Saturday, 3 January 2015

Believe it or not but this is Helsinki calling for Shabbat 2nd January 2015

Video: A call for shabbat on Helsinki center next to the parliament 

Its been much debated how Sweden and other nordic nations have turned their backs on Israel.There is however one small exception. And its Finland.

Finns traditionally love Israel and that said its maybe not always the Governments way but it certainly is the way of the common man from the city to the Countryside in Finland.
This film was taken very close to the Parliament. I at times stay some hundreds of meters away from this place so I know it very well.

The ones who arranged this did the something very brave and nice as its a statement by it self that there is a place where Jews can make the ancient call for shabbat. And what more......

Do you see any angry Palestinians or pro arabs ?
Because the onlookers are nothing but normal Finns and they don't oppose to this one bit.

First when the Palestinian lobby gets matters like this they will send every school kid they have protesting making it look like they represent anything in Finland which they certainly don't 
do now and never did.

See it on YouTube here:
Mike H - YouTube