Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Finland: Police detain three terror suspects

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With a strong leadership led by Finnish Secret Police chief Mr Antti Pelttari at a lead Finnish Secret Police start to show some significant changes.  This despite the comments that Finland "allegedly" doesn't have a big threat yet.

Sad fact is there is a threat! And its growing constantly. 
But with Mr Pelttari as a chief of the Security Intelligence Finland's SUPO has developed and started to live up to international standards.
Since the years of Finland president Kekkonen most of SUPO was asleep and had more or less the wrong leadership. 
Right now its said that Mr Pelttari is a temporary chief ....
Lets hope and pray he isn't. 

Mr Pelttari has been in charge since 2011. Last year there was a intelligent debate about SUPO becoming independent from the normal police. Not only would it be idiotic not to try it, but very foolish. SUPO get´s much more done than the normal Finnish Police who is completely clueless when it comes to Terrorism.

I once my self had a chance to ask a police man by phone "where one calls if there is a terror alert"? The police laughed and found it most amusing and said 911 which is the common emergency number. This just reflects the Police leadership of the normal Police and so its very understandable that this unit needs  its independence, so terror can be handled at all.

Not only is Finland flooded by Arabic speaking individuals as its almost impossible to go anywhere in Helsinki without noticing it. This is not a racist comment just s a fact that must reflect some significant numbers in return. Also Finland holds a very large Islamic community that has just like other Nordic nations been having unlimited exposure to, "radical visitors" like Anjem Choudary, in order to just mention one.

Finland also host one of the largest Shia Mosques in Europe. A fact that not even many Muslims know of in Finland.

The National Bureau of Investigation has detained three individuals suspected of participating in armed conflicts abroad. 
Investigators have been tight-lipped about whether or not the arrests Tuesday morning are related to the actions of extremist Islamic State militants in Syria.The suspects detained by Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation have all been identified as Finnish citizens.

According to lead investigator Mika Ihaksinen, the three men were held in the capital region or its environs Tuesday morning. Police said that several home searches were also executed as part of the operation. Ihaksinen said that the men are suspected of engaging in the activities of armed groups abroad, but would not comment on whether their movements were related to extremist Islamic State militant operations in Syria.

The National Board of Investigation said the suspects surfaced as a result of information obtained by the Finnish Security Police SUPO.
Tuesday’s arrests are said to be unrelated to the country’s first terrorism trial which also began in Helsinki Tuesday. 
According to Ihaksen, police authorities will decide on follow-up activities at the end of the week. 

The arrests were first reported by the commercial broadcaster MTV....

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