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Unmanned Systems & Robotics EXPO Update

    Here the much awaited update with fantastic details

EU NAVFOR Operation Atlanta - Latest Headlines

SDR wishes to introduce: European Union Naval Force Somalia.EU NAVFORE does much more than is commonly known.

Here a brief introduction to the source of the good work being
handled by EU´s united efforts to secure the waters
outside Somalia.

Belgium Frigate BNS LEOPOLD I Joins Operation Atalanta
After leaving her home port of Zeebrugge on Sunday 10 August, Belgian Navy warship BNS LEOPOLD I has arrived in the Gulf of Aden to commence counter-piracy operations with the EU Naval Force.

EU Naval Force flagship ITS Andrea Doria and HMAS Toowoomba from CTF 150 Meet at Sea in the Gulf of Aden
On Thursday 28 August EU Naval Force flagship, ITS Andrea Doria, and Combined Maritime Force frigate, HMAS Toowoomba, met at sea in the Gulf of Aden. As both warships were in close proximity to each other, crewmembers from both warships took the opportunity to ‘cross-deck’ to the other to meet sailors and talk about their various roles on board.
On Thursday 28 August EU Naval Force flagship, ITS Andrea Doria, and Combined Maritime Force frigate, HMAS Toowoomba, met at sea in the Gulf of Aden. As both warships were in close proximity to each other, crewmembers from both warships took the opportunity to ‘cross-deck’ to the other to meet sailo

EU Force Commander Hosts Commander of Japanese Escort Task Group On board EU Naval Force Flagship ITS Andrea Doria
On Tuesday 2 September the EU Force Commander, Rear Admiral Guido Rando, welcomed the Commander of the Japanese Escort Task Group, Captain Tsutomu Okawa, on board the EU Naval Force flagship, ITS Andrea Doria. Both ships are conducting counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden.

EU Naval Force Ship HNLMS Van Speijk Conducts Friendly Approach with Local Seafarers
EU Naval Force warship HNLMS Van Speijk has carried out her first friendly approach in the Gulf of Aden. Following a routine logistical stop in Djibouti, HNLMS Van Speijk was assigned to patrol in the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC), monitoring merchant traffic and safeguarding shipping.

Belgium Navy Frigate Leopold I Conducts First Friendly Approach Since Joining EU Naval Force
On Saturday 30 August, EU Naval Force warship BNS Leopold I  conducted their first friendly approach with two Yemeni fishing vessels. Having sighted the vessels at sea with approximately 15 men, women and children on board, the warship’s Boarding Party was dispatched to investigate the situation.

EU Force Commander Visits HNLMS Van Speijk and BNS Leopold I
Between 6 – 7 September, the EU Force Commander, Rear Admiral Guido Rando took the opportunity to embark HNLMS Van Speijk and BNS Leopold I.  Both frigates recently joined the EU Naval Force to conduct EU counter-piracy operations and they will remain in the area of operations off the coast of Somalia until early December.

Italian Air Force Completes its First Remote Controlled Aircraft Sortie for Operation Atalanta
On Tuesday 4 September the 32nd wing of the Italian Air Force, which operates the remote controlled aircraft known as Predator, completed their first tasking with the EU Naval Force.

Replenishment at Sea Helps to Maintain High Level of Operational Capability for EU Naval Force Warship BNS Leopold I
On Monday 8 September EU Naval Force Belgian frigate, BNS Leopold I, conducted a replenishment at sea with the German support ship FGS Berlin in the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC).

EU Naval Force Frigate BNS Leopold I Conducts Friendly Approaches With Local Seafarers in the Horn of Africa
Whilst conducting EU counter-piracy patrols in the Horn of Africa, the Belgian EU Naval Force frigate, BNS Leopold I, has conducted friendly approaches on a dhow and several skiffs near the Somali coast.

EU Naval Force Flagship ITS Andrea Doria Refuels At Sea Off The Coast Of Somalia with FGS Berlin
A Replenishment at Sea (RAS) is a well-planned and carefully executed operation to supply warships at sea with a variety of goods, such as fuel, food, spare parts and ammunition.

EU Naval Force Frigate ESPS Navarra Assists Yacht in the Gulf of Aden
In the early morning of Friday 19 September, EU Naval Force frigate, ESPS Navarra, came to the assistance of a stricken yacht in the Gulf of Aden.

EU Operation Commander Visits EU Naval Force Flagship ITS Andrea Doria in the Gulf of Aden
During his visit to Djibouti this week, the Operation Commander of the EU Naval Force, Major General Martin Smith MBE, took the opportunity to visit the EU Naval Force flagship, ITS Andrea Doria, at sea in the Gulf of Aden.  He was accompanied during the visit by the European Union Ambassador in Djibouti, Joseph Silva.

EU Naval Force and Chinese Navy Ships Meet at Sea in the Gulf of Aden
On Monday 22 September the EU Naval Force flagship, ITS Andrea Doria, met the Chinese Navy ship, CNS Changbaishan, in the Gulf of Aden.

EU Force Commander Hosts Commanding Officer of South Korean Destroyer ROKS Munmu the Great on board EU Naval Force Flagship ITS Andrea Doria
On Thursday 18 September the Force Commander of the European Union’s counter-piracy Operation Atalanta, Rear Admiral Guido Rando, welcomed Captain Kim Jeong-Hyun, who is the Commanding Officer of the South Korean Destroyer, ROKS Munmu the Great, on board the EU Naval Force flagship, ITS Andrea Doria.
EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia - Operation Atalanta is part of the EU's comprehensive approach to tackle symptoms and root causes of piracy off the coast of Somalia and the EU Strategic Framework for the Horn of Africa adopted in November 2011.

EU NAVFOR conducts anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia and the Indian Ocean and is responsible for the protection of World Food Programme (WFP) shipping carrying humanitarian aid to the people of Somalia and Horn of Africa as well as the logistic shippings supporting the African Union troops conducting Peace Support Operations in Somalia (AMISOM). Additionally, Operation Atalanta contributes to the monitoring of fishing activity off the coast of Somalia.

News source:
For more information, please visit the original website www.eunavfor.eu.

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Welcome to Israeli Homeland Security's: Autonomous Unmanned Systems & Robotics EXPO

SDR is proud to announce: A iHLS special event:

Air Show Conference Exhibition

  25-26 ,November 2014

Unmanned Systems Air Show

Experience Unmanned Systems Live , in Action

Conference attended by Israel’s top figures, major generals and senior defense industry officialsLive and rich display and show of numerous presenters of land, air and naval unmanned autonomous systems. A massive exhibition of manufacturers, integrators and subcontractors, all presenting advanced operational capabilities.

The 2014, Airshow scheduled for November 25-26, has the major UAS market players 
showcasing their cutting edge innovations, which have taken part in Protective Edge.

2014 exclusively features flights and live performance demonstrations of the most 
advanced UASs.

Exclusive unveilings:  2014 airshow and convention will unveil for the first time before 
industry experts technological innovations never before seen, including unmanned air 
systems, smart systems and C4I devices.

Following the success of the 2013 convention, this year’s  2014 was expanded to include 
the technological and operational envelope part of the industry, complete with dedicated 
arrays, materials, propulsion systems, C4I systems as well as unique data security 

International coverage: the  2014 live airshow and fair will have international media 
exposure as they will be covered by dozens of channels in Israel and worldwide major 
TV networks, professional reporters and leading HLS and AUS websites.

2014 – live broadcasts from the air: Huge monitors will show incoming live broadcasts 
and footage direct from the UASs, their observation and surveillance devices and their 
command and control systems.


Boeing´s new Phantom Badger

The Willys MB – better known as the original jeep – was a game-changer during World War II. 
Small, agile, versatile and durable, jeeps were easy to deploy, easy to operate and easy to 
maintain, making them perhaps the Allies’ most important battlefield equipment. 

More than 70 years later, US aircraft maker and defence supplier Boeing has revisited the 
original jeep’s winning formula in a stocky little bruiser of a car called the Phantom Badger

Like the MB, the Phantom Badger is compact – just 60 inches wide – and, with four-wheel 
steering, it is highly manoeuvrable. The setup gives the vehicle a turning circle of just 24ft 
fully 10ft tighter than a Mini Cooper’s. Such agility is particularly valuable in urban 
environments, where the ability to make tight turns and slip through narrow alleys can 
change the outcome of a battle.

And like the original jeep, which employed a version of the Go Devil L-head engine from 
Willys’ civilian Americar line, the Phantom Badger makes use of the 3-litre turbo-diesel 
V6 from the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The engine – which can run on JP-8 jet fuel as well as 
diesel – produces 240 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque, sufficient to enable the 
four-wheel-drive Badger to reach a breezy 80mph on paved surfaces.

The PB is more than merely tough; it is transportable. On 8 April, after a series of 
heavy tests that included form-fit checks, pressure trials and structural evaluations, the 
US Navy officially certified the Phantom Badger for transport in the belly of the 
Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft a big step toward actual deployment 
with the US Marine Corps and US Air Force Special Operations, both of which 
already operate the Osprey.

With the vertical takeoff and landing capability of a helicopter and the speed and range 
of a traditional turboprop aircraft, the Osprey can deliver cargo to tight spaces and hostile 
environments and get out quickly. (The current record for off-loading a Badger is just 
17 seconds.) 
The Osprey first flew in 1989 and has known its share of troubles over the years including 
a swollen budget and some highly publicised crashes. 
But it has since proven its mettle in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as on humanitarian 
missions, including the delivery of relief supplies after Typhoon Yolanda hit the 
Philippines in November 2013. 

But the arrival of the Phantom Badger gives the 30-year-old aircraft a whole new 
lease on life.

The Badger’s real trick is its extraordinary versatility. 

The vehicle is designed to accommodate a variety of mission-specific rear modules. 
Boeing has designed 10 so far, including packages for reconnaissance, combat search 
and rescue, casualty transport and explosive ordnance disposal, along with mounts 
for such weapons as a .50-caliber machine gun and a 40mm automatic grenade 

Modules attach to the Badger body with six bolts at six connection points, and are 
interchangeable in the field in 30min or less!

Not a company known for its four-wheeled conveyances, Boeing created the PB with 
the aide of North Carolina-based MSI Defense Solutions. 
MSI applied its expertise in off-road racing, Nascar and Formula 1 to develop the 
Badger's suspension and four-wheel-steering systems, and is presently handling 
the design and fabrication of the interchangeable mission modules.

The Phantom Badger is tough, but it is no armoured personnel carrier. 

It was designed primarily for expeditionary missions, where speed and manoeuvrability 
matter – just like the original Jeep. And like its heroic grandfather, the Phantom Badger 
will be a game-changer on the modern battlefield, able to go places and do things the 
outsize Hummer never could. 

Although contracts with the US Department of Defense and other governments are in 
the works, Boeing has plans for the Phantom Badger that extend beyond 
the battlefield. 

The vehicle lends itself to fire-fighting, law enforcement, search and rescue and 
other applications. And how about a civilian version?  

“Absolutely, yes,” says John Chicoli, Boeing’s Phantom Badger program manager. 
“It is a commercial vehicle, and Boeing will gladly have a discussion with anyone is 
interested in purchasing Phantom Badgers for their collection or personal use.” 

For now, however, Badger pricing remains classified.

Friday, 26 September 2014

PA: Hamas and Fatah Already Fighting Over Gaza Funds

As reported by:

As efforts are underway to hold an international conference in Cairo for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, the two major Palestinian parties, Hamas and Fatah, are already accusing each other of stealing funds that were channeled to help Palestinian families.
It is not clear at this stage how much money has made its way into the Gaza Strip since the Egypt-brokered cease-fire was announced late August.
But it is clear by now that both Hamas and Fatah are engaged in a fight over who will control the funds and assume responsibility for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.
The war between Hamas and Fatah over the funds earmarked for the residents of the Gaza Strip is being fought over every penny and dollar. This is a power struggle in which the only losers are those Palestinians who lost their homes and family members during the military confrontation with Israel.
Hamas and Fatah know that hundreds of millions of dollars will sooner or later be allocated by Arab and Western donors for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. The two parties are determined to lay their hands on the funds, knowing that he who controls the money controls the people.
Both Hamas and Fatah are desperate for cash and are ready to do everything to enrich their coffers, even if that means robbing a bank.
This is exactly what Hamas did last week. Sources in the Gaza Strip said that Hamas security officers raided the Bank of Palestine in Gaza City's Rimal neighborhood and "seized" $750,000 in cash.
The sources said that the cash belonged to the Palestinian Jawwal Cellular Company. They said that the raid on the bank came on the pretext that the company had not paid all its tax debts to Hamas. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip described the raid as an "armed robbery in broad daylight."
The "armed robbery" came shortly after Fatah accused Hamas of "squandering" $700 million of financial aid earmarked for the Palestinian victims of the war. It is not clear where this large sum came from.
Fatah spokesman Ahmed Assaf claimed in an interview with an Egyptian TV station that the funds were donations from many countries. He said that Hamas collected the donations "in the name of children, women and the elderly under the pretext of rebuilding what was destroyed by Israel." The money, he added, did not reach its destination.
Assaf's charges are seen as part of a Fatah-orchestrated campaign to prevent donors from dealing with Hamas. Fatah wants to ensure that the millions of dollars intended for the Gaza Strip will pass through its hands and not end up in Hamas's bank accounts.
During the military confrontation, Fatah leaders in Ramallah issued a strong condemnation of Hamas. They said the Islamist movement was stealing relief aid dispatched to the Gaza Strip and distributing it among its followers in mosques.

But then who said that Fatah could be trusted when it comes to distributing financial aid? Relying on Fatah in this regard is like asking a cat to guard the milk.
The 20-year-old Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority [PA] is notorious for its financial and administrative corruption.
Earlier this month, Rafik Natsheh, head of the PA's Anti-Corruption Commission, revealed that his department has managed to retrieve $70 million of public funds embezzled by Palestinian officials. He also said that his department uncovered 60 more cases of financial corruption in 2013.
But what is most notable is that some Fatah officials are now accusing their own supporters of stealing funds provided by the PA leadership to the Gaza Strip. A Fatah-affiliated news website revealed that Fatah leaders in the Gaza Strip have been distributing the funds among their family members and friends. The report said that Hamas officials also succeeded in laying their hands on the funds arriving from the office of the Palestinian Authority president in Ramallah.
A Fatah member in the Gaza Strip was quoted as saying, "A Palestinian Authority official bought chocolate for 300 Shekels ($90) while our men are being ignored and cannot afford to use public transportation or feed their children."
He and dozens of Fatah activists in the Gaza Strip wrote a letter to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, asking him to form a commission of inquiry into the embezzlement of financial aid meant for Palestinian families.
The rising tensions between Hamas and Fatah following the war do not bode well for efforts to achieve Palestinian "national unity."

Read the entire report at:

German Federal Foreign Office Humana Rights Commissioner. Press release (on NIHR)

Human Rights Commissioner:  

Bahraini human report is an important document in both length and frankness

The Bahraini National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) published its first annual report in September.
In this connection, Federal Government Human Rights Commissioner Christoph Strässer issued the following statement in Berlin today (24 September):
The human rights situation in Bahrain is the focus of international attention time and again, especially as a result of the violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces. The first annual report by the National Institution for Human Rights in Bahrain is an important document on the human rights situation – not only due to its length of around 200 pages but also its frankness.

The report could become an enduring point of reference for social consensus in Bahrain. However, this will require all stakeholders – Government and Parliament, to which the report assigns extensive tasks, as well as civil society – to work in the spirit of the report and further strengthen human rights in Bahrain.
Background information
The Bahraini National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) published its first annual report in September. In just under 200 pages, not only the political, judicial and administrative spheres but also education and environmental protection are examined from a human rights viewpoint.  In the annual report, NIHR outlines what it expects of Government, Parliament and the judicial system in the human rights sphere. It also expresses clear views on contentious issues such as naturalisation, deprivation of citizenship or freedom of assembly.
With regard to the violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces, for example, the NIHR highlights the discrepancy between the penalties imposed on these two groups, puts forward specific recommendations on new regulations regarding the right of assembly and demands that the ban on public assembly in the capital Manama be lifted.
The NIHR is Bahrain’s national human rights organisation and has a broad mandate which not only envisages reports and the issuing of recommendations but also, for example, makes it possible for it to organise visits to prisons. Gradual changes to the law have brought the NIHR closer to fulfilling the Paris Principles for national human rights institutions.

Original source:

Website of the Federal Foreign Office: www.auswaertiges-amt.de/EN

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known as HSR but are now back with a
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