Saturday, 27 December 2014

Sweden: Yet another attack on mosque in Eskilstuna

A new mosque attack shakes Eskilstuna, where terror finally is spreading among the city's Muslims.

There is another mosque that was attacked last night, (Friday) says police spokesman Lars Franzell. Just a few hundred meters from the mosque in Eskilstuna, which was completely destroyed in an arson attack on Thursday there was another attack.

During the night someone smashed a window at another mosque, then damaged two cars outside the mosque, says Lars Franzell. Someone kicked off car mirrors and smashed the Mosque windowpane´s outer glass. There was no impact because it was a double glazing. Nothing has been thrown into the room. 
According to the police It is unclear if the police were able to reach the car owners. 
We do not know if the car owners have no link to the mosque. We do not know who has done it, says Lars Franzell.

"When we investigate"
Police have no suspect perpetrator for the second attack.
It is now investigating the events have no connection to each other.This we investigate. We try to check as much as we can, says Lars Franzell.

The second event is classified as vandalism and not as a attack. Who is behind the events and if it is the same people are unclear. It's only speculation if I should say something…
We have no facts that can substantiate the theory. 
We are wide and trying to hear as much people as possible who may have seen or heard something, says Lars Franzell.

Is there any information that someone has tried to throw in something? No, no such information has been given or seen tells Lars Franzell.
The Police technicians were there in the morning and photo documented. It is considered vandalism. Police are now looking for witnesses to the incident. We have carried out a technical examination there too and trying to find tracks that can bind a possible perpetrator to the scene, said Lars Franzell.

Mosque: We have our own guards!
We understood that we were attacked by fire in the second mosque. We are afraid. Perpetrators can strike at us, they are still at large, says, president of the Islamic Association in Södermanland that has Al Rahman Mosque in Eskilstuna.

As soon as we heard about the fire, we began to keep watch in our mosque, we picked out carpets and other combustible materials. We waited in the mosque until midnight. 
When we arrived back at seven o'clock in the morning someone had smashed a window. Inside the glass is a strong metal mesh, we have on all windows. 

So if he tried to throw a firebomb he would not have succeeded. Our mosque has been attacked twice before, he says…..

Jalal Faris says that many of the burned mosque came to Friday prayers in his mosque. Approximately 50 people attended the church service compared to the normal 30. It was quite full today. The Swedish Police patrols were in place at all times.  
And then we have our own guards, says Jalal Faris.

SDR wonders if the police checks them, but doubt they do such…
To SDR any Mosque or any large community with own guards is far more dangerous to society than a vandal.
Jalal Faris continous to say, before the night we also covered the windows with wooden boards to get more protection. It's scary, there were men, women and children in the burned mosque. And the perpetrators know when we pray, he says.
Any Christian person would not let children and women anywhere close to such a place....So here we see the difference between cultures way of handling women and children safety.

Muslim reactions never wait...
The two attacks on mosques in Eskilstuna night on Boxing Day has rocked large parts of Swedish society, writes one newspaper. But looking at the news its hardly the close to any truth as the news regarding the second so called vandalism. This as it  was not even reported wit any picture, which tells what news priority this carries.

At the same time there is a allegedly a debate about how well the police and Security Service protects religious congregations.

Many synagogues in southern Sweden has previously been exposed to various attacks (densely populated by Muslims), and representatives of various Muslim organizations have expressed that they feel increasingly vulnerable to threats. Which by any reality check, would be called absurd as anyone can wear a Burqa with being attacked but not a David star!  If someone don’t believe it wear a David star and walk with it visually trough Göteborg or Malmö and the truth will rather instantly reveal itself.

MP Roger Haddad, (Him self a Muslim?) who sits on the board of the National Police, would like to have an explanation of how the police and the FBI handled the situation in Eskilstuna.
Saying: I am anxious that we get information about support for our congregations looks from the National Police Agency side and I have therefore written to management and asked that I get a statement. I want to hear the police themselves tell the Board and to me how to work, says Roger Haddad.
He takes very seriously what happened to the Muslims but has in the past done no comment to the media  when Synagogues have been attacked. (Thats a reality check thats worth to chew on)

We politicians must signal that we can not accept this. There has been atrocious attacks and it is an attack on our democracy he says like a Muslim mosque would be an altar for religious tolerance and freedom of speech…..

The rest of Sweden most likely don’t think an attack on a Islamic Mosque is something people connect to as a pillar of democracy and equal rights for anyone except Muslim men them selfs.......