Wednesday, 26 November 2014

India: PM Modi´s wife goes by bus while the bodyguards drive cars...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben on Monday filed an RTI application with the Mehsana police in Gujarat to seek clarity on the security cover given to her at present, and what she is entitled to.

Mehsana Superintendent of Police (SP) J.R. Mothalia said that Jashodaben wants to know what her rights are as the PM’s wife, as far as security aspect is concerned. 

“Today, she came to our office and filed an RTI to know about her rights as PM’s wife with regard to security cover. We will give our written reply to her in stipulated time,” Mothalia said. 

Jashodaben lives with her brother Ashok Modi at Unjha town of Mehsana district. After Modi was sworn-in as the PM, she has been given security by the Mehsana police. 

“We have deployed 10 of our policemen, including armed guards, for her security. They work in two shifts, five each in one shift,” said Mehsana Special Operations Group (SOG) inspector J.S. Chavda. 

In her application, Jashodaben sought several documents from the police related to her security cover given as per the protocol, including the certified copy of the actual order passed by the government about providing security. 

She also wanted to know the laws and related provisions in the Constitution about the security cover given to a PM’s wife. 

She asked the government to explain the definition of protocol and sought details about what was included under it and what other benefits she is entitled for as per that protocol. 

Jashodaben also expressed unhappiness about the current security set-up, where her guards travel in government vehicles like cars, while despite being the Prime Minister’s wife, she has to travel in public transport. 

Pointing out that the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed by her own bodyguards, she said that she felt scared of her guards. Jashodaben asked the government to make it compulsory for each guard to produce a copy of their deployment order.