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UN: ISIS made up to $45M in ransoms last year alone....

(UN - AP) 
The Islamic State group which controls a large swath of Syria and Iraq has received between $35 million and $45 million in ransom payments in the past year, a U.N. expert monitoring sanctions against al-Qaida said Monday.

Yotsna Lalji told a meeting of the U.N. Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Committee that an estimated $120 million in ransom was paid to terrorist groups between 2004 and 2012.

Kidnapping for ransom "continues to grow," she said, as demonstrated by the money the extremist group calling itself the Islamic State has collected, up to $45 million in just the past year.

She said in recent years that al-Qaida and its affiliates have made kidnapping "the core al-Qaida tactic for generating revenue." She pointed to an October 2012 recording in which al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri incites militants worldwide to kidnap Westerners.

Lalji said al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which operates from Yemen, received $20 million in ransom between 2011 and 2013, and al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, which operates in North Africa, received $75 million over the past four years.

She said the al-Qaida-linked extremist groups Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabab in Somalia also "have collected millions of dollars over the past years," and the Abu Sayyaf militant group in the Philippines has received about $1.5 million in ransom.

According to the al-Qaida sanctions committee, although the media focuses on international hostages who have generated the largest ransom payments, the vast majority of victims are nationals kidnapped within their own country.

Lalji said terrorist groups either carry out kidnappings themselves or in the case of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula they work with tribesmen in Yemen who deliver hostages for a fee.

Last week, President Barack Obama ordered a review of how the United States responds when its citizens are taken hostage overseas in light of the beheadings of Americans by Islamic State militants, but it will not include changing the longstanding U.S. policy of refusing to pay ransom. Many governments do pay ransom and some family members of those killed have complained that the U.S. did not take enough action in an attempt to save their loved ones.

Latest Counter Piracy News by European Naval Force Somalia

SDR provide only headlines and news in brief. Please click on 
any link to read the full story on EU NAVFORE´s own pages.

EU Naval Force Warship HNLMS Van Speijk Provides Assistance to Seafarers off the Somali Coast
On Sunday 2 November 2014, EU Naval Force warship, HNLMS van Speijk, came to the assistance of local seafarers, after their boat suffered severe engine problems out to sea.

EU Naval Force Flagship ITS Andrea Doria Departs Dubai After Counter-Piracy Week
The flagship of the EU Naval Force, ITS Andrea Doria, has completed her visit to Dubai.  The Italian Navy destroyer was in port to participate in the UAE counter-piracy week between Monday 27 and Friday 31 October.

German Maritime Patrol Aircraft Achieves 4,000 Flying Hours with EU Naval Force off the Coast of Somalia
On Sunday 2 November the German Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA), which is currently operating as part of the EU Naval Force, reached an impressive 4,000 flying hours milestone with Operation Atalanta.

Royal New Zealand Air Force Completes Successful Mission with European Union’s Counter-Piracy Operation Atalanta off the Coast of Somalia
Between 24 October – 6 November 2014 the Royal New Zealand Air Force contributed to the European Union’s counter-piracy mission, Operation Atalanta off the coast of Somalia.

EU Naval Force Warship BNS LEOPOLD I Visits Kenyan Fishermen at Sea
EU Naval Force warship BNS Leopold I carried out a friendly approach on a Kenyan fishing vessel in the Somali Basin.

EU Naval Force Warship BNS LEOPOLD I reaches the Halfway stage of her Deployment
EU Naval Force warship BNS Leopold I is now halfway through her deployment as part of EU Naval Force. Over the last two months, the warship has conducted counter-piracy operations across the Area of Operations. She has also conducted friendly approaches on more than 20 local dhows and skiffs.

EU Naval Force Warship HNLMS Van Speijk hosts visit by the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy
On the 9th of November, EU Naval Force Warship HNLMS Van Speijk was honored by the visit of the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Lieutenant-General Rob Verkerk.

EU Naval Force and Chinese Navy Ships Meet at Sea in the Gulf of Aden
On Monday 10th November, the EU Naval Force Flagship, ITS Andrea Doria, and the Chinese Flagship CNS Changbaishan met at sea in the Gulf of Aden.

EU Naval Force Flagship ITS Andrea Doria Meets Local Seafarers in Gulf of Aden
One of Operation Atalanta’s objectives is to develop a greater understanding of the way of life of fishermen and other seafarers who sail in the Gulf of Aden. As a result, EU Naval Force flagship, ITS Doria was recently tasked to meet local fishermen, who, until two years ago, lived with the constant fear of being attacked by Somali pirates.

Spanish Ambassador in Oman Visits ESPS Navarra During Port Visit to Muscat
On Sunday 9 November the Spanish Ambassador to Oman, His Excellency Mr Juan José Urtasun, paid a visit to ESPS Navarra during her port visit to Muscat. Port visits such as this are an opportunity to resupply the Spanish warship with food and stores, and give the crew the opportunity to take some rest and recuperation when not on-watch or duty.

EU Naval Force Commander Visits Serbian Maritime Protection Team On Board World Food Programme Vessel
On Saturday 15 November the EU Force Commander, Rear Admiral Guido Rando, visited the Serbian maritime protection team that is currently embarked in a World Food Programme (WFP) vessel. The protection team, known as an Autonomous Vessel Protection Detachment, or AVPD, is tasked, as part of the EU Naval Force, to protect WFP vessels from pirate attack as they transit along the Somali coastline.

Chief of the German Navy Vice Admiral Andreas Krause Visits EU Naval Force Operational Headquarters in London
Earlier today the Chief of the German Navy, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, visited the EU Naval Force Operational Headquarters in Northwood, London.

EU Naval Force Warship HNLMS Van Speijk Escorts Food Aid Ship Through Somali Waters
EU Naval Force Dutch frigate, HNLMS Van Speijk, has escorted a World Food Programme (WFP) vessel along the Somali coast to keep it safe from a potential pirate attack.  The WFP ship was carrying food such as soya, cooking oil and flour from Mombasa in Kenya to the Somali port of Kismayo. The food will now be distributed to displaced people in Somalia, who have suffered from drought and food shortages.

EU Counter-Piracy Operation Atalanta Extended to End of 2016
The Council has extended the EU’s counter-piracy Operation Atalanta by two more years, until 12 December 2016. The Operation’s main focus is the protection of World Food Programme vessels delivering humanitarian aid to Somalia; and the deterrence, repression and disruption of piracy off the Somali coast. In addition, Operation Atalanta contributes to the monitoring of fishing activities off the coast of Somalia.

EU Naval Force Warship HNLMS Van Speijk Hosts EU Civilian Crisis Management Committee
During their recent port visit to Djibouti, Dutch warship HNLMS van Speijk hosted a visit from the Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management, or CIVCOM, which is an advisory body within the European Union dealing with crisis management.

EU Naval Force Warship BNS LEOPOLD I Conducts Maritime Capacity Building with Tanzanian Navy
On 19 and 20 November, during her recent port visit to Dar Es Salam, EU Naval Force warship BNS Leopold I hosted members of the Tanzanian Navy in support of EUCAP Nestor’s initiative to conduct Local Maritime Capability Building (LMCB).

EU Naval Force Warship Invites Local Somali Leaders On Board
During the last week EU Naval Force warship, ESPS Navarra, invited local Somali leaders on board in order to help build relations between the EU Naval Force and the Somali people.

EU Naval Force Operation Commander and IMO Secretary-General Warn No Room for Complacency Against Somali Piracy
The Operation Commander of the EU Naval Force, Major General Martin Smith MBE, visited the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Mr Koji Sekimizu, at the IMO headquarters in London on Wednesday 26 November.

Spanish Maritime Patrol Aircraft Contingents Hold Handover Ceremony As New Crew Takes On EU Counter Piracy Role Off Coast Of Somalia
On Tuesday 25 November the outgoing 20th Spanish Maritime Patrol Aircraft Contingent held a Transfer of Authority (TOA) ceremony with the 21st Contingent team to hand over their counter-piracy duties in the Horn of Africa. The ceremony took place at the French Air Base in Djibouti.
EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia - Operation Atalanta is part of the EU's comprehensive approach to tackle symptoms and root causes of piracy off the coast of Somalia and the EU Strategic Framework for the Horn of Africa adopted in November 2011.

EU NAVFOR conducts anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia and the Indian Ocean and is responsible for the protection of World Food Programme (WFP) shipping carrying humanitarian aid to the people of Somalia and Horn of Africa as well as the logistic shippings supporting the African Union troops conducting Peace Support Operations in Somalia (AMISOM). Additionally, Operation Atalanta contributes to the monitoring of fishing activity off the coast of Somalia. 

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Ambassador ret. Yoram Ettinger: Israel’s defiant economic growth

The assumptions that Israel's economic growth depends on the conclusion of peace accords, and that Israel's economy cannot withstand BDS pressure (boycott, divestment and sanctions) are inconsistent with reality.

In fact, Israel's unique economic growth – from $1.5bn GDP in 1949 to $300bn in 2014, from $50mn annual exports in 1949 to $97bn in 2014, and from no foreign exchange reserves in 1949 to $92bn in 2014 – has been driven by Aliyah (Jewish immigration), fiscal responsibility, brain power, cutting-edge commercial and defense technologies, exports, military posture of deterrence and (most recently) natural gas; not by the peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, or the Oslo Accord with the PLO.  
For example, Israel's GDP surged by 8%-14% annually following Israel's victory in the Six Day War (1967-1972), and by 9% upon the launching of the Aliyah wave of one million Olim from the USSR in 1990. On the other hand, the post Oslo (1993-1996) economic growth of 4%-7% was triggered, mostly, by the Aliyah ripple effect, but was marred by rapidly worsening budget and trade deficits. 

In addition, Israel's 42.5% annual inflation in 1977 - when the Begin-Sadat peace initiative was launched - galloped to 111.4% in 1979 and 445% in 1984. Inflation was reduced to 19.7% in 1986, and to the current low single digit levels through an unprecedented policy of fiscal responsibility; not through the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty. 

The BDS impact on Israel's economy is minor as demonstrated by the improved trade balance between Israel and Turkey and Britain, independent of the Turkish government and British Parliament support of BDS.  Moreover, Israel's vulnerability to BDS is highly constrained since 90% of Israel's exports are business-to-business, enhancing the cost-effectiveness and the level of health, medicine, irrigation, science, education and national security of Israel's trade partners. Furthermore, Israel's trade is trending away from Europe – the epicenter of BDS – towards India, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea and the former Soviet Republics.

Thus, according to the August 11, 2014 issue of the Turkish daily, Today's Zaman, "It is said that there has been a serious crisis between Turkey and Israel…. But, the foreign trade volume between the two countries rose from $4bn in 2011 to $4.86bn in 2013…. Giant ferries depart from Turkey's port of Iskenderun and anchor at Israel's port of Haifa, carrying Turkish semi-trailer trucks which then travel to Arab countries…. [Israeli] Defense exports to Turkey were never halted…. Oil coming from Iraq's Kurdistan to Turkey is indirectly sold to Israel…. Prime Minister Erdogan's son, Burak, shuttles his cargo ships between Israel's port of Ashdod and Turkey…."

The November 18, 2014 issue of the Times of India opined that "despite its burgeoning ties with China, Israel doesn't look at Beijing as a strategic partner the way it does at India, Israel's number one buyer of military systems…. [India's] Prime Minister Modi commits himself to taking ties with Israel to a new level…. With an annual trade volume of over $10bn, China is Israel's largest trading partner in Asia…. India's annual trade with Israel is still around $5bn, but this could double with the signing of a free trade agreement…." 

The Asian Defense News reported that Israel's Rafael won a $525mn bid to supply India with over 8,000 laser-guided, man-portable, anti-tank Spike missiles and more than 300 launchers. The Defense Industry Daily announced a successful test of the Israel-India "Barak8" medium range, land and ship-borne air and missile defense system, which followed a $300mn Indian acquisition of Israel's "Barak1" supersonic, vertically-launched, short-range air defense system. "Israel may be on its way to surpassing Russia as India's largest partner."

Irrespective of recent assessments of Israel's economic slowdown, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) expects a 3% growth in 2015 and 3.5% in 2016, "which should avert any rise in unemployment [5.7% in October, 2014]."  The November 25, 2014 issue of the Economist Intelligence Unit maintains that Israel's recent manufacturing and export data "seem to confirm that the rebound in activity in September was sufficient to offset the impact on the Israeli economy of the July and August Gaza hostilities…."

Indeed, foreign entrepreneurs express their confidence in Israel's long-term economic viability, which is increasingly acting as a critical pipeline of cutting-edge technologies to the high tech industries in the USA. They seek to leverage Israel's unique brain power, which is equipped with minimal natural resources, having to produce solutions to unique agriculture, irrigation, energy, medical, health, homeland security and military challenges.

For instance, Lockheed Martin plans to hire about 1,000 employees for its new subsidiary in Israel's Beer Sheba Cyber Park (next to a subsidiary of another US giant, EMC), which has concluded cyber cooperation agreements with Ben Gurion University, the Technion in Haifa and Hebrew University.  Redmond, WA-based Microsoft – which operates two research and development centers in Israel - acquired Israel's Aorato for $200mn. South Carolina-based 3D Systems acquired Israel's Cimatron for $97mn.  China's Long Tec Venture led a $10mn round of private placement in Israel's RealView, South Africa's Naspers and Britain's Lord David Alliance Venture Fund led a $15mn round in Israel's Similarweb, Singapore's Temasek and India's Tata investment funds are co-leaders of the Tel Aviv University $23.5mn technology transfer fund. Private US investors led a $15mn round by Israel's AposTherapy, etc.

These companies, along with 250 US high-tech giants operating in Israel, concur with the assessment made on November 26, 2014 by Greg Case, President and CEO of AON, the leading global provider of risk management solutions: "Our clients are aware of the risks and the opportunities of doing business in Israel…. Risks in Israel are similar to other parts of the globe…. Israel is a vital, growing and innovative economy."  

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The Humiliation Of Muslim Women gets worse while UN does Nothing

Muslim Indonesian government subjects female applicants for Indonesia’s National Police to discriminatory and degrading virginity tests. Policewomen have raised the issue with senior police officials. The test is listed as a requirement for women applicants on the official police recruitment website, and it is still being widely applied.

The Indonesian National Police’s use of virginity tests is a discriminatory practice that harms and humiliates women. Police authorities in Jakarta need to immediately and unequivocally abolish the test, and then make certain that all police recruiting stations nationwide stop administering it.

The tests violate the international human rights to equality, nondiscrimination, and privacy. Coerced virginity tests also constitute cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment prohibited under international law.

The stupid virginity tests are conducted under Chief Police Regulation No. 5/2009 on Health Inspection (Pemeriksaan Kesehatan) Guidelines for Police Candidates. Article 36 of the regulation requires female police academy applicants to undergo an obstetrics and gynaecology examination. The stupid test is given early in the recruitment process as part of the applicants’ physical exam. Police Medical and Health Center (Pusat Kedokteran dan Kesehatan) personnel conduct the tests primarily in police-operated hospitals. The examination includes the discredited and degrading two-finger test to determine whether female applicants’ hymens are intact.

A memo produced in 2012 by an international organization that has assisted with National Police Reform Training quotes a July 2008 letter by a senior National Police official to the elite Police Academy in Semarang in which he describes the need to inspect female candidates’ hymens to ensure their virginity.

Indonesia’s National Police jobs website states that in addition to the medical and physical tests, women who want to be policewomen must also undergo virginity tests. All women who want to become policewomen should keep their virginity!  Married women are not eligible for the job.

A police woman says:  Entering the virginity test examination room was really upsetting. I feared that after they performed the test I would not be a virgin anymore. It really hurt. My friend even fainted because ... it really hurt, really hurt.

The National Police plans a 50 percent increase in the number of policewomen, to 21,000 by December. With a force of about 400,000  police officers, the additional hiring will increase the percentage of women on the force from 3 percent to 5 percent.

In April, the National Police initiated an unprecedented mass recruitment drive in which 7,000 female cadets have undergone a special seven-month training program in eight police training facilities on the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali.

Yefri Heriyani, director of the women’s rights group Nurani Perempuan in Padang, West Sumatra, who has encountered numerous female police applicants over the past 12 years, said that the virginity tests had left many of those women traumatized: These policewomen experience trauma and stress while doing the virginity tests, yet the National Police make no clear attempt to help them recover. No effort is made to help them out of their stress and trauma. Consequently, it will affect their lives in the long term. Many of them blame themselves for taking the test.

Virginity tests are discriminatory and a form of gender-based violence – not a measure of women’s eligibility for a career in the police. This pernicious practice not only keeps able women out of the police, but deprives all Indonesians of a police force with the most genuinely qualified officers.  

 Virginity tests have been recognized internationally as a violation of human rights, particularly the prohibition against cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment under  article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and article 16 of the Convention against Torture, both of which Indonesia has ratified.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee, the international expert body that monitors compliance with the covenant, states in a General Comment that the aim of article 7 is to protect both the dignity and the physical and mental integrity of the individual. Article 7 relates not only to acts that cause physical pain, but also to acts that cause mental suffering to the victim. Coerced virginity testing compromises the dignity of women, and violates their physical and mental integrity.

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and other human rights treaties prohibit discrimination against women. Because men are not subjected to virginity testing, the practice constitutes discrimination against women as it has the effect or purpose of denying women on a basis of equality with men the right to work as police officers.

Why does UN let people from nations who discriminate as much as the former South African Apartheid State, keep speeches and vote on others rights? 

Isn't this a contradiction of sanity ? 
As a normal person without a bipolar identity disorder, it seems strange that UN can't keep people who practice Racial and gender segregation away form voting at UN until they fulfil the requirements. As upheld by most civilised nations. 

Imagine europol inviting criminals to help to solve crime by voting .....
This is no different.

Here a few examples on persons who took the virginity test:

A 24-year-old woman who took the test in Makassar says: For the test, 20 applicants were told to enter an examination room in Makassar’s Bhayangkara police hospital. We were ordered to strip to our underwear in three minutes. The medical staff then checked our eyes, nose, teeth, spine alignment, varicose veins, and haemorrhoid's. 
Then we were told to enter a separate room without a door. The medical staff performed the “two-finger” test on two candidates [at a time] in the room. Even just entering the room was very scary because we had to undress while there were 20 people in the room. We didn’t know each other. Entering the virginity test examination room was really upsetting. I feared that after they performed the test I would not be a virgin anymore. They inserted two fingers. It really hurt. My friend even fainted because ... it really hurt, really hurt.

A 19-year-old woman who took the test in Pekanbaru says: I did the health test in a hall at the State Police School (Sekolah Polisi Negara) building. They put up a curtain so that outsiders could not look inside. My group of about 20 girls was asked to enter the hall and was asked to take off our clothes, including our bras and underpants. It was humiliating. Only those who had menstruation can keep wearing underpants. Our group was the last one that day. The medical staff was probably already exhausted. … We’re asked to sit on a table for women giving birth. A female doctor did the virginity test ... the two-finger test. I was not nervous. I am confident that I am still a virgin. When the virginity test ended, we were asked to put on our clothes. I don’t want to remember those bad experiences. It was humiliating. Why should we take off our clothes in front of strangers? Yes, the virginity testers were women, but they were total strangers. It was discriminatory. It is not necessary. I think it should be stopped.

An 18-year-old woman who took the test in Bandung says: I was told that there was a health examination as a prerequisite to enter the police force. I learned about the virginity test only when I was about to take the physical examination and [was told] that there is an “internal examination.” At first I didn’t know that it was the virginity test. The selection committee told the applicants just before the internal examination that we could resign from the selection process if we did not want to go through with the virginity test. But, most of us had gone through so much preparation for the requirements to apply to be a policewoman. I felt I had no power to object because if I refused to undergo the virginity test, I would not be able to enter the police force. Twenty female applicants were told to enter a hall for the physical examination. They were then told to enter a room and told to lie down. The medical staffer, a female, then carried out the two-finger test. I am humiliated and scared for having to do the virginity test. There were candidates who fainted due to the stress.

Sharia denies each individual his personal free choice, imposes the inequality of the sexes, exhibits absolute intolerance against the heterodox and promotes inhuman punishment.  

Most people are to innocent to believe what Islam actually teaches. First and foremost victims of Islamization are women. Muslim women are systematically discriminated against, oppressed and molested. According to Islam, women are subordinate to men, as they owe their fathers and husbands unquestioning obedience. In Islamic tradition, the men invariably take all important decisions in the stead of their wives and daughters. Islam dictates, a man may beat his wife in order to keep her in line. 
Ergo: If the wife would fight back it would be not be considered self defence !

Islam is sadly synonymous to humiliation and discrimination. Muslim women can only inherit half as much as a man. That's discriminating and nothing less to the humanitarian discrimination's of the South African apartheid era.

The testimony of a Muslim woman is half as trustworthy as that of a man’s.

Furthermore, Islam coerces females into wearing head scarves, veils, niqabs, and burqas, for women are deemed responsible for men’s sexual restraint. Islam also considerably curbs women’s liberty of action. Without permission of her husband a Muslim woman may not leave her dwelling.  Along with Islam, savage practices such as honor killings, forced marriage, polygamy, and circumcision are making inroads into our society.

This all has been taken to a new level of looking the other way...
Because the UN and other international organisations fail to accuse and point out whats honestly wrong. Such silence by UN gives the Gender and Human Rights fighters no strong cards in the fight against the oppressors.

Lets look at Islamic dresses in the past was it really a Burqa the most common dress as demanded by emigrants in EU and US today ?

   Afghanistan City in the 50´s- 60´s

Lebanon in the 60s by UNWRA no Burqa!

Here a Arab example of 1878! No Burqa!

Its alleged and even demanded by Muslim refugees in EU that Islam requires all women to dress in a certain way with Niqab or Burqa.... However when we look for old pictures and even new we see another truth emerging. 
For instance in Somalia and other African nations to be covered all in black from head to toe would be to hot to work in.This is a fact as seen by many of our elderly SDR co-workers, in the 1960s and 70s.

All it would take is for our leaders to google ancient Arabic woman dresses and soon the truth will emerge that Burqa and Niqab wasn't typical almost anywhere. Covered yes but noting more than the ancient Italian or Greek granny .....

Question why do we in the West accept it as a ancient dress code when it isn't?

Palestinian Traditional Clothing
Costumes from other areas of the Middle East
Clothing from Edirne Vilayeti, Filibe Sancağı: Istanbul 1873 | Photographium | Historic Photo
Arab of the Shammar Tribe, Arab of the Zobeid Tribe, Married Muslim Woman of Baghdad: Istanbul 
Women in Arab societies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Palestinian costumes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Traditional Clothing - Jordan on Pinterest | 34 Pins
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Next: FGM what is it ?

One of the most sad and disgusting practices happening also all over EU and US today is: Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a harmful Muslim practice and a serious threat to the psychological, sexual, and reproductive health of women and girls.  This practice is nowhere named in the Muslims holy book but still practiced from Somalia to Egypt and more...

Why there is no statistics about EU is because there is no whatever MD safety check on Muslim girls! In other words West lets it happen by closing the eyes towards the own backyard in the name political correct.

Sheikh Yussef al-Badri tries to justify Female Circumcision/FGM by reasoning that women needs them to be mutilated to be properly functioning human beings! 

WARNING this is not for norma eye´s. Celebrating Female Genital Mutilation In Indonesia

FGM is mostly carried out on young Muslim girls, between infancy and age 15 and occasionally on adult women. FGM brings cysts and abscesses, damaged urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, difficulties with childbirth, anxiety, depression, and sometimes death.
What may don't know is that immigrants from areas where this is practiced send their children during holidays to either their home country or to some cheap place like Indonesia where the FGM travel is even advertised

Sexual violence has risen sharply in Egypt in the past few years. Egyptian women’s rights groups documented myriad cases of sexual harassment, as well as crimes of sexual violence against at thousand women, including gang rapes and mob-sexual assaults with sharp objects and fingers.

With police, politicians and the judiciary seeming incapable of tackling the issue effectively, activists are turning to the arts to help lead the fight back. Art is one of the most necessary mediums to impact society. For people who are unaware of the issues women go through, art helps them understand or at least give them something to think about.

Turkeys President Erdogan also called, Erdogan Pasha of Panturania Caliphate is an infamous misogynist. Secularists who for a decade have been saying Erdogan harbored a secret agenda are proven right.  Erdogan declares cleavage is a weapon of mass distraction, equivalent to a weapon of mass destruction! Erdogan Pasha suddenly feels liberated to impose his inner-Islamist soul. He has decided the best way to maximize his power is to polarize the electorate. He wants to force Turks to choose between two options: You're either with Caliph Erdogan, or against him. Those who are neutral will be disposed of, Erdogan told AKP parliamentarians. 

Domestic violence is considered a personal, not a public, matter in Turkey. So witnesses comfortably turn the other way if they see a man beating a woman in the middle of the street, because this is a private matter. A 26-year-old woman was beaten to death in broad daylight in Mugla province of Turkey.

Scream if you are attacked was the only viable advice AKP government provided for victims. The victim screamed, as Family Minister Aysenur Islam had previously advised children to do if they were attacked.
But the AKP minister’s magical formula failed the victim. As the perpetrator was her fiancé. There were multiple witnesses,but none of them thought it was appropriate to intervene.  

A pregnant woman was brutally beaten on a busy Istanbul street and no one intervened......

A Turk says: We do not want to be involved in a private family matter. It is between a man and a woman. A woman is like a fig tree. If a branch is infested with worms, you must cut the tree or your entire orchard will be lost.

In the last decade, there has been a 1,400% increase in the number of murdered Turkish women. 

No one can argue violence against women has become a norm in contemporary Turkey. These women are murdered by their male relatives, about 50% of the time by their husbands; the rest could be a former boyfriend, brother, father-in-law, father, son or even grandson.

Why are women being targeted by their male relatives at such high rates, or why did the numbers increase so much in contemporary Turkey?
Its because honour killings have been allowed to grow in the west and so who would even try to stop it in Turkey after its being practiced between Stockholm and France like there would be no tomorrow.

What does it take for a crime to be justified as involving honor? Honor is a fragile and versatile concept for Turkish men; it could simply be the refusal of a woman to marry or her willingness to seek a divorce. Social pressure is an undeniable factor that contributes to honor killings. And the vicious cycle continues: As society belittles a woman for any sort of behaviour, internal family dynamics force a male member to step up and clean the family name.

Finally, leniency toward family honor killings is the norm and is codified in the penal law. If there were motives involving honor, passion or family privacy, then the sentence can be easily reduced. If the murderer behaves properly, he can receive amnesty in a year or two. A few years of incarceration is seen as enough punishment in most cases. 
This leniency feeds from the fact that a woman’s life is worthless in Turkey and encourages other murderers. Legal measures alone will not eradicate the problem, yet it could deter a significant number of perpetrators. 

Fact is that many women also die while under official government protection. Government’s support for women’s shelters is minimal. 

Today's West has let this matter grow out of proportions.
If one honour killing would have taken place in the 1960 or 70s Europe it would have been unthinkable. No matter what cultural excuse would be told.....

In 2012, Turkey took the important step of becoming the first country to sign and ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (commonly known as the Istanbul Convention) and also amended its own legislation to combat domestic violence more effectively. The treaty entered into force on August 1, 2014.
And anyone who looks at Erdogan's speech a few days ago where he proudly declared that a woman is less valued than a man....Well taken this at a face value we must assume that the so called European Convention was a sad joke.
Why is its that lip service rules EU instead of hard numbers and facts!

And what are the facts in Turkey after the Istanbul Convention? The law requires that police must regularly monitor the implementation of protection orders. However, reports suggest that police and courts still regularly fail to protect women, even those who have been granted protection orders and a number of women who were granted protection orders have been killed by partners.  

In other words the number of women killed by spouses and family members in Turkey remains high. 

The latest example of Erdogan's usefully initiatives is a proposal to ban co-ed housing at universities. 
Erdogan said he was implementing the constitution's requirement to protect the youth, but college students are adults. So Erdogan wants to override the constitution, which protects privacy in the home, to impose his idea of the behaviour that Islam demands. 
Erdogan's AKP have since been casting around for other ways to legally justify the move. The result was Muammar Guler's pronouncement that terrorist organizations have started to significantly abuse the relationships between the boys and girls, those among the university youth. They use it as a recruitment base. 

Party spokesman Huseyin Celik declares that student dormitories are being used for prostitution.....

He also said that while his party was broad and diverse, he personally didn't approve of Christianity or Judaism.

Imagine a Government official saying the same about Muslims in EU or US and still be around to get re-elected?

When will our leaders show us the same intolerance against foreign racists be it gender or race as they did against South Africa once ?

If West would not have helped Mandela to pressure South Africa for free elections there would still be Apartheid rule.

This is not maybe but a fact.

Links of importance:

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India: PM Modi´s wife goes by bus while the bodyguards drive cars...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben on Monday filed an RTI application with the Mehsana police in Gujarat to seek clarity on the security cover given to her at present, and what she is entitled to.

Mehsana Superintendent of Police (SP) J.R. Mothalia said that Jashodaben wants to know what her rights are as the PM’s wife, as far as security aspect is concerned. 

“Today, she came to our office and filed an RTI to know about her rights as PM’s wife with regard to security cover. We will give our written reply to her in stipulated time,” Mothalia said. 

Jashodaben lives with her brother Ashok Modi at Unjha town of Mehsana district. After Modi was sworn-in as the PM, she has been given security by the Mehsana police. 

“We have deployed 10 of our policemen, including armed guards, for her security. They work in two shifts, five each in one shift,” said Mehsana Special Operations Group (SOG) inspector J.S. Chavda. 

In her application, Jashodaben sought several documents from the police related to her security cover given as per the protocol, including the certified copy of the actual order passed by the government about providing security. 

She also wanted to know the laws and related provisions in the Constitution about the security cover given to a PM’s wife. 

She asked the government to explain the definition of protocol and sought details about what was included under it and what other benefits she is entitled for as per that protocol. 

Jashodaben also expressed unhappiness about the current security set-up, where her guards travel in government vehicles like cars, while despite being the Prime Minister’s wife, she has to travel in public transport. 

Pointing out that the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed by her own bodyguards, she said that she felt scared of her guards. Jashodaben asked the government to make it compulsory for each guard to produce a copy of their deployment order.

We bet you did not hear that: UN Headquarters Were Lit Up in Orange......

UN Reports: Today, November 25, is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. In a show of support for a new 16 day campaign of activism launched by the UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women, the New York skyline was set ablaze with fiery colors last night, as both the UN headquarters and the Empire State Building were illuminated in orange. The campaign, which begins today, ends on December 10, which is International Human Rights Day.

The new campaign invites individuals to “Orange Your Neighborhood” (check out the hashtag #orangeurhood for some great photos), to symbolize hope for a brighter future, free from violence against women and girls. What we know today is that one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence at some point in her life, and slightly more than one in ten girls have experienced forced intercourse or other forced sexual acts at some point in their lives. 

These statistics give us pause, as we consider the sheer number of women affected by violence……..(End of quote by UN)

SDR: So far the UN is speaking the truth.

But quite frankly most media did not even report on this matter and so the questions lingers whats the use with a campaign that most people on this planet don’t see or hear of ? 

This while many many persons travel to the meeting and cost the UN millions and millions for something THAT COULD AND SHOULD BE TAKEN CARE OF ONLINE !

Example: Finland's  Helsinki Think Tank for instance functions all and entirely via online conferences and meetings.

UN´s spending frenzy has to be stopped it uses ages old physical visiting ideas that where practiced before the era of Internet and mobile phones.

Question: How can UN ask men to rethink when UN it self pays sick salaries and give diplomatic rights to people running around spending money on meetings all their entire life while the rest of us have o face the so called cold reality!
The victims live according to the new internet and Skype world while UN spends on 1class travel in person for any and all reasons!

A physical visit would be understandable if there was some global agreement to sign that's final and not half ready like we now many times see.
A good example has been the agreements on Female Genital Mutilation where the worst nations like Somalia signed it separately while not doing anything to stop it. If there is a agreement there needs to be some sort morale at least. But fact remains that where the UN has gone, the moral is as mystical as supernatural powers.

SDR would like to point out that UN is so desperate for attention that they give private companies the possibility to get free publicity like seen here  by United Colours of Benetton.

Benton should be given a medal for marketing but UN and its leaders should be labeled by you dear reader.

A plain UN logic reality check:
Does a picture like this help abused women?
Or would a donation do more ?

Its nothing less than if we would get a Advertisement along with the US Presidential speech: State of the Union.
Ergo:A waste of money and no benefit for women in need what ever........

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