Sunday, 18 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo cartoon -There is no mutual respect for muslims

Nobody in the Islamic countries ever marches against or protests the murders committed in the name of their religion. But they become enraged by a cartoon that is reprinted......

Many westerners have about had enough of Islam and their followers demands for respect
with absolutely nothing in return.....

Do we westerners demand that Saudis Pakistanis or Somalis or Turks to change their customs for us in their nations ?
No we don't because its not our lands to demand on,
We don't even tell the when they burn our most holy flags ! If thats not an insult then what is?

We have given respect to their independent nations. Take their refugees when their brothers from the rich oil nations don't give a helping hand and feed and dress the needy Muslims.
As thanks we get Islamist attacks and as a protest after they burn 6 churches in Niger.
Is that not disrespectful? How many normal citizens have died here in the west between Australia and France because of Islamists since Christmas. Now would be a very good time for the Islamic nations to reflect. At least its not a bad advice....

Respect should be be mutual or its slavery!
There seems to be no mutual respect for muslims, only a one way road.....
We mourn as they continue to send us hate. The following is a sad reality check.

SYRIA: (video)


At least three people have been killed and six churches attacked in Niger amid fresh protests against French magazine Charlie Hebdo's cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
(not one word about the victims)



The recent protest was part of a nationwide rally called by Jamaat-e-Islami, the country's largest Islamist party. And on Thursday, Pakistani politicians passed a motion condemning Charlie Hebdo for publishing the latest cartoon. Religious leaders openly called for journalists at the magazine to be hanged, and several religious groups called for protests after Friday prayers.

In Karachi, at least three people were injured during the clashes between police and about 200 protesters, who were mostly student activists from Jamaat-e-Islami.One of the injured has since been confirmed as Asif Hassan, a photographer for the news agency AFP. He was shot in the chest but doctors say he is out of danger following surgery.

A Turkish court on Wednesday ordered a ban on access to websites showing Charlie Hebdo's cover with the image of the Prophet Muhammad.
A court in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir prohibited access to the websites in Turkey, the state-run Anadolu News Agency said, after a lawyer reportedly filed a petition saying the four sites were a danger to "public order."




Here we even see a burning Israeli flag that has nothing to do with the matter......
making it a racist rant at Jews while asking for respect. 

Lebanon has neither expressed any condolences but spoken out in the media about how bad the west is for republishing the cartoon.

Several commentators urge France and other countries to outlaw the insulting of religions and religious figures, saying that failing to do so will only encourage Islamic extremism.
Qatar urged Western media “to respect others and their beliefs.”
"I look forward to a French law that protects people's sanctities and beliefs from attack and ridicule," Idris al-Driss writes in the Saudi daily Al-Watan.

"Freedom of expression should end at and not cross the limits of offending others over their colour, race or religion," he adds. "Insulting religions should be legally treated as racism."
In the Lebanese daily Al-Anwar, Raouf Shahouri accuses the West of double standards.

Worst is that they don’t look them selfs in the mirror ever!
many times a year Islamic nations burn our flags thats prohibited by law in most countries and not lust little but utterly defaming. And natural the Islamic world write about us matters that would take 
a few years to repeat here but we can assure the they are nothing good .
All it takes to see them in original language with english subtitles is to go to MEMRI see link below.

So if they wish to see a difference they should start by showing us a good example, and not assume we don’t read their news o notice the flags they burn,


Links to all the hate on the west you ever can imagine ....

Selected religious Muslim leaders praising the attacks