Thursday, 18 December 2014

EUs bigest misstake: Taking Hamas off the Terrorist list !

How can EU declare people who act like terrorists as non Terrorists?
EU did now declare people who shoot rockets into another country without declaring war
as non terrorists?

EU must think Hamas is excluded from the Geneva convention by using human shields and Schools ,hospitals and churches and Mosques as storage of munition.
Does EU not think its terror to launch rockets from a Hospital that will be cause return attacks?

Hamas is and basically acts entirely like a Terrorist organisation. And on top of all abuses funds intended for humanitarian use of its own citizens to build tunnels that cost millions over millions into Israel. This is open knowledge written by the free media so why ignore it ?
Is a tunnel into another country something a non terrorist does ?

Just last summer "by mistake"  a Finnish young reporter admitted live on TV how Hamas was launching rockets right behind the Hospital she was in. 
Its about as immoral as anything can get using sick and wounded as shields......

See the video here:

How to help the Palestinians of Gaza ? See this!   

What EU has done now is irreversibly bad not only for Israeli security but also the common people of Gaza who deserve aide money for food and hospitals etc and not tunnels full of rockets.
Making Hamas a non terrorist organisation would make the abduction of the three teenagers that was planned by them alone a legitimate way to fight a war. EU must think hard about what they accept as a legitimate fight and what they see as terror. SDR writes this as a warning in mind and a question?
What would EU do if Israel after this decision use the same methods as Hamas?  After all hope of common sense is gone EU better start thinking how its own moral is sinking.  And what heritage such leaves along the path of history lane.