Saturday, 8 November 2014

Facts about your hard earned tax money in the hands on Islamists

What should make us utterly sick is the irresponsibility of politicians throwing around our heard earned money like it was theirs to throw......
Fact is they have only your vote to thank for this questionable pleasure.
The same thing as now happened during the Bush era so Obama can't be pointed out as the bad guy.

In Europe there has been too many donations given to Palestine schools or Cultural Centers that ended up as funds for arms arms leaving the population and you the payer as victims.

Some ministers did such donations at the times of Yasser Arafat from Finland and while asked about the matter as the Cultural center wasn't built ...Said they can't help that and won't withdraw the support of funds. This was only small case. But lets face it. All the facts and results about funding’s in the areas of Pakistan Afghanistan and Iraq stink more than the sours of Mumbai....
I have smelled Mumbai so its guaranteed to be a fact.

And if a commercial Wall street accountant was to examine the same matters  he would find the sharks on Wall street as clean as the driven snow compared to this political "fata morgana".

No matter what the people say over 90% of Afghanistan's income is donated and paid for with your tax money the same with funds to Pakistan and Iraq. 
Most of these places have never changed politically or culturally and still have the same traditions as in the 1970s or earlier....

The only way to describe the investments of the West (US mainly) is to imagine the following:

Imagine being on a boat with a politician and around the boat is a 1000 sharks that he keeps throwing bloody meat to.As you look fearful at this spectacle the politician tells you: Don't be afraid we feed the sharks meat all the time they won't attack us if the boat sinks ......

The investments of arms and more in the areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iraq is no less. The only way to keep the sharks at a distance is not to feed them. at all so they can't follow the boat as hunger makes them forced to find food.

Realities are what they are and won't change by naming them something fancy. Fact is that as long as politicians are not responsible personally for their wastefulness we won't see a difference.

Its time that the world don't let politicians loose funds without any any what ever accountability!

The following film is consisting of many reports made into one.

Its worth seeing it and remember this when you vote.

                                      November 7 2014 Breaking News:
                                     ISIS Fears Grow in Afghan as Last Army combat division pulling out.


UN has a own refugee organisation giving to Palestinians more than others 
this us by no standards excusable and should be closed as it works against 
UNs own words that all victims are equal: One Yazidi or Kurd will get 3 times
less than a Palestinian and also Palestinians can get support like no others in many 

Hamas sympathizers employed in and dominating UNRWA unions in Gaza
Peter Hansen, UNRWA's former Commissioner-General (1996–2005), 
caused controversy in Canada in October 2004 when he said in an interview 
with CBC TV:

More arms to go into hand of Iraqis who sell it further...

Finnish Govt support of clean water in PA where is it now?

Finnish NGOs involved in anti-Israel activities

Do you believe this comment without seeing the proofs ?