Friday, 26 December 2014

Swedish mosque set on fire injuring five

A  heavy fire raged on Christmas Day in a mosque in Eskilstuna.
Swedish Police say they "suspect aggravated arson" while the rest of us knows it is exactly that, when a place starts burning after a person runs away..

You might be surprised but this is not the first fire but just one in a long series of attacks on Mosques in Sweden this year. The reason why is because of the medias bending over for so called political correct. This idiotic refusal to report might one day lead to a Islamic escalation of violence in return far larger than if the matter would be admitted as a problem now publicly.

As the fire happened on Christmas day it might in it self carry a message?

- A witnesses did see someone throwing an object into the room .
- At least one person has sprung from this location directly adjacent to the fire , says Henrik Lagerkvist, the police operation manager on site .

Police was alarmed at 13:18. locals Swedish time
A fire had broken out in a mosque hall in the ground floor of a residential building in the area Nyfors in Eskilstuna.

The fire was in the afternoon fully developed and a large rescue-team was called to the scene.
- We headlining it as aggravated arson. There is someone who has thrown in some form of objects in the area, since it has started to burn, says investigator Lars Franzell.

One person badly injured
In total there are five people taken to hospital. In a press release from the Mälar-hospital its says a person is "badly wounded but stable". All of those taken to hospital to be treated, writes TT.

- Two've got smoke injuries, two have received some sort of wounds and then it's one that has received some form of fracture, says Lars Franzell.
- Someone even jumped out rom a balcony. I know that the ambulance has been taken into custody a person who has had ankle injuries, says David Hultman, incident commander on the spot."It burns, it burns" According to witnesses who were inside the mosque had a large number of people gathered to pray during Christmas day afternoon when a window was smashed. Seconds later, the room will be filled with smoke.
- The fire came very quickly. Someone shouted "it burns, it burns." People panicked and started running out. Some jumped out of the windows, says a witness. Apartments in the current stairwell has been vacated because of the strong smoke emissions and accommodation has been transferred to a nearby youth center, according to police.

15: 30 pm the police informs that  the fire is under control.
Several police squads are still in place in the area.

- The door knocking... We can not go in and do a forensic examination today but have to let the fire area to cool down ... It comes technician to the site tomorrow, says Franzell. Police confirmed that the mosque has previously been subjected to attacks. On 12 August this year shattered several windows to the premises.

- There have been incidents in the past. They have taken place in the near future. But it has not been this serious, but it's nothing I want to go into. We work with all subjects, says Henrik Lagerkvist, the police operation manager on site.

A person seen running from the scene
According to information provided to the police, at least one man have been seen outside the venue shortly before the fire started, which witnesses also told media.

- At least one person has sprung from this location directly adjacent to the fire. He even threw in something through a window, probably something with flammable liquid, says Henrik Lagerkvist.The police does not want to give out a descriptions of the suspected offender. ( At all or yet? )  Sweden's Security Police, by the name SÄPO says that it stands ready to assist Eskilstuna police if needed. Right now we await their investigation.  
We stand ready to work with this, if there is any reason for that, says Sirpa Franzén, Head of Security Service

What most of our readers do not know is that this attack doesn't come as a surprise. It has been the silence of western media playing consensus manipulating the truth by not reporting a ongoing escalation, that is not assumed in any way but a actual fact.
Further act is that Finland too is on the border to explode against Islamism.
And no one seems to care to report the common sentiment among people.

Sadly the local and international media seems to think that if they don't report what people think the matter won't escalate. 

All the EU is fed up of more Islamic immigrants and until that is stopped this anger over welfare immigrants using asylum won't get any less...Its has nothing to do with any race but one religious group who doesn't integrate but create a own community and areas like Sweden's Rosengård or Rinkeby where many times Police and Rescue services have fear to go. Its not a lie as we at SDR have been there not only once but many times.....

At last but not least a reality check.
Here below are the facts on what has happened this year in Sweden.
Do we really assume something here ?

Story by Mike Hulden. 
(facts taken from BBC and Aftonbladet and other Swedish media )