Saturday, 17 January 2015

Journalism or Islamist propaganda? BBC writes of Islamists butchers as victims

A child is photographed, waiting to be killed by militants. 
ISIS uses these images to terrorize others and to glorify their spree of terror. 
Is this kid not the victim ?

Sometimes very occasionally one finds stories where brutal attackers and killers are 
being called wrong in the media and one of the worst ones is sadly so BBC.
BBC calls any Islamist Terrorist as a Combatant even if they only attack civilians.
These killers hardly any definition like combatant, as a combatant needs a armed enemy
according to most dictionaries and law books.

The media should not use words which are their working tools in a abusive way.
So here the legal facts for BBC and other media on the meaning of Combatant:

combatant is a person who takes a direct part in the hostilities of an armed conflict. If a combatant follows the law of war, then he or she is considered a privileged combatant and upon capture, he or she will qualify as a prisoner of war under the Third Geneva Convention (GCIII). An unprivileged combatant is a person, such as a mercenary, who takes a direct part in the hostilities but who upon capture does not qualify for prisoner-of-war status.

Non of the Paris attackers which have been called Combatants have been remotely fitting the legal frame for the status of a combatant.

A terrorist is someone who wants to create fear among civilians and that has been so 
in the past and still is today.

BBC usually comes with a story about Taliban's or the paris attackers in a sympathy manner like they where just normal people like you or me in a whining manner so that only the violins and
some sad music like from Shindler´s list is missing....

Fact:  This is called brainwashing at worst but when it gets as bad as it does in many cases among the Islamists we cant disconnect the Religion that gives them the back-up and what more we at SDR don't like to or tolerate such as reporting as its not detached reporting but plain Islamist propaganda!

We are not into hate writings as we don't hate anyone and certainly mot Muslims.
We have many Muslims friends who are afraid to live a modern life because of the Muslims less tolerant on our streets being able to threaten and intimidate liberals.

So we asked a few normal religious Muslim friends close by what they think.
Here is one answer by a Somali father of four need Abdel who prays 5 times day and is a devote Muslim. 
Are the terrorists victims by propaganda we asked ?
Abdel: Off course not. They want to go and in most cases half their friends and family guess what they are up to by their behaviour already much before they actually leave for Syria or Somalia or Iraq. He goes on:  Please believe me they don't get the ideas just by recruiters. And fast adds that , this is why I don't invite any Somalis home to my family. As they have recruiters everywhere in even the most remote parts of EU and rather openly pressure people to as they say or.....

So now to the point:
These pictures of BBCs page are from todays BBC story calling Islamist killers in training victims!


Here you can listen to the crying on how misunderstood criminals and druggies on how they found a home where to belong among the Islamists ...And how they got dragged into this?
If this is a legally acceptable motive for murder to get free it would be pone thing.But it definitely isn't anywhere on this planet a legitimate term for someone who kills women and children.

Quite frankly if a person kills with a sober head and even goes as far as to cut peoples throats on video to us are not combatant or victims but merely brutes and monsters in the shape of humans.

What victim can kill kids and cut an other defenceless humans throats, we ask you ?

We only ask. And you answer.