Sunday, 4 January 2015

ICC looses its serious image but gains Fatah Lynch mob lable

Fatah shows Netanyahu beside noose, giving the ICC International Criminal Court  a remake of its public image that they deserve after taking Fatah.

An old wisdom saying tells us : Go sleep with dogs and wake up with fleas....This might be the truth for ICC to recognise here and now.

Following the Palestinian Authority's application to join the International Criminal Court, Abbas' Fatah movement posted the above picture on Facebook of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a noose dangling in front of him. Fatah suggests that Netanyahu will be hanged "soon." [Fatah Facebook, "The Main Page," Jan. 4, 2015]

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Fatah’s past for the perplexed:


Traces the history of PLO/Fatah, now better known as the 'Palestinian Authority,' the organization that will govern a future Palestinian State. The video shows how PLO/Fatah emerged from the German Nazi Final Solution. Hajj Amin al Husseini, father of the Palestinian Movement, creator of Fatah, and mentor to Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, was co-director with Adolf Eichmann of the death camp system that exterminated between 5 and 6 million European Jews in WWII.

Fataḥ, formerly the Palestinian National Liberation Movement is a leading secular Palestinian political party and the largest faction of the confederated multi-party Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
The Fatah movement, which espoused a Palestinian nationalist ideology in which Palestinian Arabs would be liberated by their own actions, was founded in 1959 by members of the Palestinian diaspora – more specifically, principally by professionals working in the Persian Gulf States who had studied in Cairo or Beirut and had been refugees in Gaza.

Fatah became the dominant force in Palestinian politics after the Six-Day War in 1967. It dealt the coup de grâce to the pre-Baathist Arab nationalism that had inspired George Habash's Arab Nationalist Movement, the former dominant mainly Palestinian political party.

Fatah joined the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1967. It was immediately allocated 33 of 105 seats in the PLO Executive Committee. Founder Yasser Arafat became Chairman of the PLO in 1969, after the position was ceded to him by Yahya Hammuda. According to the BBC, "Mr Arafat took over as chairman of the executive committee of the PLO in 1969, a year that Fatah is recorded to have carried out 2,432 Terrorist attacks  attacks on Israel. That's how the world press described it then and no matter how BBC tries to call it guerrilla attacks the attacks where blindly focusing on civilians so it cant be called guerrilla as that would indicate fighting troops! Ergo: Legally impossible term !
Attacks on civilian are stilted 2015 considered terrorist if unmade by people not wearing any official uniform recognized as a State. And even if Palestine gets independent the past status remains forever.

Fatah youth with Nazi salute is a very fitting salute to ICC as a thanks 

1964: First Fatah terrorist attack against Israel
1967: Fatah becomes best-funded Palestinian organization, takes over PLO
1971: Jordan kills Fatah leader
1972: Fatah’s Black September militant group murders 11 Israeli athletes at Munich Olympic Games
1982: Fatah transfers power base from Lebanon to Tunisia after IDF outs it & PLO from non-Syria controlled Lebanon
1983: Struggle between Fatah leaders
1990s: Arafat regains leadership of Fatah
1993: Fatah-led PLO signs Oslo Accords with Israel
1994: Palestinian Authority established to govern autonomous Palestinian regions, Gaza City becomes Fatah Headquarters
2006: Fatah unexpectedly loses Palestinian Legislative Council elections to Hamas
2009: First Fatah congress in two decades convenes in Bethlehem
2011: Hamas and Fatah reconcile in agreement in Egypt-mediated negotiations, sign agreement to form interim joint government
2012: Mahmoud Abbas becomes interim Prime Minister
2014: Fatah and Hamas sign a reconciliation agreement in April and form a unity government, 
on June 2 Abbas swears in the new government.

2014 October just as a example:  Palestinians across the political spectrum are praising a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, which resulted in the death of a three-month-old Israeli baby. A car driven by a suspected Hamas member crashed into a crowd at a light-rail station in, killing the baby girl and injuring eight others.

An official Hamas statement refers to the infant as a "female settler," and urges Palestinians to "escalate the confrontations" against Israel in various locations, a translation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism shows. 

Moreover, Sultan Al-Einein, an adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, praised the terrorist, referring to him as a "heroic Martyr," a Palestinian Media Watch translation of his official Facebook page said. Shaludi was shot by police and later died from his injuries Al-Einein has glorified terrorists in the past, leading five members of Congress to demand that Abbas fire him and condemn his views. Abbas has ignored the American pressure. But gets rewarded for it by becoming a  ICC member.
Whats next ? Hells Angels to become members ?

Abbas' Fatah party also glorified the terrorist's actions, posting an obituary on its official Facebook page."The Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah)-Silwan branch accompanies to his wedding the heroic Martyr Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaludi, who carried out the Jerusalem operation, in which settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem were run over. Rest in peace! We are loyal to you," the Fatah statement said.

Abbas' open refusal to reprimand Al-Einein and failure to hold other officials accountable lends tacit approval of the terrorist glorification sentiment that is prevalent throughout senior ranks of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah.
How can anyone sane take such a bunch to join ICC is beyond any 
reason or logic.