Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Finnish teen may have hacked Sony

Police in Finland is to determine if a teenage boy age 16-17 is involved in the hacker attack on the Playstation and Xbox on Christmas Day. The boy goes by the name "Ryan" and now reveals the motive behind the attack overload.

They should have... more than enough opportunities to protect themselves from this type of attack, tells "Ryan"

It was on Christmas Day that someone or some beating out the online services Playstation and Xbox.
Now, one of the people behind the attack stepped forward.
Namely, a boy of 16-17 years old, who goes by the name "Ryan", from Finland.
He is part of the hacker group Lizard Squad, which has taken on the attack.

We have a massive ability to take down the network as these, saying "Ryan" in an interview with Sky News, and explains how it all happened: This attack was carried out more or less by three people. 
We had some people from outside who helped the group with the attack, which helped us a little bit, but most traffic came from one or two people.

Lizard Squad is said to be a small hacker group where all members are under 20 years.
Ryan says the hacker group's ultimate goal of the attack was to expose the two gaming networks weak security and for fun.

For these companies earn tens of millions of dollars every month from subscription fees. They should have more than enough opportunities to protect themselves from this type of attack, saying "Ryan" to Sky News.

Widely criticized on Facebook
Hacker group's attack on the popular gaming services have caused great anger in social media.
On their official Facebook page, the hundreds of people who have expressed their disgust.
"All we wanted to do was play our new video games with our friends on the net and you had to ruin it," wrote one person in the hacking group comment box.
"You give hackers a bad reputation," writes another.

Finland is one of the worlds most innovative hi tech nations and the birthplace of old-time classics like Nokia phones (Nokia is a city) Linux operating system.to more recent Angry birds.

"Like it or not", but In Finland hacking and uploading or downloading is not considered to be much of a crime among the youth and a more seen as a feather in the hat.  Its not something Hollywood will change unless the industry offer young hackers the opportunity to get a name as white hat helpers.