Saturday, 24 January 2015

Goodbye Swedish Culture And Welcome Official (Racist) Multiculturalism

The following is intended to give "you the reader a picture about Sweden's" Islamism and antisemitism as reported by Sweden's national TV, and YouTube , Russia and more sources...
A good introduction the matter gives Pat Connell  with is this video that is not new but 3 years old....however will still surprise you as much as if it was made yesturday....

(Pat Condell :Goodbye Sweden, Hello Islam)

Sweden's secret police SÄPO has many times claimed to keep track on terror trained Swedes already 2012 such a comment in it self speaks loud and clear that the they refuse to say Islamists but think its politically correct to share the blame on Christians Buddhists and Jews for all the terrorism and evil that Islamism brings along.

Lets ask our selfs a honest question.
Did any non Muslims go to fight in Somalia or Syria or Iraq ?
The answer is no.
Why cant muslims be blamed for what they do ?
Are they beyond Swedish law ? 
Why do they enjoy rights that organized criminality doesn't enjoy?
Because if we think of it Islamism is internationally organized and 
therefore should be treated as a international threat, as much as 
other groups that brake laws over and over. 
There should not difference who repeatedly brakes any law and if a group
stand for much crime then their status should not be any different than 
that of any other illegally operating organisation.

The world press has written much about Jew hate in Sweden and mostly in the South like Gothenburg or Malmo...but much has also written it self ... see original link below

So now finally after the Paris attacks. Let us show you A Swedish very popular TV program that goes by the name, "Uppdrag Granskning" or in English: "Mission find out " made a program called Jew hate in Malmö.....

We managed to find the entire documentary with a Google translation to English that isn't by far as good as it would deserve to be. The documentary reflects Sweden now and also includes how a reporter carries a David star  and a Jewish so called Kippa on the head. The comments are raining down on them ...See it and learn about how racist Sweden's Multiculturalism can be.

English links:

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A Russian documentary on  Scandinavia or North must be one of the very best.


Links to many local news in Swedish.
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