Friday, 26 September 2014

Welcome to Strategic Diplomatic Relations

Out of the ashes we where formerly 
known as HSR but are now back with a
more modern look, and new strength.

The direction: 
Our point of observation wont is neutral but that of westerners.
Why?  Because: That’s what we are.

We are not old fashioned but believe that one should not try to
replace anything if it does the job well, in other words we 
are conservatives and traditionalists.

We refuse to see our culture replaced by another culture or political
Invented rules.

This site actively promotes a united western military force and a united 
effort to fight terror and crime, so we may all may live in peace.

Fixing the wrongs
We are actively seeking the rights to decriminalise profiling as we 
Believe in equal rights the same we ask of others also applies to,
our self’s. 

Area of expertise:
The team of writers mainly come from the western diplomatic and 
intelligence community.

The Strategic Diplomatic Relations team