Sunday, 14 December 2014

Borrowed UK foreign aid millions helped Iran hang people and god knows what more ?

Facing the facts and telling it how it is seems to be a tabu, however UKs Nigel Farage tells us the facts without that should be given along any budget in the first place. Its time the tax payers get to know when loans are take out just to give aid to nations who many times don’t even approve our morale and way of life.

Can the UK get more insane? 
Can the world? 

Will this revelation cause it to change its policies? 
You sadly know the answer to that last one.

“UK foreign aid millions helped Iran hang 3,000… including women and children: 
Shocking report reveals how drugs war cash funded reign of terror,” by Ian Birrell, Daily Mail, December 13, 2014 

British aid has assisted the brutal execution of nearly 3,000 people accused of drug smuggling in Iran, according to a report to be released this week. The campaign group Reprieve says millions of pounds from British taxpayers can be linked to ‘control’ operations and hangings carried out by the hard-line Islamic regime.

Those killed, often in public, suspended from cranes after forced confessions, torture and secret trials
include women, children and political dissidents.Human rights groups say the deaths are designed to spread fear rather than curb the drug trade.

Reprieve’s research reveals Britain channelled more money to Iran than the rest of Europe combined, in an effort to fight the drugs trade.

Yet Iran has the world’s highest per capita execution rate, despite the UK’s public stance of seeking the death penalty’s abolition around the globe. 

Britain’s support was quietly stopped amid outrage that it was boosting Iran’s security machine, but Reprieve believes scores more people sentenced to death still face execution thanks to British aid already received.

And it points out that millions still flow to similar operations in neighbouring Pakistan, which has the world’s largest death row population. Several Britons, including one mother and a man with learning difficulties, face execution for alleged drug crimes….

UK foreign aid millions helped Iran hang 3,000... including women and children: Shocking report reveals how drugs war cash funded reign of terror | Daily Mail Online