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Denmark: Increased security threats

The Saudi authorities have arrested three men in the aftermath of the attack against a Danish citizen employed in Saudi Arabia. According to the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET), those arrested are suspected of sympathizing with the terrorist organization Islamic State. The PET further underlines that the terrorist threat against Danish interests in the country embodies the overall strategy of the Islamic militants, where Western interests in the area are considered attractive targets.

Hans Tino Hansen, CEO at Risk Intelligence, points out that the sticking point in relation to Danish interests is whether the perpetrators were aware of the nationality of their target. The attack, if directed against westerners in general, represent nothing new – but if specifically directed against a Dane, such could indicate that Danes, and Danish interests, now are a top priority for IS-sympathizers.

For the full article in Danish, please see the link below:

Update 12 December: The article was reissued in the light of new findings, please see the below link for the follow up in Danish: 

Israeli Expert predicts: Inflated Palestinian Population Figures Lie Behind Talk of 'Demographic Time Bomb

The latest demographic survey of the Palestinian population by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics overestimates the number of Palestinians resident between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan by around 1.2 million, a leading Israeli expert on demography has told The Algemeiner.

Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, a former Israeli diplomat who now works as lecturer and consultant and is well-known in policy circles for his research on Palestinian and Israeli demography, said that the Palestinian statistics, released yesterday, "are inflated by more than 1 million in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and by almost 400,000 in Gaza.”

According to the Palestinian statistics bureau, there are over 6 million Palestinians living west of the Jordan; Ettinger calculates the number at 4.8 million.

The inflated numbers are a key factor behind the current claim that Palestinians will outnumber Jews living in Israel and the Palestinian territories by 2016. Similarly false claims have been made in previous years, triggering the politically-loaded conclusion that Israel, in supposedly becoming a country where a Jewish minority rules over an Arab majority, has effectively emerged as an apartheid state.

Ettinger identified several methodological flaws in the official Palestinian count. "According to their own records, they include over 400,000, mostly in Judea and Samaria, who are abroad for more than a year,” he said. This contradicts, Ettinger said, the "international standards” which dictate that a person who lives outside his or her country for more than a year should not be included in a count of the resident population.
"The only entity that doesn't follow this practice is the Palestinian statistics bureau,” Ettinger said.

The 300,000 Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem who carry Israeli identity cards comprise a similar problem in terms of population count, Ettinger observed, as they are "counted twice, in the Israeli count of the number of Israeli Arabs, and the Palestinian count of the number of residents of the West Bank.” The 105,000 Palestinians who received Israeli citizenship between 1997 and 2003 by virtue of marrying Israeli Arab citizens – a pathway canceled by an Israeli Supreme Court decision in 2003, which denied automatic citizenship through marriage to residents of several Arab and Muslim countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel – are also "doubly counted,” Ettinger said.

All these numbers, Ettinger emphasized, grow every year, "because many of these people produce children who are added to the numbers.” In October 2014, he noted, the Palestinian deputy interior minister even said that "100,000 children born to overseas Palestinians had been added to the overall count.”

When it comes to migration patterns, Palestinian statistics are equally problematic, Ettinger said. Since there is no net immigration into Palestinian areas, population surveys assume no net emigration – yet, Ettinger pointed out, data collected by the Israeli border police, who control all 13 land, sea and air exit points into Israel and the Palestinian territories, demonstrates that in 2013, net emigration stood at 20,000, with similar numbers recorded over the four previous years. Significantly, this does not include Gaza, where no count has been conducted since the Israeli withdrawal in 2005, but Ettinger asserted that "those who deal with Gaza say the number of emigrants is much higher, as a result of war, instability and the disintegrating economy.”

Once adjustments for the Palestinian errors are made, Ettinger said, a different picture of Arab settlement emerges: 1.7 million in the West Bank (as opposed to the 2.83 million claimed in the Palestinian survey, which includes eastern Jerusalem) and 1.4 million in Gaza (instead of the 1.79 million in the Gaza Strip claimed in the survey.) Interestingly, the Palestinian survey gives a lower account of the number of Palestinians resident in Israel – 1.46 million, as opposed to the 1.7 million claimed in the Israeli count – though this is likely connected to the manner in which residents of eastern Jerusalem are counted by Palestinian and Israeli sources respectively.

With 6.5 million Jews resident in Israel, Ettinger said, there is a clear Jewish majority of 66 percent in Israel and the West Bank – that figure dips to 58 percent if Gaza is factored in. Moreover, he said, birth patterns are now weighted towards the Jewish population: the Palestinian fertility rate has dropped from 5 babies per mother in 2000 to 2.9 now, while the Jewish birth rate "is slightly over three and increasing.” Among the reasons for the drop in the Palestinian birth rate is the growing popularity of contraception, increasing access to higher education, and a trend towards urbanization, which means that Palestinian women are marrying later in life.

The Jewish population has additionally been boosted by favorable migration patterns – according to Ettinger, Israel "is now benefiting from the highest number per capita ever of returning expatriates” – and increasing fertility among the secular Jewish population. This includes the descendants of the 1 million Jews who came to Israel from the former Soviet Union during the 1990s, whose fertility rate exceeds two children per family, as well as the burgeoning Israeli middle class, who twenty years ago would have had one or two children per family, and who presently have three or four.

While Ettinger's revisions are unlikely to stall the continual talk of a "demographic time bomb” toppling Israel's Jewish majority, his calculations are, he said, regarded as far more reliable by experts on demography. The prevalence in the media of the Palestinian figures is, he argued, partly down to the international protocol of regarding statistics assembled by national authorities as beyond reproach. "It is assumed that central statistics bureaus are above politics,” he said.

"" Written by: Ben Cohen, is a Senior Editor for The Algemeiner, ""

Original story:

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Mumbai massacre 'leader' wins Pakistan appeal

The mastermind and leader of the 2008 
militant attacks on Mumbai has won 
an appeal against his detention 
in Pakistan.

Is this justice or a finger in the air towards west with best wishes from Pakistan?
Quite frankly SDR is surprised how the US keeps pumping money to the same ones
who basically school and encourage attacks on westerners.
Because thats what the Pakistani attackers where out for in India: Westerners.
So here is every reason for westerners to feel insulted and played with.

BBC writes: Lawyers for Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi said a government detention order issued last week infringed his rights, as he had been granted bail by another court. Analysts say he could be freed as soon as the paperwork is completed. India says a Pakistani militant group carried out the attacks, which killed 165. Pakistan has not convicted anyone suspected of planning the attacks. Lakhvi is among seven suspects who have been in jail awaiting trial for six years. Nine others have been charged in absentia. Analysts say the decision to grant him bail came at an embarrassing time for the Pakistani government....

This while Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently promised to crack down on militancy after the Taliban killed 141 people at a school in Peshawar.
With this in mind will the Pakistani authorities fight the Taliban by throwing mast mallows and popcorn at them ?

Lakhvi was granted bail by an anti-terror court on 18 December, but hours later the government imposed a three-month detention order and said it would appeal against the bail decision.

We at SDR believe that as much as we do believe that the Pakistani intelligence did not know where Osama bin Ladin was hiding...

This mass murderer´s lawyers even argued in Islamabad's High Court that the detention infringed his rights. And then what ? Well...the Pakistani  judge accepted the arguments and quashed the detention order. This terror mastermind is now technically free to leave jail, but has been ordered to appear in court for every hearing concerning his case.

Lets not forget that Lakhvi is widely seen as the person heading the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which was blamed for the Mumbai attacks.

Correspondents say the charges brought against Lakhvi and other suspects held in Pakistan were mainly based on a confession given by the only gunman captured alive after the attacks, 4 years ago.
Legally seen the testimony was given by Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab who was executed in 2012 should be legal also after a execution as the statement was given officially what we assume even on film....

India has repeatedly criticised Pakistan for failing to prosecuted any of the suspects, and has summoned the Pakistani high commissioner to discuss mass-muderer Lakhvi's so called case.

There is no logic in discarding evidence given by someone who was executed as a co conspirator.
If this would be a legit way to handle trial.. any murderer could wait for his elderly witness to die and then ask for a retrial based on this. Does this sound like justice or manipulation of justice?

Pakistan must be the la-la land on justice. Its a blatant spit in the face to all the 165 victims and their families! SDR wonders how many of the 165 peoples families now will feel this as a serious, “let down by western Governments” to ensure a trial of the master mind of this massacre.

What we now see with the blessing by US and EU leaders is that Muslim terrorists can attack westerners and get garlands and be celebrated heroes while leaving jail....and is soon free to basically run away to the tribal areas, where there is not eve local police.

SDR feels less hurt by the Pakistani justice that we all know is a joke, but more hurt by our own own leaders indifference to us and our safety around the world.

A good story about the proxy killer:

Finnish teen may have hacked Sony

Police in Finland is to determine if a teenage boy age 16-17 is involved in the hacker attack on the Playstation and Xbox on Christmas Day. The boy goes by the name "Ryan" and now reveals the motive behind the attack overload.

They should have... more than enough opportunities to protect themselves from this type of attack, tells "Ryan"

It was on Christmas Day that someone or some beating out the online services Playstation and Xbox.
Now, one of the people behind the attack stepped forward.
Namely, a boy of 16-17 years old, who goes by the name "Ryan", from Finland.
He is part of the hacker group Lizard Squad, which has taken on the attack.

We have a massive ability to take down the network as these, saying "Ryan" in an interview with Sky News, and explains how it all happened: This attack was carried out more or less by three people. 
We had some people from outside who helped the group with the attack, which helped us a little bit, but most traffic came from one or two people.

Lizard Squad is said to be a small hacker group where all members are under 20 years.
Ryan says the hacker group's ultimate goal of the attack was to expose the two gaming networks weak security and for fun.

For these companies earn tens of millions of dollars every month from subscription fees. They should have more than enough opportunities to protect themselves from this type of attack, saying "Ryan" to Sky News.

Widely criticized on Facebook
Hacker group's attack on the popular gaming services have caused great anger in social media.
On their official Facebook page, the hundreds of people who have expressed their disgust.
"All we wanted to do was play our new video games with our friends on the net and you had to ruin it," wrote one person in the hacking group comment box.
"You give hackers a bad reputation," writes another.

Finland is one of the worlds most innovative hi tech nations and the birthplace of old-time classics like Nokia phones (Nokia is a city) Linux operating more recent Angry birds.

"Like it or not", but In Finland hacking and uploading or downloading is not considered to be much of a crime among the youth and a more seen as a feather in the hat.  Its not something Hollywood will change unless the industry offer young hackers the opportunity to get a name as white hat helpers.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Ambassador ret. Yoram Ettinger: Israel and the non-omnipotent US presidency

"Second Thought: a US-Israel initiative"

White House and Department of State officials contend that – irrespective of Congress - President Obama can apply effective diplomatic, commercial and national security pressure, coercing Israel to repartition Jerusalem, and retreat from the mountain ridges of Judea and Samaria to the 9-15 mile wide pre-1967 sliver, surrounded by the violently turbulent and unpredictable Arab Street.   

That inaccurate underestimate of the power of Congress – which has traditionally opposed pressure on Israel, echoing the sentiments of most constituents - was recently expressed by US Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro: "what is unmistakable about our foreign policy system is that the Constitution provides the president with the largest share of power…."  

The assertion that US foreign policy and national security are shaped by presidential omnipotence is refuted by recent precedents and the US Constitution.  The latter was created by the Founding Fathers, who were determined to limit the power of government and preclude the possibility of executive dictatorship. They were apprehensive of potential presidential excesses and encroachment, and therefore assigned the formulation of foreign policy and national security to both Congress and the president.  Obviously, the coalescing of congressional policy among 535 legislators constitutes a severe disadvantage for the legislature.   

According to the Congressional Quarterly, the US Constitution rectified the mistakes of its predecessor, the Articles of Confederation, upgrading the role of Congress to the primary branch of the US government.  "Hence, the first article of the Constitution is dedicated to Congress. The powers, structure, and procedures of the national legislature are outlined in considerable detail in the Constitution, unlike those of the presidency and the judiciary…."

Unlike all other Western democracies – where the executive branch of government dominates the legislature, especially in the area of international relations and defense - the US Constitution laid the foundation for the world's most powerful legislature, and for an inherent power struggle over the making of foreign policy between the legislature and the executive, two independent, co-equal and co-determining branches of government.  Moreover, while the president is the commander-in-chief, presidential clout depends largely on congressional authorization and appropriation in a system of separation of powers and checks and balances, especially in the areas of sanctions, foreign aid, military assistance, trade agreements, treaty ratification, appointment confirmation and all spending.

Congressional power has been dramatically bolstered since the Vietnam War, Watergate, Iran Gate and globalization, which have enhanced the involvement of most legislators in international issues, upgraded the oversight capabilities of Congress, dramatically elevated the quality and quantity of some 15,000(!) Capitol Hill staffers and have restrained the presidency. 

However, Congress has often abdicated its constitutional power in the area of foreign policy, failing to fully leverage the power of the purse: funding, defunding and "fencing." Thus, legislators prefer to be preoccupied with domestic issues, which are the primary concerns of their constituents and, therefore, decide their re-electability. Therefore, they usually allow the president to take the lead in the initiation and implementation of foreign and national security policies, unless the president abuses their trust, outrageously usurping power, violating the law, assuming an overly imperial posture, pursuing strikingly failed policies, or dramatically departing from national consensus (e.g., the deeply rooted, bi-partisan commitment to the Jewish State). Then, Congress reveals impressive muscle as befits a legislature, which is the most authentic reflection of the American people, unrestrained by design, deriving its power from the constituent and not from party leadership or the president, true to the notion that "the president proposes, but Congress disposes."  

For example:
*On August 1, 2014, Democratic senators forced President Obama to de-link the $225mn funding of Iron Dome batteries from the highly controversial $2.7bn immigration and border security bill. 

*Since 1982 and 1999, the Senate has repeatedly refused to ratify the Convention on the Law of the Sea and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
*The January 2013 defense authorization bill tightened restrictions on the transfer of terrorists from Guantanamo to the US.  In May 2009, Majority Leader Harry Reid foiled President Obama's attempt to close down the detention camp.

*On February 17, 2011, President Obama reluctantly vetoed a UN Security Council condemnation of Israel's settlement policy, due to bi-partisan Congressional pressure.  

*In September 2012, a $450 million cash transfer to the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt was blocked by Congress.

*The 2012 budget cut into Obama's foreign aid spending request by more than $8bn.

*In 2009, bi-partisan congressional opposition prevented the appointment of Chas Freeman to chair the National Intelligence Council. 
*In 1990-92, Congress approved a series of amendments, unprecedentedly expanding US-Israel strategic cooperation, despite presidential opposition.
*In 1990, President Bush failed in his attempt to cut Israel's foreign aid by 5% due to Congressional opposition.
*In January, 1975, the Jackson-Vanik Amendment was signed into law, in defiance of the president.

*Congress ended US military involvement in Vietnam (the 1973 Eagleton, Cooper and Church amendments), Angola (the 1976 Clark Amendment) and Nicaragua (the 1982-1984 Boland Amendments).

In 1991, Senator Daniel Inouye fended off Administration pressure to withdraw an amendment to upgrade the port of Haifa facilities for the Sixth Fleet: "According to the US Constitution, the legislature supervises the executive, not vice versa….” Will the 114th Congress follow in his footsteps, or will it abdicate its constitutional responsibilities?

Picture of the month

A rarely seen picture telling us so much without words.

Sweden's election: The left takes over

The Sweden Democrats (Right) who consider them selfs a Patriotic Party has lost its voters....

Swedish voters have turned away from the centre-right Alliance coalition of Fredrik Reinfeldt after eight years, and Social Democrats leader Stefan Lofven says he is prepared to form a government with other parties on the left.
The far-right, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have become the country's third largest party with close to 13% of the vote but Mr Lofven has insisted he will not look to them to help form a government.
Sweden receives more asylum applications per capita than any other European country, and recently offered permanent residency to all Syrians fleeing the war there. The Swedish Democrats are the only party which opposes the country's immigration policy, and Sunday's result more than doubled their seats in parliament to 49. They first entered parliament in 2010. 
Yet all the mainstream parties still consider them to be too radical to work with.
"I will not," Stefan Lofven, the incoming prime minister. 
"We need a strong government. Our party and I will take the responsibility so that Sweden will get a strong government not depending on the Sweden Democrats," Mr Lofven said.
That means he might have to cross the floor and try to secure the votes of parties on the right of centre - the outgoing government - on a case-by-case basis. 
The Sweden Democrats survived a string of scandals in the run-up to the election, including the publication of a picture of a party official wearing a Nazi symbol, and the revelation that party leader Jimmie Aakesson has a problem with online gambling.
Many of their election rallies were met with mass demonstrations, and took place with a heavy police presence. 
"I am very surprised and sad," said Ingrid Bjoerenson, a Stockholm resident who came to protest at a Sweden Democrats rally the day before the election.
"They were here before as well, just to get the attention of the media and to provoke, because this is not an area where they have many voters," she told BBC News.
Indeed, it is hard to find anyone who will admit to supporting the Sweden Democrats, despite their strong showing in these elections. 
"For many years you had a bunch of small, marginalised parties fighting for the position to be the big, anti-immigration party, and the Sweden Democrats won that fight," said Daniel Poohl, leader of the Expo foundation which maps far-right extremism in Sweden. 
He believes the party's success is not necessarily a sign that public opinion on immigration is turning, but rather proof of their ability to build a palatable image.
"In the 2006 election they grew away from the other small marginalised parties, and since then they have been the trademark for anti-immigration in politics."
Ulf Bjereld, a politics professor at Gothenburg University, agrees.
"The Swedish people has not changed their view, but those who think like the Sweden Democrats think, they have been mobilised to vote for them."
Mr Reinfeldt's centre-right Alliance had steered Sweden through the economic crisis with relative success compared to many other European countries, without cuts to public spending. 
"The welfare state has a very strong standing in Swedish public opinion," said Ulf Bjereld.
"The reason the Alliance and Fredrik Reinfeldt and his Moderates Party could succeed in winning two elections [in 2006 and 2010] was because he promised very hard not to change the Swedish welfare system.
"But in 2006 they had a vision for how they would develop the Swedish state. Today they have fulfilled their promises but they haven't been so successful in formulating a new vision."
The Social Democrats say they want to raise taxes on business to boost spending on education, jobs creation and welfare. But with a minority in parliament, and faced with a stronger than ever Sweden Democrats, the incoming government faces an uphill battle.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Sweden: Yet another attack on mosque in Eskilstuna

A new mosque attack shakes Eskilstuna, where terror finally is spreading among the city's Muslims.

There is another mosque that was attacked last night, (Friday) says police spokesman Lars Franzell. Just a few hundred meters from the mosque in Eskilstuna, which was completely destroyed in an arson attack on Thursday there was another attack.

During the night someone smashed a window at another mosque, then damaged two cars outside the mosque, says Lars Franzell. Someone kicked off car mirrors and smashed the Mosque windowpane´s outer glass. There was no impact because it was a double glazing. Nothing has been thrown into the room. 
According to the police It is unclear if the police were able to reach the car owners. 
We do not know if the car owners have no link to the mosque. We do not know who has done it, says Lars Franzell.

"When we investigate"
Police have no suspect perpetrator for the second attack.
It is now investigating the events have no connection to each other.This we investigate. We try to check as much as we can, says Lars Franzell.

The second event is classified as vandalism and not as a attack. Who is behind the events and if it is the same people are unclear. It's only speculation if I should say something…
We have no facts that can substantiate the theory. 
We are wide and trying to hear as much people as possible who may have seen or heard something, says Lars Franzell.

Is there any information that someone has tried to throw in something? No, no such information has been given or seen tells Lars Franzell.
The Police technicians were there in the morning and photo documented. It is considered vandalism. Police are now looking for witnesses to the incident. We have carried out a technical examination there too and trying to find tracks that can bind a possible perpetrator to the scene, said Lars Franzell.

Mosque: We have our own guards!
We understood that we were attacked by fire in the second mosque. We are afraid. Perpetrators can strike at us, they are still at large, says, president of the Islamic Association in Södermanland that has Al Rahman Mosque in Eskilstuna.

As soon as we heard about the fire, we began to keep watch in our mosque, we picked out carpets and other combustible materials. We waited in the mosque until midnight. 
When we arrived back at seven o'clock in the morning someone had smashed a window. Inside the glass is a strong metal mesh, we have on all windows. 

So if he tried to throw a firebomb he would not have succeeded. Our mosque has been attacked twice before, he says…..

Jalal Faris says that many of the burned mosque came to Friday prayers in his mosque. Approximately 50 people attended the church service compared to the normal 30. It was quite full today. The Swedish Police patrols were in place at all times.  
And then we have our own guards, says Jalal Faris.

SDR wonders if the police checks them, but doubt they do such…
To SDR any Mosque or any large community with own guards is far more dangerous to society than a vandal.
Jalal Faris continous to say, before the night we also covered the windows with wooden boards to get more protection. It's scary, there were men, women and children in the burned mosque. And the perpetrators know when we pray, he says.
Any Christian person would not let children and women anywhere close to such a place....So here we see the difference between cultures way of handling women and children safety.

Muslim reactions never wait...
The two attacks on mosques in Eskilstuna night on Boxing Day has rocked large parts of Swedish society, writes one newspaper. But looking at the news its hardly the close to any truth as the news regarding the second so called vandalism. This as it  was not even reported wit any picture, which tells what news priority this carries.

At the same time there is a allegedly a debate about how well the police and Security Service protects religious congregations.

Many synagogues in southern Sweden has previously been exposed to various attacks (densely populated by Muslims), and representatives of various Muslim organizations have expressed that they feel increasingly vulnerable to threats. Which by any reality check, would be called absurd as anyone can wear a Burqa with being attacked but not a David star!  If someone don’t believe it wear a David star and walk with it visually trough Göteborg or Malmö and the truth will rather instantly reveal itself.

MP Roger Haddad, (Him self a Muslim?) who sits on the board of the National Police, would like to have an explanation of how the police and the FBI handled the situation in Eskilstuna.
Saying: I am anxious that we get information about support for our congregations looks from the National Police Agency side and I have therefore written to management and asked that I get a statement. I want to hear the police themselves tell the Board and to me how to work, says Roger Haddad.
He takes very seriously what happened to the Muslims but has in the past done no comment to the media  when Synagogues have been attacked. (Thats a reality check thats worth to chew on)

We politicians must signal that we can not accept this. There has been atrocious attacks and it is an attack on our democracy he says like a Muslim mosque would be an altar for religious tolerance and freedom of speech…..

The rest of Sweden most likely don’t think an attack on a Islamic Mosque is something people connect to as a pillar of democracy and equal rights for anyone except Muslim men them selfs.......

Friday, 26 December 2014

Swedish mosque set on fire injuring five

A  heavy fire raged on Christmas Day in a mosque in Eskilstuna.
Swedish Police say they "suspect aggravated arson" while the rest of us knows it is exactly that, when a place starts burning after a person runs away..

You might be surprised but this is not the first fire but just one in a long series of attacks on Mosques in Sweden this year. The reason why is because of the medias bending over for so called political correct. This idiotic refusal to report might one day lead to a Islamic escalation of violence in return far larger than if the matter would be admitted as a problem now publicly.

As the fire happened on Christmas day it might in it self carry a message?

- A witnesses did see someone throwing an object into the room .
- At least one person has sprung from this location directly adjacent to the fire , says Henrik Lagerkvist, the police operation manager on site .

Police was alarmed at 13:18. locals Swedish time
A fire had broken out in a mosque hall in the ground floor of a residential building in the area Nyfors in Eskilstuna.

The fire was in the afternoon fully developed and a large rescue-team was called to the scene.
- We headlining it as aggravated arson. There is someone who has thrown in some form of objects in the area, since it has started to burn, says investigator Lars Franzell.

One person badly injured
In total there are five people taken to hospital. In a press release from the Mälar-hospital its says a person is "badly wounded but stable". All of those taken to hospital to be treated, writes TT.

- Two've got smoke injuries, two have received some sort of wounds and then it's one that has received some form of fracture, says Lars Franzell.
- Someone even jumped out rom a balcony. I know that the ambulance has been taken into custody a person who has had ankle injuries, says David Hultman, incident commander on the spot."It burns, it burns" According to witnesses who were inside the mosque had a large number of people gathered to pray during Christmas day afternoon when a window was smashed. Seconds later, the room will be filled with smoke.
- The fire came very quickly. Someone shouted "it burns, it burns." People panicked and started running out. Some jumped out of the windows, says a witness. Apartments in the current stairwell has been vacated because of the strong smoke emissions and accommodation has been transferred to a nearby youth center, according to police.

15: 30 pm the police informs that  the fire is under control.
Several police squads are still in place in the area.

- The door knocking... We can not go in and do a forensic examination today but have to let the fire area to cool down ... It comes technician to the site tomorrow, says Franzell. Police confirmed that the mosque has previously been subjected to attacks. On 12 August this year shattered several windows to the premises.

- There have been incidents in the past. They have taken place in the near future. But it has not been this serious, but it's nothing I want to go into. We work with all subjects, says Henrik Lagerkvist, the police operation manager on site.

A person seen running from the scene
According to information provided to the police, at least one man have been seen outside the venue shortly before the fire started, which witnesses also told media.

- At least one person has sprung from this location directly adjacent to the fire. He even threw in something through a window, probably something with flammable liquid, says Henrik Lagerkvist.The police does not want to give out a descriptions of the suspected offender. ( At all or yet? )  Sweden's Security Police, by the name SÄPO says that it stands ready to assist Eskilstuna police if needed. Right now we await their investigation.  
We stand ready to work with this, if there is any reason for that, says Sirpa Franzén, Head of Security Service

What most of our readers do not know is that this attack doesn't come as a surprise. It has been the silence of western media playing consensus manipulating the truth by not reporting a ongoing escalation, that is not assumed in any way but a actual fact.
Further act is that Finland too is on the border to explode against Islamism.
And no one seems to care to report the common sentiment among people.

Sadly the local and international media seems to think that if they don't report what people think the matter won't escalate. 

All the EU is fed up of more Islamic immigrants and until that is stopped this anger over welfare immigrants using asylum won't get any less...Its has nothing to do with any race but one religious group who doesn't integrate but create a own community and areas like Sweden's Rosengård or Rinkeby where many times Police and Rescue services have fear to go. Its not a lie as we at SDR have been there not only once but many times.....

At last but not least a reality check.
Here below are the facts on what has happened this year in Sweden.
Do we really assume something here ?

Story by Mike Hulden. 
(facts taken from BBC and Aftonbladet and other Swedish media )

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Islamic white flag in Switzerland soon ?

The unbelievable banned propaganda video by a muslim Organisation in Switzerland

Reported by Jim Prouty 
Jim is a log time coworker of SDR and a senior US OSIntel expert.

The following video was published by the Clarion Project.
The video speaks for it self with words like:
"Expect us anywhere, anytime!" at the end of video speaks for it self
That white flag means Islam domination. The same one, but black is used by ISIS 
(black means fight/jihad) When muslims win they start using white flag.

Lets all hope that we never see the white flag anywhere in the west.

Video made by: Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS)

Clarion Project:

Monday, 22 December 2014

France: Again a "Allahu Akbar" attack on civilians

A driver shouting the Islamic phrase Allahu Akbar "God is great" in Arabic has run down pedestrians in Dijon, France, injuring 11. Two wounded seriously!

He was arrested after targeting pedestrians in five different parts of the city in the space of half an hour. He is said to be "apparently imbalanced" and to have spent time in a psychiatric hospital.
French police shot dead a man on Saturday after he attacked them with a knife, also shouting "God is great". The lives of the two people seriously injured in Dijon are not said to be in danger.
Witnesses told police the driver, aged around 40, had also said he was "acting for the children of Palestine", an unnamed source close to the investigation told AFP news agency.

A spokesman for the interior ministry told French TV he believed the attacker had been acting alone.
The driver has been known to police for minor incidents dating back 20 years, he added.
The prosecutor in Dijon said the attacker had a long history of mental illness and the incident was not linked to terrorism.
Making his profile look almost identical to the others attacking Christians in major western countries 
in recent days......

Lets look at what "so called radical Islam" gave us the last few days.

Yesturday Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28 shot dead two New York police officers told members of the public to "watch what I'm going to do" shortly before the attack, police say.
Brinsley shot them as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn on Saturday before running into a subway station and shooting himself. Hours earlier, he had shot and wounded his 29-year-old ex-girlfriend, Shaneka Thompson, at her home in Baltimore, Maryland, police said.

21st Dec France
A driver shouting the Islamic phrase "God is great" in Arabic has run down pedestrians in Dijon, 
France, injuring 11, two seriously, French media say.
He was arrested after targeting pedestrians in five different parts of the city in the space of half an hour.
He is said to be "apparently imbalanced" and to have spent time in a psychiatric hospital.

Weekend Saturday
French police shot dead a Muslim man on Saturday after he attacked them with a knife, also shouting "God is great".

Last week Monday In Australia 
Man Haron Monis took 17 people hostage in a cafe in Sydney last Monday was carrying an illegally owned firearm, Australian police have said.Two people died along with Monis when police stormed the Lindt cafe to end the 16-hour siege.Four other people, one a police officer, suffered gunshot wounds.

At last but not least a Russian proverb:
If it barks like a dog, looks like a dog, and bites like a dog.....It most likely is, a dog.

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The ISIS Slave story here and now

Slaves servant are sold even for a few dollars .....

Fact now on the Islamic slavery 
The Yazidi religious minority community in Iraq says 3,500 of its women and girls are still being held by the so-called Islamic State (IS), many being used as sex slaves. A few have managed to escape and here tell their harrowing stories.IS has, indeed, given out orders on the proper use of women as slaves.The group's Department of Research and Fatwas (religious edicts) has issued a pamphlet with the chillingly matter-of-fact title: "Questions and Answers on Taking Captives and Slaves".

The document appears to be genuine. It was posted on an jihadist web forum and, apparently, given out after Friday prayers in Mosul.
Christians, Jews and Yazidi women can all be taken as slaves, it says. Women can be bought, sold, and given as gifts; they can be disposed of as property if a fighter dies.

The pamphlet's Q&A format includes the following:

Question: Is it allowed to have intercourse with a female captive immediately after taking possession of her? 
Answer: If she is a virgin, her master can have intercourse with her immediately after taking possession. But if she is not, you must make sure she is not pregnant.

Question: Is it allowed to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty? 
Answer: You may have intercourse with a female slave who hasn't reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse. 
However, if she is not fit for intercourse, it is enough to enjoy her without.

It is a depraved and depressing document, at odds with mainstream Islam, though well-researched with Koranic verses and hadiths, or reports of what the Prophet Muhammad said or approved.
One theory is that the pamphlet was actually issued to try to restrain the more outlandish behaviour of IS fighters. 
It says, for instance that a man may not sleep with his wife's slave, or with another man's slave; and that a man may own two sisters but not sleep with them at the same time.

The annihilation plan: 
From the interviews we conducted in northern Iraq, it seems that if Yazidi women converted, they might expect a forced marriage. If they did not convert, they might end up being passed around a number of fighters.
Khidher Domle, a Yazidi activist who introduced me to the women, accuses Islamic State of a deliberate attempt to erase the Yazidis' culture, religion and bloodline.
"This was planned from the start," he says, "It's their strategy."The pattern was always the same, he goes on. The women were gathered in large halls and distributed as the spoils of war. 
Foreign fighters usually chose first, then the local leaders of IS. "These [local Sunnis] are the worst. They are barbarians. They take two, three, four, five women," Mr Domle says. "The world has forgotten our women and girls. Where is the international military operation to free them?" in August when media  first heard about women and girls being taken. People did not know whether to believe what was being said. It sounded like the mix of hysteria and propaganda. 
But since then the evidence has piled up. A report by Amnesty International, to be published on Tuesday, has more harrowing testimony, from dozens of women.

IS itself has not tried to hide what it has done. 
As well as the pamphlet and the video, its official publication, Daqib, records what happened:
"After capture, the Yazidi women and children were then divided according to Sharia [Islamic law] amongst the fighters of Islamic State who participated in the Sinjar operations…
"Before Satan sows doubt among the weak-minded and weak-hearted, remember that enslaving the kuffa [infidels] and taking their women as concubines is a firmly-established aspect of Sharia."
A BBC investigation in September into the number of women and girls being held as sex-slaves by IS revealed that the scale, particularly among the minority Yazidi community, was much bigger than previously estimated.
The figure of 3,500 women and girls still in captivity is not a rough estimate. A Yazidi committee has names of all the missing. Of those who have returned, some are pregnant.

The Yazidis people are deeply conservative. They have faced an attempt to destroy them as a people. Even after the credible reports of mass killings and forced conversions, what happened to the women 
remains perhaps the most traumatic event. So far, a total of ONLY some 400 women and girls have managed to escape. 

Occasionally, a woman still turns up at one of the camps in northern Iraq, terrified and exhausted, 
a victim of slavery in the 21st Century.

The following videos should be seen in order to understand how organized this islamic rape and killing at will is against non Muslims in the IS areas...

Yazidi women tell of sex slavery trauma

Yazidi women tell of horror of ISIL captivity and slave auctions

ISIS militants- A young Yazidi woman raped 30 times in just a few hours

CNN Interviews Yazidi Girl Kidnapped and Raped by Islamic State Terrorists

Women raped by ISIS

At last but not least the video showing the ISIS men talking about...
(ISIS)Selling Yazidi women|Exclusive report|

If this don't wake you up on what radical islam is doing to innocent 
people then there is little hope left in the world.

All we at SDR ask you dear reader is?
Show something good that Islam has brought "us all" please.
Its not to much asked is it?