Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Reality Check: Norway Deports Muslims, Crime Rate Drops 31%

Oslo, Norway: 
The world's largest gang of rapists is masquerading as a religion of peace, says Adrian Stavig, a resident of Oslo..... SDR asks Is he generalising ? Lets go back in time a few years and see ahem media has shown us 
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Islamic Rape Wave in Norway 2012 (Islamsk Voldtekt Epidemien i Norge 2012)

Muslims taking over Norway 2012 asking for independence 
and Sharia in "THEIR AREA" really their ?

The islamic threat is discussed openly in Norway...tells that most have had enough

Islam in Norway - New School's founder (2011) favours Beheading!

Muslim Rape Epidemic in Oslo, Norway since over 10 years ...

Beginning this past January, the new Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg began a program which targets and deports Muslims who have ties to radical groups.  

While many in America would say this is racist, it's worked in dramatic fashion. Violent crimes are down more than 31% in Norway. What a shocker.
Perhaps the rest of Europe and the United States could learn a lesson or two about radical Islam here. Deport the radicals, keep the moderates, and everybody wins.

From Oslo local news: 

A record number of people were deported by Norwegian authorities in October, said government sources. The National Police Immigration Service Norway (Politiets Utlendingsenhet – PU) deported 824 people in October, which is a new record. The previous record was set in September, the month prior, when 763 people were deported, reported Dagsavisen. PU believe some of the reasons for the rise in figures are more resources, more staff and a change of “portfolio priorities”. It has also become easier for Norwegian authorities to deport people back to Afghanistan and Nigeria.

Kristin Kvigne, head of PU, said to Dagsavisen: “This month helps us reach our goal for this year.”
Norway’s government has ruled that 7,100 people will be deported in 2014. At the end of October, PU had deported 5,876 people so far this year.

A percentage of those deported in 2014 were asylum seekers who had their application for continued asylum rejected. They were then deported along with their families. The majority of deportees, however, had committed crimes, or had returned illegally to Norway after being deported.

Kvigne said it was important to view the high number of deportations made by PU in the context of falling crime rates across the country.

Not everybody in Norway is happy with the increased deportations. 
One most likely mad academic slammed the new policies somehow in the media saying:
“Norwegian women must take responsibility for the fact that Muslim men find their manner of dress provocative. This very academic man had not followed up and seen that for a fact that most victims 
did not carry min skirt or look particularity provocation.
If his logic would carry any logic then my ancestors who achieved the first woman Phd of my country 
would have been wrong to provocate men.
Would this not be of the same sort of logic ?

And since these men believe women are responsible for rape, the women must adapt to the multicultural society around them.”  – Dr. Unni Wikan, Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo. Funny how Dr Wikan has not bent the US and seen what true multiculturalism 
is like. Namely multicultural does never oppose the local culture but enriches it.
The way the Norwegian logical mind works is that: All is taken in blindly and rights are given in blanco by the locals. That has nothing to do with multi culturalism, it has however something to do with importing primitive behaviours that we have not seen since the days of the Vikings.

So, Dr Wikan, using your logic, it is the victim's fault they have been raped? Not in this universe. You sir may have book smarts, but you sure don't have any common sense. 

And there you have it! Kicking out radical Muslims makes a nation safer and peaceable. 
Women can walk around without fear of being raped, people just get along a lot better. 
The numbers are scary and cant be ignored...

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