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The story about "never again that became allover again"

The “Jewish Question”: European attitudes toward Jews have not changed much since before World War II, and even today Europeans are more concerned with “fighting the Jewish so called oppression” than with the Islamization and fall of their own civilization…Fact as we all know it is that Israel offers Arabs to take part in Army and elections and can become MPs or officials. Something no Muslim country can show not even Turkey today.

The main bill pertaining to Jews was passed in the 30s by the “great German people” and their no less “great leader” Adolf Hitler who felt Just like the Russian Tsar before Hitler namely: Occupied, humiliated and insulted by the Jews on the territory. The claim was readily and happily supported by Ukrainians, Poles, Romanians, Hungarians and the European small fry 
like Lithuanians, Estonians, Croatians… 

In joined efforts, they had initiated a project known as “The Final solution to the Jewish question”, that was later called the Holocaust. Some of the authors were hung after the Nuremberg trials, but most were generously spared or managed to flee and lived a long and happy life ever after.

For the sake of justness the matter was not purely European, it was European/American. 
Although Great Britain, the US and Canada did not parade their participation in the Holocaust, their governments’ policies do not leave any doubt that they were monitoring what was happening in Europe with interest and quite benevolently. 

After WWII, in an attempt to find at least one positive matter making Europeans look good, a nice fairy tale a la Hans Christian Andersen about how Denmark had been fearlessly and bravely saving its Jews was invented. Non of which ever happened.

Really ?

A recently published investigation by Peter Nannestad, Professor of the Department of Political Science and Government of Aarhus University of Copenhagen, destroyed even this nice legend. 

The Danish King, as it turned out, never wore a yellow star and did not make any bold declarations about his fabulous solidarity with Jews, and Danish fishermen transported Jews to neutral Sweden not out of compassion or sympathy- but for very good money; the fee, in modern dollars, reached $100,000 and more per couple. Most Jews did not have such money and had to pay their promissory notes for many years, sometimes until death. 

It’s very interesting the final conclusion made by the Danish scientist Mr Nannestad: He says, we are neither better nor worse than other peoples.

Now, after piles of documents and facts were made public, it is clear that the Allies’ policy on Jews consisted in letting Germans do what ever the Russians did before them as well very openly without any international outcry whet ever. It was made clear to them that the “free world” was not too preoccupied about the lot of the European Jews (Evian Conference of 1938; “St. Luis” ship with 915 German Jews – refugees who were trying to escape and save their lives and who were denied entry to Cuba, United States and Canada and finally had to sail for some European countries later occupied by Germans; most of them were later thrown in jail and concentration camps and died there; refusal by the US Congress to approve the bill that would grant entry to the US to 20,000 Jewish children from Germany…)

Not a single serious signal had been sent to Nazis and the German people warning them of taking responsibility for their atrocities. Moreover, the information about the magnitude of these atrocities had been hidden under the pretext that it was impossible to verify its authenticity, which was a sheer lie. 

The truth is that most Americans were not hurrying to condemn Nazis for what they were doing to the Jews: a survey in 1942 gave stunning results: for every American who considered Nazis the main threat to the US, there were four who said the main threat to America were Jews! Roosevelt, a pragmatic politician, had to take into account the current public opinion affecting the voters, as well as Churchill… Putting it simply: Although the Allies did not directly have Jewish blood on their hands, their eyes and ears where surely covered with it.

When WWII ended and the facts came to the surface, the people shuddered. 

The torrent of continuous lies and accusations directed routinely against Jews stopped. They were even permitted mainly due to Stalin’s pressure to create their own tiny state. 
But very soon the “International Community” understood its “mistake”.
The first to renew the attacks against Jews was the USSR; Stalin saw that Israel was not readily going to accept its role of the Russian bridgehead in the Middle East. As soon as Stalin understood it, Russian policy became totally anti-Semitic, and in 1968, the USSR even planned a missile strike on Israel (the attack was cancelled by Soviet leaders because of Czechoslovakia events). USSR became a true ally of Arabs in their attempts to put an end to Israel.

A bit later, the countries of the so-called “free world” also came to the conclusion that Israel is a nuisance. Although the means and motives they used were different from the means of Stalin, the goal was the same Stalin wanted the destruction of Israel the rest did not really care one bit. The became evident during the Six-Day War of 1967, when Egypt and Syria concentrated two armies of invasion on the borders of the Jewish State and quite openly declared that they were going to strike and wipe Israel from the map. Forgotten fact is that France and some other European countries were calling on Israel “to demonstrate restraint and by no means to strike first”. This while they did not move a finger against Egypt’s open violation of the Maritime Law when it closed the Straits of Tiran to all Israeli ships. 

Even after Israel’s brilliant victory, France imposed an embargo on supplies to Israel any weapons and spare parts, at the same time continuing to sell weapons to Arabs.

Then came the Yom Kippur War, when Israel desperately needed arms and munitions, but all the so called “democratic” countries, without a single exception, declined President Nixon’s request to provide the US transport planes with supplies for Israel by landing on their territories. 

The only country that agreed was Portugal, “undemocratic” (at that time). 

Its not easy to digest but this is gods honest truth and something Europeans should never forget that they just stood by and did nothing. Sadly its something that Europe still does today.

As the Arab and European Left attempts to destroy Israel with military means failed, a new tactic was employed. It consisted of never-ending attempts to delegitimize Israel, a tactic which has now reached new heights. The amount of lies and hatred poured over Israel by theArabs and European Left, Right, Green, Brown is unseen since the time of Nazis and is seen today as well.
The worst is that most Americans and Europeans don’t do anything to clear the air of invented allegations by sometimes just to incredible to be true, Pakistani news wrote some years back that Mossad and US did cause the flood that killed thousands…This while Egypt said that their shark attacks where directed too by Mossad and suddenly many Muslim countries started to rename birds that where marked Western scientists for statistics use as Israeli spy gadgets…The stories are many and some are added as links below.

Along with Muslim refugee flooding even traditionally, socially and humanitarian advanced  “European democracies” suddenly developed a taste for attacking Jews, such as Spain, Norway and Sweden, appeared on the front lines of the European anti-Semitism. The Royal British family today has never ever visited Israel but visit Arab states all the time! 

Israeli diplomat Zvi Mazel, who at one time was the Israeli Ambassador to Sweden, has had a lot to say over the years regarding the anti-Israel political parties in Sweden, as well as the anti-Israel media. “Sweden is among the most severely anti-Semitic places,” he once said, and in a recent interview went on to explain that the huge influx of Arab refugees and growing Muslim population has further influenced these political parties that hate Israel. Sweden’s political climate “is pro-Arabic, pro-Islam and anti-Israeli,” Ambassador Mazel said.

(Neighboring Finland’s traditional hardcore Christians have in contrary to Sweden always been pro Israel except Finland’s PM Tuomioja who´s many years of anti Israel commentaries has earned him the title closet brownshirt ) 

Fact is: Europe faces the threat of a total Islamization, the French will become an ethnic minority in their own country by the year 2049 and Germans around the same time. 

Muslim immigrants planning terrorist attacks are caught practically on a daily basis in all countries of Europe, and in spite of all this, Europeans support Arabs against Israel and are more worried over Israel building ten houses in its capital of Jerusalem then over Muslims building thousands of mosques in all European capitals, from Berlin to Lisbon. 
Finland holds presently one of Europe’s largest Shia MEGA Mosques.

“An unknown Italian politician said to a Israeli: ‘Europe has resigned to its fate. It does not want to fight terrorism and is not even trying to stem the tide of Islamism, which is about to flood it. You are left alone, my friend.’”

Europe moves by inertia, and nobody wants to think about what will happen tomorrow. It is easier and more comfortable for aging Europe to avoid thinking. History is already dragging Europe to the slaughterhouse. Their entire civilization and western culture  is under attack, and the attackers do not even hide their plan to destroy it all and place the “Banner of the Prophet” over the ruins, yet Europeans go on fighting “the Jews” by ignoring their needs.
Which sooner than later will become the concern for the same Christians who let it happen now.....

Ergo: what Israel does or does not do, is of absolutely no consequence. 

Israel can agree to return to the borders of 1967, give all Jerusalem to Arabs and Golan Heights to Syria, accept all 5 million “Palestinian refugees”; it will change nothing in the approach of Europeans and will not reduce the level of anti-Semitism one iota. And of course, it will not bring peace to the Middle East.

It would however weaken the strategic positions of Israel and its capacities to defend itself to such an extent that its proper survival will become problematic. 
Nor will it matter if Israel spends millions of dollars on propaganda and on explaining its position. There is nobody in Europe to talk to. 
This is a very sad fact!

Those who understand the situation and side with Israel do not need propagandistic efforts. And those who don’t are brainwashed and will not hear any arguments. Moreover, in just some 30-40 years, the opinion of Europeans will not matter; they will become a minority in Muslim countries of Western Europe, and what Muslims think of Israel is well-known, as well as what they want of it. Talking to them from the positions of reason and justice is useless; they understand only the language of force and use a constant denial of any blame.

As Erdogan told the Pope this week: The Turkish president did make clear in person to the Pope on Friday that he blamed the West for the rise of Islamic State (IS). President Erdogan said extremist groups such as IS were a consequence of the "serious and rapid rise of Islamophobia" in the West, warning that the sense of "rejection" among Europe's Muslims was one of the factors behind the radicalisation of young men joining violent groups. Lets not forget Erdogan's speech just days before the visit.

The politician, from the Islamist-leaning Justice and Development (AK) party, had reportedly told an audience at an economic Islamic conference that: "Those who come from outside (the Islamic world) love oil, gold, diamonds and the cheap labour force of the Islamic world. They like the conflicts, fights and quarrels of the Middle East. "Believe me, they don't like us. They look like friends, but they want us dead. They like seeing our children die."

Such words cause no scandal in the west even if Turkey is a NATO member and even worse, Obama has endorsed a Turkish membership in the EU.

Strange as it may seem, but Israel is in a much better situation than Europe. In spite of all the efforts of Israeli liberals, Israel does not follow the suicidal path of refusing its ethnic cultural identity which easy can coexists with modern life.
It means that Israel will remain the State of the Jews when most European countries will already be Muslim, and the original French, Brits and Germans will become persecuted and oppressed minorities, “dhimmis”,  in their own countries. So, what should Israel consider to do?

No territorial concession to Arabs under any pretext. Solve the problem of Israeli Arabs; those who are not loyal to Israel must be expelled.Create new kinds of arms: nuclear, laser, psychotropic, cyber weapons, and develop already existing arms and safety.

It’s a useless waste of money and resources to fly to meetings that could be directed on more useful things while any meeting can take place on Skype.
If US and UN want to waste their money traveling for fun "meddling like in the middle ages" in person then fine. Israel should not put one shekel or dollar on travels and meetings that can be handled online. Just like Finland's Helsinki Think Tank that holds almost daily briefings around the world via Skype )

Fact is: Israel has no one in Europe to talk to, much like Czechoslovakia in 1938. Let’s learn from the history lessons and not repeat the mistakes writes a good writer while forgetting that, never again is already in the making! 

Israel must be an impregnable bastion until the New West can handle matters.
This Reconquista is inevitable, because history repeats itself, the same writer writes...
When will it start? It’s not so difficult to calculate, he writes.
The first big European countries: Britain, France and Germany will become Islamic by 2050. In the next 20 years, Islam will control the rest of Europe. It leads us to 2070. 
The Reconquista of Spain had started only 8 years after the Arab conquest; the start of the Reconquista in Europe will not wait that long, and by 2080, it will already be in full swing. Just 65 years. For a country with 3,000 years of history, it’s nothing. 

It could be true but more likely the Arab majority will happen much faster due to intercultural marriages where the westerners marrying a Muslim will have to changes from easy going christian to strike Islam. As we know US European nations don't keep book on marriages issued at Mosques. All existing statistics show only marriages registered by magistrate. That naturally won't reveal a Somali or Pakistani male having 4 wife's.
Ergo: All statistics we get in the west are endlessly distorted at best.

The same with hate crimes, unemployment and FGM happening around they are all equally un-liked statistics,  for any politician wanting to look good.
In other words Jews won't be safe anywhere be it US or Europe until they are votes magnets of big numbers. Looking at the immigration mostly from Islamic nations it doesn't take a genius to see who the magnets are right now.
May god help us all.

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