Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Germany: Anti Islam march opens up debate

About 10,000 or more people have taken part in a march against "Islamisation of the West" in the east German city of Dresden. A large counter-demonstration of more than 5,000 people was also held. No major incidents were reported.Dresden is the birthplace of a movement called "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West" (Pegida), which staged a big rally a week ago.Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Germans not to be exploited by extremists while continuing to ignore the opinion of the common man not only in Germany but generally in todays Europe. "There's freedom of assembly in Germany, but there's no place for incitement and lies about people who come to us from other countries,'' Mrs Merkel said in Berlin.

Mrs Merkel if this is true then so what is this ? Are these Muslims not inciting hate against Zionists?

What Mrs Merkel and our western leaders have generally avoided the fact that most all refugees are not immigrants. Refugee is temporary and immigrant is for ever.

Fact is Europeans don't want Refugees to be immigrants !

We in Europe are told to respect Islam and Muslims now day in and day out while we are being flooded by Arabic speaking people who most never ever adjust but insist on bringing along their own cultural matters that they just ran away from allegedly.

I have personally seen and talked to Muslims who have had the nerve to tell me one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist. Guess what this Pakistani person who told me had 8 sisters and brothers all living on full Government support. The same family youngsters have no aspiration to respect christian way of life what ever. They actually sit in comfort payed by our tax money and criticise west fighting IS ! And watch TV.

Yesterday a Somali family here in Finland moved some meters away from me moved from a 70square to over 100square meter apartment costing more than any Finnish worker with children

ever could afford. The Finnish family who had lived there moved into the Somali flat. 
The little daughter of the Somali family told me and my wife that:
Its soo nice and its costs NOTHING !
This must have been the first time I have seen my wife pale in the face as we all have to work hard to pay our bills while the Somali family just make more kids, who then learn that all is just free.

I get upset when I see that my relatives have to work so hard to pay for two kids education and food while a Somali or Pakistani family has 4-8 kids and get all the help no local would ever get.
In the same time many students and families who have lost jobs cant afford even the most basic of needs and with that I wish to point out food.
Yes dear friends there are hungry Europeans out thee going many times hungry for days ......

See this please, it will putt things in perspective:
BBC News - Food bank crisis: 'I can last a week without eating'
BBC News - Councils 'turning homeless teenagers away'
BBC News - Food banks: Parents 'going without to feed children'
Yle survey round reveals the grim face of poverty | Yle Uutiset | yle.fi

After that maybe the following paper distributed by a Islamic religious org gives to think ....

Most , or far to many Islamic nations have problems with them selfs.  And so, a part of the citizens are fleeing. Not around the corner to return one day, but to Europe as its easier

and everything is ready.....

This is exactly what should not happen! 
If everyone runs away when there is a problem this world will never develop but only run out of old wealth and resources......

Strictly controlled help yes where ever they are Mrs Merkel but immigration NO !

Immigration rights should be given only to tax paying individuals only, who can adjust to our existing conditions. 

People are not idiots and refuse to accept this. Its that simple really that counts at all.
We are flooded with examples  from the last few days what islamism brings us in the west
and it is sadly nothing to hang in the Christmas tree.
See the great news here:

Runa Khan jailed for Facebook Syria terror posts
A mother-of-six has been jailed for five years and three months for promoting terrorism.
Runa Khan, from Luton, had previously admitted inciting terrorism in Syria.

The attacker and hostage taker: Man Haron Monis, an Iranian refugee who was a alleged 
known extremist and criminal but arrived on political asylum…Ended up with that; 
Two people died, along with the gunman, as police commandos stormed the cafe in the heart 
of Sydney early on Tuesday morning. The victims have named in the media as cafe 
manager Tori Johnson, 34 and Sydney lawyer Katrina Dawson, 38.

Back to the protest it self 
It sounds pathetic and racist but isn't as its a fact of life....
"Everyone who attends needs to be careful that they are not taken advantage of by the people who organise such events."writes BBC. 
Forgetting that we already have been take advantage of by our leaders who issue immigration and refugees papers to almost exclusively the club of one religion. It cant be denied as I cant go anywhere in Scandinavian north or Germany without hearing Arabic that I have nothing in common with. 

Islam and its followers has brought along absolutely nothing of use to our Western society, and the common people see this. They are not just some dumb commoners... but the ones who's money is being used right now.

So this march is nothing unabated for but just a logical reaction to what happens and it won be less

after this as its up to Merkel and friends to either gip it now and deal with realities.
The masses of people will reclaim their rights and power eventually. The more later it goes the more radical it will be. This has to be said as it doesn't take a genius to see the food banks grow all over UK and more.....It all is a call for reality to get back home.And that very-very fast.

The Monday's march, protesters chanted Wir sind das volk (we are the people) - a rallying cry used in the city in the weeks before the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago.

One elderly man shouted: "I'm a pensioner. I only get a small pension but I have to pay for all these people (asylum seekers). No-one asked me!"

A woman who travelled 80km (50 miles) for the demonstration told the BBC: "I am not right wing, I'm not a Nazi. I am just worried for my country, for my granddaughter."

Earlier, Justice Minister Heiko Maas called Pegida's protests "a disgrace". But the Eurosceptic party Alternativ fuer Deutschland (AfD) is sympathetic."Most of their demands are legitimate," said Bernd Lucke, leader of AfD, which has campaigned for a tougher policy on immigration, as well as rejection of the euro.

In the western city of Cologne, about 15,000 people attended a demonstration on Sunday to promote tolerance and open-mindedness, under the motto: "You are Cologne - no Nazis here."
If someone would have seen pictures of the match it would easily have understood that the roots 
of this protest did not come from hungry pensionaries and hard working people who never get a holiday. If someone is a student and have no family to feed and kids to bring trough school with all the costs then there is a missing link in understanding the matter, and to see that Nazi has nothing to do with this !

However: Nazis exist! There are growing organisations like HoGeSa Hooligans gegen Salafisten that can be seen as more Nazi that any other group. HoGeSa combine bikers who like to fight with neo-nazis and football hooligans... They are growing faster than any moderate Pegaida who simply contains common citizens who intend no violence just a freedom of speaking out against so called 

politically correct. 

Fact is
Immigration has become a hot topic in Germany this year, amid a surge in the numbers of asylum seekers, fuelled by the wars in Syria and Iraq. Germany takes in more asylum seekers than any other country. Germany expects 200,000 asylum claims for 2014, up from 127,000 in 2013.

German media report that Pegida grew out of a Facebook group launched by Lutz Bachmann, 41, a chef-turned-graphic designer. He insists that he is not racist. He has admitted to past criminal convictions, including for drug-dealing. He says he spent two years in prison...which is nothing less than some parliamentary speakers we have had in Finland.....

Ask your self how can one sit in a parliament with a former conviction but not work as a doorman at a restaurant?  Is this right and is this justice ?

Law should be the law for all equally. Isn't this what our western legal system is all about?

The AfD leader in Dresden, Frauke Petry, said: Pegida "is protesting against inadequate legislation on asylum rights  they are also demanding that German law be applied against law-breakers, and they are opposing religious extremism". In other words Islamist refugees going to fight to Syria should not think about coming back. Just as a example.....

The centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) who basically have brought us the problems and who are in the ruling coalition with Mrs Merkel's Christian Democrats - called Pegida's organisers "Nazis in pinstripes"writes BBC. Police sources, quoted by the Spiegel online news website, said hundreds of Pegida activists in Dresden were members of two hooligan groups regarded as far-right. That including the truly dangerous group HoGeSa.

Minister Maas said Pegida must be "unmasked", and he called for a "broad counter-movement embracing civil society and all political parties". 
This much we know as that the same sort wordings Mugabe, Stalin and Hitler used before him.

Many German citizens would like to unmask Minister Maas irresponsible immigration politics,

so any unmasking will have to be a two way road......

Merkel has forced big brother to get loans to pay for refugee and immigrant aide that our grand children should pay!  The only thing in need of unmasking here is Mrs Merkel's irresponsible spending spree trough out this century. Im more than convinced that this century will get into the history book as the age when Merkel gave the grand children and their children the bill for her own ego. Shame on Mrs Merkel to blame her failing onto the common man.....shame.

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