Saturday, 10 January 2015

France: End of double hostage drama and the beginning of official censorship and living a lie

( BBC vide also fails to even once say religiously motivated or Islamist ) 

Police in France are on high alert as they hunt for any accomplices of the gunmen who killed 17 people in two days of terror attacks.
Hayat Boumeddiene, the partner of Paris kosher supermarket gunman Amedy Coulibaly, remains on the run.
Hayat Boumeddiene, left, and Amedy Coulibaly in images released by police during the kosher supermarket siege in Paris - 9 January 2015

She was said to be with Coulibaly when a policewoman was killed and is described as "armed and dangerous".
Two gunmen who carried out Wednesday's deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine were killed by police
President Francois Hollande praised the police but also warned of further threats.
He thanked the security services for their "bravery and efficiency", saying the week's violence was "a tragedy for the nation".
Mr Hollande said the danger was not over yet. "We have to be vigilant. I also ask you to be united - it's our best weapon," he said in a televised address on Friday night. 
After a security cabinet meeting on Saturday Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said France would remain on its highest state of alert "for the next few weeks".....
No one however even remotely touches the essence of the attacks: Religious Islamist!