items were to be used in terrorist attacks against Israel.
Mohammed Maharmeh also recruited two operatives from Hebron – Nur Maharmeh and Diaa Sarahana – both 22. The two agreed to establish a terror cell with guidance from Iran, and Mohammed Maharmeh received $8,000 from Iran as a reward.

In addition to the trove information that the investigation yielded, it also emerged that Maharmeh was asked to recruit Israeli citizens, including journalists, to make use of their access to various sites in Israel, namely official sites.
In recent days, an indictment was filed against Mohammed Maharmeh on charges of contact with a hostile organization, accepting enemy funds and attempt to organize unlawfully.

Nur Maharmeh and Diaa Sarahana were also indicted for conspiracy and attempt to organize unlawfully.
The Shin Bet said that the exposed network demonstrates the scope of Iranian involvement in mobilizing terrorism against Israel. It also clearly shows how far Iran's tentacles reach all over the world, in its efforts to harm Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded Wednesday to the discovery of the network, saying, "The Shin Bet, together with the IDF, exposed and thwarted the efforts of a terrorist network in Judea and Samaria that was operating under the auspices of Iranian intelligence. This is not the first time – they are making attempts in different avenues and in other areas to harm Israel. I am pleased that the Shin Bet and our security forces are successfully stopping them.

"I would like to focus attention on the fact that Iran is operating in terrorist and aggressive ways against the state of Israel not only by assisting terrorist organizations, like Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, but also by trying to establish terrorist networks within Israeli territory, against Israel's citizens."

Saturday, 13 January 2018

EU Politicians - See here Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser laughing at hijab requirement back in 1958

This just so, no Islamist can say that dressing code always was like Stone Age..........
And that we are not racist but realists showing what Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser once said on film 1958!!!!
We refuse political invented truths named consensus anywhere
in the western world.....

( yellow subtitle up very hard to read try to see this full in screen )

A song for Iranian Human Rights

As long as there is a opposition there is hope for a modern Iran !
(Dedicated from MH to my brother and brothers wishing a free democratic Iran)

SDR special list of Iranian backed Islamist Militia members seeking asylum in the EU

About a year ago we did a report and had an almost similar list and a few were caught. But sadly some go free due to EU not sending back war criminals who mostly have arrived here illegally and who anytime could be militants again.

Normal people have started to doubt the law, within EU if so called economic migrants come and live on their hard earned social services while having 10 kids and most older ones not speaking one word  local languages and most likely will end up like many Bosnians who told me they will return asap.....but in reality just moved over to Sweden and are most of the 3 generations I know unemployed.....

Monday, 8 January 2018

Sweden again; Stockholm station blast: Man dies in 'hand grenade' explosion

The more you give out of Islamic immigrants The more violence and "no thank you"
 is what you get back at best.

I did grow ip in the 60s in Sweden we hd no youth gangs attacking Police 
and even ambulances ....

Just because people respected local Swedish laws.
Today Swedes have no right for their own culture as Sweden as its officially is 
a multi cultural Nation.

If the result is this.
Why would Swedes believe they get anything good by being forced 
to forced to understand only "one culture and religion"! 

Why cant Swedes not decide what Culture interest them...personally?
Forced respect is the same as no respect in my eyes.
Its not a very Nordic matter as we have fought dictates  for ages.....

For me each culture gets a bad or a good rap in others Find them honest and 
polite and reliable.
And fact is any race will be treated accordingly. 

When I was young there was no violence via Iran or Afghanistan. 
Or Egypt plus more......

This this how Persias Teheran looked before Khomeini , it was a very advanced 
nation ,,But as soon Khomeini told the women of Iran to live like a thousand years ago the women took to the streets Proving all Muslim traditions regarding covered face to be of ancient nature and deftly not how to look year 1979 )))))
a very newly fashion to live like hundreds of years ago.
Se this "really check " from 1979:

Malaysian and Indonesian used to call the Boatman's and Ninjas....
when I was young in the 1970´s We had no problem in Finland to playing
cards with modern friend from Beirut  8Then called the Paris of  ME  the Lebanese Israelis and Egyptians and British and Finns and even a man we called Al Saudi From SA and Pakistanis and Moroccans Palestinians and Sudanese and Indians and Gambians and Nigerians more had no problem to share a table to eat at a Israeli restaurant s we all ate about the same foods ....We always had a argument like Israelis claiming that Schnitzel came from Israel. and I told them I think Its from Vienna and all the world knows its not a Kosher food but pig meat as mostly eaten in Austria. Same was with Dulma or Kåldolmar  in Sweden...and other names in various nations ....
we always leaned something from each other.
That was good Multi Culture!

The Saudis had no Wahhabi laws of traditions as their own of religion is only about 100 years old..
My  Grandma did see pictures of them in the UK news. She said they where al oil diggers born in tents living like they did during the Old Testament days .....
 She mentioned to me of the Egyptian pre-Muslim Cultures dated back to the ages of Pharaohs and ....

Here A funny video by Egyptian President Nasser (Abdel Nasser) And what he thought of covering the face on women.
He was laughing tears, along with normal people ...
Except the Brotherhood that still isn't prohibited like it was not
once not so long ago.  

Why has no one shown this video to Western Parliaments?
Someone should !

He (Nasser) at least did not fake any mythology that the common westerner would know if he or she would read History and believe in common sense and was a well read man unlike today's Shia mullahs and Sunny various spiritual leaders who try to tell to keep the one and only book and to kill unbelievers is all a Muslim should do. According to today's the most innocent looking Somalis have been lying to me and my wife very openly

So whats today's Muti cultural lesson from our guests the Muslim refugees....It has nothing to do with a polite thanks 
for saving my life ...Oops they might with a 100%  be known ISIS or Iraqi war criminals as they now have over 50 places 
in Sweden where a white person cant enter without facing utter
violence. SDR would detain any and all braking the law and expel them forever and take their DNA if they like it or not.

Muslim Both Shia and Sunni Criminals jail inmates her... get treated like kings and get special  toilets that are built now and get special food that's much better than other inmates ,,,They get free to pray 5 times a day and special food for Ramadan and after that they got out for a special EID Dinner and entertainment , which no. other Religion get . Christian or Hindu or Jewish or Mormons or Baha'i or any minority Middle east religion get any such special treatment......

Finland today tells its a dangerous meeting when the Finnish Parliaments initiated
Multi - Faith has been threatened by the Muslims ...they should just remove the Muslim's from the Conference instead of fleeing as the conference was entirely closed , showing the Finnish secret police not only being corrupt as its shown in the news each week now ...
But they are also cowards not able to Kick the Muslims out of the Conference (all of Them)
while setting up a observation with steady gamers and the rest could be Drones.

I don't give a rats ass about Muslim special demands and suggest they go and try to practise such back home or with ISIS....Common just join the ISIS we will bomb them when ever we want and it want stop until ever each superiors is dead and bust with a 
amour of ugly virgins. ( take a good look outside your window and look how Arab 
Virgins look like ...besides they all had FMG and cant enjoy Their men ever after 
had their vagina Cut soothes never can feel sex and then sown together......
100 % pf the Muslim old-timers have started this again like in Indonesia.
When I was young no one did care if a woman had a mini skirt.......
10 years later they play a different game all together.....from being a modern state during the generals rule they are now getting more and more uneducated as most poor 
know nothing but on E-book. and that any male can rape them if they are not covering their face .......

In Pakistan the men abuse young boys called batch-a ´s and they do it very openly...
So o me most Pakis are Homo sexual racists who hallway marry their first cousin 
thats Prohibited in all the western world as it in him bring along genetically in-bread 
persons who looked strange with a had shaped to be tall upside and and usually 
gave their entire head pear shaped,. Should we in the west enjoy this culture now.
Its a fact and my Muslims in India I asked where proud of it.......

They are terrorists as they don't wear any Militia Uniform as required to be called a army.
So to me they are nothing but crime lords fill-in US and EU with amphetamines and heroin and opium from the Lebanese Beka Valley.

It would be only fair if the Arabs who come here would give their houses to us so we can control that its not a estate producing money as they lie to us all day and night....

My neighbour was a Muslim claiming all was good if one was a moderate and good Muslim.

So one day he said Finns are racist ... asked him how about I get you a job then ?
he said OK.

In two days I did not hear anything and as I did See him he showed his true face telling I have gotten payed schooling place he had by then had many schooling while Practising non for a longer time that's the limit to empty again. I did see his so called sister move I with high heels and a mini skirt...I was told by my Kurd friend to watch how they entered
 or or left the house and as a second wife always is walking last behind the First wife . Be it entering a car or the house . Now she was  more conservative dressed and her pregnancy stared to show.  No Somali being unmarried would be accepted by other Muslims of any kind if she was not some sort of wife. So at one point I asked him so now I know how much you have lied to me ...and you even had the bad taste of asking me to join constant liars religion. I ask you have you illegally cut your daughters when the Govt helped the Family to have holiday.  Exactly from the place they feed from ....If its so peaceful why did they not stay there ?

The kids had changed after they got home....No one smiled anymore and some did not got out...

I told him I have warned the City already (The City of Kauniainen sat and tried to push and
push  the mater for the school nurse! 
If a Finnish family get a complaint by the neighbours that they did see the mother slapped mildly the kid she would have to face with a 100% the taking away the kid from their parents ,,,But when Muslims marry kids at age 9 or 14  nothing happens here.
By the way underage marriage is still legal in many states in the US today !)

At last but least where did the terrorist get a Gand gradate from ?
On the black market such grant not cost a little in Sweden I was told. 

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

National Racism just like Hitlers 3rd Reich still alive and practiced by Saudi Arabia

Not One organisation "like" UN has reacted by example that they are the largest racists as one can get! As much as they lie about equality of skin colour or race. 
Fact is that their uneven support can be spotted openly in recent years (Palestinians get 3 times more payments than any other group of people in need, like Christian refugees who has tried to survive in Iraq or anywhere in the Gulf nations or in the Middle East and Turkey that plays a disgusting game of open racism against Christians. Before the Iraqi war there was half a million Christians living mainly in Bagdad.
Start of the century they had 6% of Christians and now its less than even one percent. 

No one in the West like US or EU has reacted. Neither India and China has reacted on this public racism !  

Up in Finland and Sweden you can anytime be called a racist if you say that Muslims are mot a race but a Religion!   
When bombers shout "Allah hoe Akbar" its according to the nordic Nations like Finland and Sweden etc not an indication of supremacist behaviour like German´s;  Heil Hitler or Sieg- Heil !
Israelis can prove they are a Race due to DNA tests  Just like Many other races with a simple have their own DNA. Test tells you if you the do the test that Swedish and Finnish and Malaysian or Nigerian Muslims don't have the same DNA as Jews. That can be seen as clearly
as Day or Night ...Im sure that many Arabs can actually proof of Jewish ancestry....

ICELANDERS have many DNAs:  British, and Nordic or Spanish due to a ship wreck in the past... One can basically see the physical impact the Past has on their outlook ...
The Same in Finland- Sweden - One Nation Is of Germanic  past and the other is mainly of Ugrian past. And yet still.  If they take DNA test it shows if someone is of Jewish blood.
Thats since and Gods truth no matter what name we call our God!!!

The most spectacular fact is that the DNA of Saudis are the same as their own slaves which are many times from Bangladesh or Indonesia or Malaysia. But thats not of any problem for Saudi Arabia!


The following is a reality check on Saudi Arabian lies Question remains are our western nations that stupid that we separate their lies with our own intelligence ?

The Following is reported as facts by BBC and other media 
Bias question:  Why are our EU and US Leaders not reacting at all ?

  We apologise about telling it so harshly !
  However this is the reality check on our 
  lying leaders who only care about them 

Sunday, 17 December 2017

US President Trump declares his and US view on Jerusalem as the the legitimate main Capital of Israel.

Both Bibi Netanyahu and the Pope agree on the fact that in the former past
Arabic was never spoken in Jerusalem.
For most Westerners Christians its a fact still will be a fact that Jesus was jew!
Both the Christian Pope and Netanyahu agreed upon the fact that the
languages used in the past where mainly Greek - Hebrew - Aramaic and it
was always taken for granted to be Israel's capital for Westerners now.....

(  We need to show support to the ones who share and not to the ones who 
wishes too keep it to them selfs and kill visitors!!!  )

Now Donald Trump sees its time not to run away bit stand up to this fact!

Trumps wisdom here filmed by the international media:

Trump sadly becomes victim for his trust , but not for his good intentions.

Trump's nominee flubs law test for the post of judge....

Matthew Petersen may have trained as a lawyer, but judging by his confirmation hearing he's clearly out of practise. President Trump's nominee for federal judge in the District of Columbia was asked a series of basic legal questions by a Republican senator. It did not go well.  Anyone can do a flop, and sadly this one did not end up badly even if hid nominee East what was needed , speaking well and hones at this hearing cant be judged.... So maybe the press reports about the final nominee instead of using this situation to embarrass President Donal Trump.
What Donald Trump did here was to trust the competency of a nominee....
Can you or me judge anyone for trusting and believing ....?
As we write before this was a half way report and has nothing much to do with the final 


How about showing us the finals and not the various nominations just in order to smear 
President Donald Trump.

Monday, 11 December 2017

US seems to get no where with Militants as one more explosion explodes at Ny at Manhattan bus terminal.

When we don't get to hear the name or nationality of a caught criminal it's  commonly when it's a Muslim as people confuse a religion and philosophy with a Race. Try to take a DNA of every Muslim and you wont find same DNA in Jordan and Somalia  just to mention two....and a religious war and killings has reached a point when people collect arms secretly 
because the confrontation Esther as long as the Arabs think hey can be living like guests AL over the west , many nit even speaking the local language making it obvious that they only 
come ere to blow us up or in most cases brake local laws in any which way they can,,,,,,Turks and Albanians almost dominate the underworld in Germany. And it is spreading
North for now....

MapThen we can be 99% sure the reason for not naming was just to give the Muslims brakes that US Indians should have been given hundreds of years.....The South American Latinos mostly have arrived legally and should obey the local laws we all understand. And so does 99.9 of my US Latin friends are as American as it get. 
And usually South Americans from unschooled background are risking their lives.....
for smuggling drugs to US, where they many times get killed by minor age 
young people who dispose of the bodies in acid baths
How about people who where living like slaves still in the US Southern States, ended first in the 60s I can see their a traumatic upbringing.
How about the minorities in the US do they make any Noyce ?
No they try to integrate and just like family have been coming or going but we never
had such a low pride like Muslims demanding this or that .
don't see why as the Muslims where the biggest traders of Castrated slaves so they never needed to worry if they travelled...
Therefore not US or Spain the slaves became minorities.  But the really big userers as most ME and Gulf nations where the slaves where used as commodities  rather than human beings.

While Iran is taken hostages renaming them whatever and Isis as well held US citizens for years  has been jailed.....Not that the DEMOCRATS Obama etc did a squat to get them released showing the world we don't anymore protect our citizens ......
The Benghazi sadistic murder of the US Ambassador is just one of the actions and humiliations against US of A. 
Question to president Trump is when will you make US proud again and release the US prisoners
in Iran. 

I recall tight days when the US citizens where so proud for 
standing up and face any troll or abuse of freedom. 

I have known personally 2 ex Defence ministers from Parliament our Nordic nations and they shared my pride when my cousins daughter went trough USMC hell night ,,,,like it was another day of glory (she has many) She has never ever asked for social help etc but does exactly what 
any nation would ask for its citizens .....Why don't we bomb Baghdad or Jordan  then ?
Finland has prohibited press and Police to report unless its not possible and still a guy killing a girl und raping a 3 month old or being part of mass rape get away with basically 2years !!! A US young boy was recently given 15 years sentence for throwing a 
chicken into a Mosque! Why cant Trump end this sickening and false consensus of
what ever suits you.....Each week we now experience is growing and Finland starts to check out the contents of Kebabs.  I have heard major health stories regarding 
the ......Arab health, and its a fact that Kurds and Arabs like Syria's or Indians have no health certificate proving them able to be responsible to run a Kebab matter  and 
by no means abuse the making of Italy's national food  tasty Pizza!!!! 
Fantasy breads or Kebab baguettes can be served if needed ....But its 
the way Muslims abuse our cultures of laws just as they do back home.....
So one thing they know and it is honour killing of a own sister or Mother ....or 
Polygamy which is prohibited ....and no one checks if it was done  here in EU
and done locally against the law......

Lets not be kidding our self's and See facts as facts! Our leaders talk and talk but don't do anything doable like demand Biometric registration + DNA and ISIS check. Its a small demand hat would be accessed and each one who crosses any EU or US border be he from London or Saudi Arabia or China etc........

We have been told by Frau Führerin Merkel that Arabs without papers are OK....
I don't think so as I see the way hey walk and talk ...soldiers are always soldiers.
And its not so hard to interrogate and get good results if you have a start watch and hold his pulse arm and a another on his neck....This I learnt from Afghan Police officers and I checked and its really a good opener for honest truth.....
If I asked your mothers and fathers names could you respond in 3-4 seconds .
Same with birthplace. Eventually a debate with a man born and grown up at the 
same state ! In Sweden all Arab translator where Muslims with the results that 
Sweden has send back to certain death more Christian's than any other EU nation.

New York City Police say a man is being held after an explosion at America's biggest and busiest bus terminal.
The blast happened on Monday in an underpass at the Port Authority terminal near Times Square.
Fire officials say four people were injured, but none is in danger. Police say the suspect was wounded.
US media quote unnamed officials as saying that the man had a pipe bomb strapped to his body when it detonated at the height of the morning rush hour.
A photo circulating on social media shows a man, said to be the suspect, lying on the ground with his clothes ripped and lacerations on his upper body
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said President Donald Trump had been briefed on the incident.
The Port Authority Bus Terminal serves more than 65 million people a year.

Police and fire crews block off the streets near the New York Port Authority in New York City
Image copyright

REUTERS Image captioS Reveral .....All I can say is that its pure luck everyone of my family wasn't there .....