Saturday, 22 November 2014

US: Statement by Gov. Perry on Jerusalem Terror Attack

Press Release   •  November 18, 2014  •  Austin, Texas  • 

Gov. Rick Perry released the following statement regarding the terror attack 
on a Jerusalem synagogue:

"Today's brutal slayings in Jerusalem are acts of shocking evil, even in a world that has sadly become accustomed to acts of barbarism by the forces of evil in the Middle East. 

Prayer is a source of peace and refuge for people of all faiths, and to attack worshippers in the midst of expressing their faith in their morning prayers flies in the face of all that is Holy and just in the world. 

America must stand strong with our friends in Israel at this time of crisis, and be ready to provide any assistance that might prove necessary. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone touched by these despicable acts, including the victims, their families and the extended family that is all of Israel."

Original Press Release:
[Press Release] Statement by Gov. Perry on Executive Action by President Obama