Sunday, 21 December 2014

Allahu Akbar knife attacker shot by French police

Police in central France have shot dead a man who attacked them with a knife while shouting "God is great!" in Arabic, French media report.

The man injured three police officers at Joue-les-Tours police station near the city of Tours before he was shot.

The brutal attacker was a Burundi-born French national with a criminal record, and anti-terrorism investigators were sent to the scene, a source close to the investigation told France's AFP news agency added......

Christophe Crepin, a member of France's police union, told France 2 TV channel the attacker had had a long knife, like a kitchen knife. He was banging on the fittings of the door, so the officers opened the door to see what he was doing, and he immediately threw himself at my colleagues, stabbing one in the hand, and attacking the second on the neck and face," Mr Crepin added.

BBCs fairytale factory writes that: Investigators are reportedly focusing on whether radical Islam played a role and have launched an inquiry into "attempted murder and criminal conspiracy in connection with a terrorism organisation", while we at SDR tend not to get confused when someone shouts Allah Akbar and attacks with a knife. 

But trivialising Islamism seems to be the BBCs lifeline to a life what ever and keeps spitting out sweet stories on how to understand the poor indoctrinated victims who at 99.9 % of the time where brought up to think just in the same wordings we all have heard spoken by normal Muslims namely: One mans freedom fighter is another mans Terrorist! 
How nice to tell us this is all most westerners think but very seldom reply on ....
SDRs question?  Why don't we ?

If someone tried to kill us we are  hardly interested with who he is married and what upbringing or food he has been exposed to and or if his parents think this or that...Just as BBC reports.
If an Arab eat Humus or Tahini is of no significance if he tries to attack innocent people like the Austrian -Iranian attacker some days ago, and lust like today's attacker in France.

Open source intelligence isn't getting any better with BBC´s comment that: Some reports suggest the attacker's brother was known to have expressed a desire to travel to Syria. We at at SDR are sure that every second person this man did meet did share his view on life as that's how life is in general. Ergo: We are surrounded by the people who influence us. What part of this is so hard for the media to understand ? Its not any rocket science exactly .....

At last but not least France has been very full of antisemitic attacks and also more ...
Most famous however was when, French Islamist Mohammed Merah killed seven people in the city of Toulouse. 2012.  He too was eventually killed but first after a 32-hour siege at his flat in the city.

Links on recent Muslim Christmas Greetings to us. It makes one wonder when Christians will start kicking back during Eid ....Because thats the way the Muslim movement is using it.