Thursday, 9 October 2014

Turkey US and NATO: Brother where are you ?

Today Turkey's foreign minister says it cannot be expected to lead a ground operation against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria on its own.

Mevlut Cavusoglu also called for the creation of a no-fly zone over its border with Syria after talks in Ankara with new Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg.Turkey is under intense pressure to do more to help Kurdish forces fighting IS in the strategic Syrian town of Kobane.

Reports say IS has been pushed back towards the outskirts of Kobane…. but thats not enough to 
create any sort of safety for the civilian Kurds who now have been the ones to pay the Price
of the West´s indecitions to do something before there are no Kurds or Christians left. Earlier monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, quoting "reliable sources", said IS controlled a third of the town and was advancing towards the centre from eastern districts.

Turkey has stationed tanks along its border overlooking the town, but has made no move to intervene. Mr Cavusoglu was holding talks with Mr Stoltenberg and US envoys on possible Turkish action against IS. "It is not realistic to expect Turkey to conduct a ground operation on its own," he told a news conference.

"We are holding talks. Once there is a common decision, Turkey will not hold back from playing its part."

So what is US waiting for ?
This is the best reality check on intents ever !

After all the US is leading an international coalition against IS. And all Turkey needs is a answer for the world to see the truth.

Strategically and diplomatically

Naturally any groups being in Syria would have to be non US or EU and should consist of a Islamic force who have nothing to do with UN! 
This as IS would love to make this a religious war against Christians and 
other non Muslims.

Sadly but as a matter of fact, the UN is by far to comfortable and hide behind its "no we can't" mandate. Just like it has done anywhere since Rwanda. UN did nothing to stop any Kurd genocide but cries out if 50 Palestinians die…. Where is UN when Kobane needs help ? Answer; Somewhere out eating a 5 star dinner with diplomatic status and salary discussing how bad Israel is.

Meanwhile as a direct result of US slo-mo diplomacy people die !

Not only in Kobane but Pro-Kurdish protesters demanding Turkish intervention have clashed with police in several cities over recent days, leaving at least 12 people dead.

We all know that Turkey don’t want to stand alone and basically can’t due to inner pressures.
Not to take this fact as real condition just lets more innocent persons die.

Negotiations and waiting for a consensus might become Kerry’s and Obamas legacy.
Can the US really afford to show how incapable it is do make decisions now?

This while the world is watching... what has happened to the leading nation of the West.
Quite frankly if I would be a Russian or Chinese etc I would sleep rather well  seeing this.

Has US become a paper Tiger ?
And is NATO supposed to help Turkey as a member state ?

Whats are basic rules good for if they are not kept ???

I have personally family on both sides of the pond and look at these indications as a reality check on the state of the western world.Where is the morale? Where is loyalty ?
For any nation hesitating to join NATO this must be a good reason not to join, I'm sad to say.

How long is long for NATO, when a NATO member needs it help ?