Monday, 5 January 2015

EU: Where is my freedom ?

The following video which was given attention by our UK co-worker Eric S with the question where is my freedom?  It doest take long to see that the Muslims here are totally brainwashed by radicals like Anjem Choudary and who since long should have been arrested for instigating hate etc…
This video was made Nov 2014 and shows a UK Islamist saying:   'I Want To See Every Single Woman In This Country Covered From Head To Toe'.......

The one Muslim man asks where is our freedom ? Like he would be the only one who want it ?
So we ask where is the Cartoonists freedom who did draw the Prophet in Denmark ?

Politicians wake up NOW !!!

What does it take to for the politicians to see when a group is trying to get lone right about what is 
your freedom of speech and thought.

Why is has none asked for this to become a EU and US law ?

We only know of a small local group in Finland called Big Bad Boys Against Salfists - Helsinki Finland 
who are calling for a petition on this matter, on their petition list to Santa.
This they motivate by stating the politician don’t care or  listening to the safety of the people.

So now to a point where the law is storage compared to the problems of today.
For instance radical cleric Anjem Choudary has claimed he would renounce his British citizenship and live under the rule of Isis, if the government would grant him safe passage.

In an interview with the Times the radical preacher claims that if he had his passport he would have already travelled to areas in Syria or Iraq presently controlled by the militant Islamic organisation Isis, also known as the Islamic State.

Si, in response Keith Vaz, chairman of the Common home affairs select committee, said: 
“If he wants to go, he should be allowed to go. I think that would be a much better scenario than having him stay.
But Why should the Home Office or anyone else give him safe passage? 
He must take the consequences if he is propagating the views of Isis,” Mr Vaz said. “I think people would like to see the back of him.

However, the London-born preacher, who trained as a lawyer, cannot leave the country because the Home Office has confiscated his passport!

Why on earth is the UK waiting one minute?
Do we really need hate preachers running our streets ?

The same man was teaching the London butcher  and refused to condemn the killing  of Lee Rigby on open street with a butchers knife ….Anjem Choudary  and has also created the 
now infamous sharia patrol who attacked girls with miniskirts and beer drinkers and 
abused gay looking men.

Every minute that this man can be in the UK it sends Islamists a message that isn’t 
very democratic.