Tuesday, 20 January 2015

FINLAND: Somali Muslim man hacked two men to death with an axe at a Pub

A Somali Muslim immigrant attacked and hacked two men to death with an axe at a pub in Tuira area of Oulu, police said. The attack took place at about 6:00pm and included one employee of the pub.

The police on late Wednesday night captured the man suspected of the killings. The suspect was apparently nabbed at Myllyoja neighbourhood in Oulu, where a huge police operation was under way. News agency STT had earlier reported that one of the victims of the axe killing was inside the pub while the other one was outside.

According to STT reporters, the area had been widely cordoned off, but there was movement of people still on a street nearby the pub. The police confirmed that one of the victims was a male employee of the pub. A shopkeeper at a nearby store told STT reporters that the shop was forced to remain closed for a while after a boy came to the shop and informed what had happened in the pub.
Police apprehended the suspect and say they shot the man during the operation.
The police officer was wearing a helmet, so he got away with slight injuries.

National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero said no information as to the suspect's possible motives for the killings. To say such after all the Islamic attacks since the lats 3 month is beyond  idiotic and misses both diplomacy and logic. Quite frankly why would a Somali who oppose alcohol attack a Pub that encourages drinking ?  This must be the most idiotic of all questions as it leaves for starters a religious motive in plain sight for the police and public alike to see.

And even more ignorant was the comment by Oulu's deputy mayor, Sinikka Salo, said that the city is still safe, and that the killings were an isolated incident.  This while many of our SDRs contacts now are fearing for their lives. So quite naturally the spokesperson Sinikka Salo would not have any more ideas about than a Somali knows about winter long distance skiing at minus 25 degrees Celsius.

In order not to be quite official but rather quite rumours  SDR will share the following OS intel chatter from the Helsinki area right now.

Recently a IS recruiter from England was caught by the Finnish police and sent back  to face trial as he confessed  being a recruiter. That Mrs Salo is reality ! And if one was caught...Then most likely  many more are walking around.
In area called Espoo on the outskirts of Helsinki our contacts overheard a Somali lady proudly tell with a loud voice in Arabic how her son was “shaheed” and killed in battle in Syria! 
This plus the common rumour that Daesh (IS ISIS) pay for young fighters 250 US dollars a day (!) should make the Police chief Paatero leave Islamist and national security matters to someone who knows Islam and at least a minimum on OS Intel. Finnish security Police SUPO is by far more better suited to comment this.
However so far Finland and the other Nordic countries seem to fail on basis of not having OS chatter and matter translators with links to other western observers and grass roots who are not coloured by a so-called politically correct fog. Academics won't resolve anything here only persons who understand
the way of life his enemy lives and eats will do that.

For now the looking with a serious police face at a TV cameras without facts won't compete with a smiling face with facts that can be confirmed.
Finland police chief is so out of today's world and realities that we only can hope and pray to get someone to realize that not the amount of the police matters but the quality.
The same about the Oulu deputy mayor who just proved to have the no diplomatic skills what ever when it comes to what is a thereat and what not. If unsure then one can and should say: No comment for now and not lure people into face safety.

If Finnish intelligence will continues like this it won’t take long before Finland will be crawling with Saudi financed cultural, centers and Religious schools called madrassas. Such Cultural places are known from the past to let “guests” who preach hate like UK based hate preacher Anjem Choudary visited Finland 2 years back. The fact that he got to enter Finnish soil in it self shows that the local anti terrorist readiness is not remotely able to enforce terrorist prevention.