Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sweden Sweden über alles

Politically correct must have a entirely new meaning in Sweden....
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Sweden’s new Prime Minister said, “The two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to co-exist peacefully. 

Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine.” 

However strangely enough A Swedish Member of Parliament Lars Ohly was wearing a keffiyeh that clearly shows the whole of Israel eradicated!
And guess what ? Replaced by Palestine. 

Even Hitler could not have dreamt up such a ENDLÖSUNG der Juden. 
                                       (( German translation for: Extermination of all Jews ))

How can this be a two state solution, is Lars Ohly really so ignorant that he don’t care what the Islamist Palestinians make him do ?

Two state´s sure that sounds very good but, a even more valuable questions has been left out of the equation like: 

Do they understand that they endorse a purely Islamic State for Muslims only?

Did the MP go to the so called Palestinian areas to look for the minorities in the Hamas held areas ? 
No because he would not find any as Hamas is better than Hitler in cleaning up for a one superior race and culture only.

If this is wrong then please show a Picture of a Swedish MP with a happy Jewish family in Palestine.

Sweden should not jump into blind faith without listening to all alternatives one would think. 
But quite clearly the picture here support Genocide of all Jews from the face of the earth.
Because that what it is happening when someone exclude the entire population of men women and children living of state of Israel from a map.

If the message is sent by dress code, picture or text
Its all the same. Its as all equally racist.