Friday, 9 January 2015

French Police Surround Jewish Kosher Supermarket !

Right now a second attack: 
A suspected islamist gunman has seized hostages at a Jewish kosher supermarket 
in Paris.  

(While police in northern France have cornered the 
two Charlie Hebdo Islamist massacre killers).

Armed police flooded the Porte de Vincennes area of the capital after the 
man reportedly opened fire and took up to five people prisoner.

He is said to be the gunman who killed a policewoman in the city on Thursday.

(the following video is by BBC who still don't call the attacks Islamist !)

Police surround kosher Paris supermarket - 'Two dead' in Paris.

If this isn't Islamist attack them what is?
Are the brothers not the killers ? So why does BBC 
Insist on calling them suspects?
Can one even call this reporting ?
Reporting is suppose to reflect the truth and not what 
a media outlet wishes to manipulate.

Not however one word of truth in the media!
Shame and shame all over again!

SDR will demand this as long as there is any Jews left on this planet!
This is worse censorship in the US and EU than we have ever seen 
during the Russian Communist rule !

Here below a link to a video with a witness who even shook hand with
the attackers and did see them. This while BBC still writes and
calls the terrorists suspects....

Why cant BBC and the rest of the media even tell the simple truth ?
Ask your self this!

Link to witness:
BBC News - France eyewitness: 'I shook hands with shooting suspect'

This Link shows a man from media called France 24 calling the already proven
Islamist to be: Certain ethnic groups instead of telling the truth ...

Has someone payed the entire media 
to shut up about Islamism here ?