Friday, 30 January 2015

If Muslims don't want cartoons about them selfs why do they do it to to others ?

The following is just a small look into Cartoons found in the Arab press.
Its by far not a deep study into the matter and is missing is much like Iran 
and many other nations.

The examples here just serve as a reminder of how defaming Cartoons can be
also to westerners.
The most striking here is the big noses on the Jews and their devilish look that 
if translated to Arabs by any Western press it would be called defaming and 
degrading and racist. 

Fact is we could not find much at all in Israel and the west that that looks evil..
Here below you will also see US president Obama depicted very disrespectfully.
(The publishers of these cartoons can be seen below)

Welcome to experience the "Arabic correct cartoons on us in the west"
while they demand that: We follow their rules they certainly don't do much of an
effort to act as role models.

We wonder where is our Western respect here ?

Select List of Arab Media Outlets

Ad-Dustur (Jordan) — first issued on March 28, 1967, this government-owned daily expresses pro-

Palestinian and anti-Israeli views. Editor in chief: Muhammad Hasan At-Tal.

Al-Ahram (Egypt) — an Egyptian daily controlled by the Egyptian government: the president appoints the editor. The editor (and the editors of the other government owned dailies, Al-Gumhuriyya and Al- Akhbar) is given substantial leeway in his editorial practices, assuming he avoids certain “taboos.” 

Al- Ahram is the largest Arabic paper in the world and has established the Al-Ahram Regional Press Institute. It was founded in 1875.

Al-Ahram Al-‘Arabi (Egypt) — a weekly published by the Dar Al-Ahram publishing house. The editor- in-chief of the newspaper is Dr. 'Abd Al-'Ati Muhammad, and the chairman of the publishing house is Ibrahim Nafi, who is Al-Ahram’s editor in chief. Although both newspapers are published by the same publishing house, Al-Ahram and Al-Ahram Al-Arabi are different. The editorials in Al-Ahram are always supportive of government positions, while the editorials in Al-Ahram al-Arabi are critical of the government and also other countries. The paper publishes very strong anti-Israeli views.

Al-‘Arab Online (United Kingdom) – Arab daily newspaper. Its editor-in-chief is Mohamed Ahmed El- Houni.

Al-Ayyam (Palestinian Authority) – A wide-spread Palestinian daily based primarily in Ramallah. It is supportive of the Fatah movement and was established in 1995. The editor in chief is Akram Haniyyeh.

Al-Bayan (United Arab Emirates) — owned by the Al-Bayan Foundation for Press, Printing and Publication. The newspaper was founded in 1980 and the editor is Hasher Al-Mektom, a member of the royal family.

Al-Ghad (Jordan) — an independent and privately sponsored mainstream daily. Today the paper is less anti-Israel than it used to be.

Al-Hayat (United Kingdom) — a London-based pan-Arab daily, which reflects the general tone in the Arab world and tends to publish scoops.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (Palestinian Authority) - The official Palestinian Authority daily.

Al-Iqtisadiyya (Saudi Arabia) – economics-focused daily, and its editor-in-chief is Salman Aldossary.

Al-Ittihad (United Arab Emirates) — it was first issued on October 20, 1969. The editor-in-chief is Rashid Salih Al-'Arimi. It is a government daily, which emphasizes the government’s policy and its achievements in domestic and foreign affairs. The paper publishes all kinds of news related to the Arab and Muslim arena. It has a wide network of correspondents in Arab countries and the west. The paper is being published by Emirates Media (

Al-Jarida (Kuwait) - Arabic daily newspaper that launched in July 2007, and is among the top 3 most circulated newspapers in the country. The newspaper has offices in Cairo and Beirut. The paper is owned by Mohammed Al-Sayegh, the former editor in-chief of Al-Qabas newspaper. The editor-in-chief is Khalid Hilal al-Matiri.

Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) - A popular Qatari news channel accessible throughout the Arab world, launched in 1996, and headed by Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer bin Mohammed bin Thani Al-Thani. It broadly covered the uprisings in the Arab world. The cartoons were posted on Al-Jazeera’s website.

Al-Khalij (United Arab Emirates) — The country’s largest Arabic language newspaper; it is privately- owned. It was founded in 1970.

Al-Madina (Saudi Arabia) – A Saudi daily established in 1937. The editor in chief is Fahd Hasan Al ‘Aqran. It is one of the earliest Saudi newspapers and it is based primarily in Jeddah.

Al-Qabas (Kuwait) – Self-described “Independent” political daily, first published on Feb. 22, 1972, and it’s editor-in-chief is Walid ‘Abd Al-Latif An-Nasf.

Al-Quds al-Arabi (United Kingdom) – A London based pan Arab daily first issued in 1989 by Palestinian expatriates. The paper is published by the Al-Quds al-Arabi Foundation for Publishing and Media. Editor in-chief: Abd al-Bari Atwan

Al-Watan (Qatar) — Al-Watan is one of the five Qatari dailies. Al-Watan’s chairman is Hamad bin Sahim Al Thani, a member of the royal family (all of the papers are owned by different branches of the royal family). The Foreign Minister, Hamad Bin Jasim Bin Jabir Al Thani, owns half of the newspaper. It was founded in 1995.

Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia) — a daily owned by the governor of the Asir district.

Ar-Rai (Jordan) — first issued in 1971, it is a government daily which expresses the approaches of the Jordanian regime. The editor-in-chief is 'Abd Al-Wahab Zaghilat.

Ar-Raya (Qatar) — a government-sponsored daily edited by Yusuf Muhammad Darwish and published through the Gulf Company, which belongs to the royal family.

Ash-Sharq (Qatar) — a daily newspaper edited and managed by Mr. 'Abd Al-Latif Al-Mahmud and part of the Ash-Sharq publishing and printing house. The Ash-Sharq house board is headed by one of the royal family members.

As-Sabil (Jordan) – Newspaper published since 1993, that became a daily in 2009. Filastin (Gaza) — Affiliated with Hamas. It was first issued in May 2007.

Oman (Oman) — first issued in November 1972, it is a government affiliated paper. The editor-in-chief is 'Abdallah Bin Nasir Ar-Rahabi.

Ukaz (Saudi Arabia) – a Saudi daily. Editor in chief is Abdullah Saleh Kamel.