Thursday, 1 January 2015

The new EU energy rules for household gadgets and more crazy EU laws.

When the EU citizens voted for the Union they did so to get products cheaper. 
Now years after we all know its the complete opposite!

Fact is I and everyone else see: Busynesses closing their doors while all the 
prices are rising and people have to pay sickening prices for mot everything.
European Unions mad and more mad  rules will as of now oblige new networked 
devices such as modems and internet-connected televisions to switch themselves 
off when not in use.


I will first introduce to you some EU laws that could make you cry: With the help of the British press, I’ve found you 5 crazy laws made by the European Union, for the European Union. So these laws are for anyone anywhere within the EU.

1. Bananas should not be too bendy. Did you always assume this was an urban legend? It’s not. Read and weep.. 
2. Water does not hydrate you. The EU has ruled that there is no evidence to suggest that drinking water will prevent dehydration, and prohibits manufacturers of bottled water to label their product with anything that would suggest this. Really.
3. Prunes are not laxatives. The EU has reportedly made it illegal for prunes to be marketed as food that helps bowel movements. But of course…
4. Turnips cannot be labelled swedes (talking about the vegetable, not a native of Sweden), unless it is in a Cornish Pasty. I don’t know how to comment this.
5. Last but not least, something else than food. Children under the age of 8 cannot blow up balloons. And whistle blowers are unsafe for all children under the age of 14. Think about that next time you are organising a birthday bash.
6. Dehydration:The EU now prohibits manufacturers of bottled drinking water to label their product with anything that would suggest consumption would fight dehydration. 
Is it real? Yes. Really. This happened.
7. Prunes are not laxatives.Anyone who has ever taken a drunken bet to see who can eat the most prunes will contest this. The EU reportedly made it illegal for prunes to be marketed as a food that helps bowel movements. Having investigated the effects of the food on three subject, the EU concluded: "The evidence provided is insufficient to establish a cause and effect relationship between the consumption of dried plums of 'prune' cultivars (Prunus domestica L.) and maintenance of normal bowel function."That prompted one MEP (a British one) to suggest a prune eating contest. 
Is it real? It appears to be. It was reported 2011 And here's the discussion in pdf form
8. It was reported that sufferers of diabetes across the EU may face driving bans as part of a new directive.  Up to one million drivers could have been hit with bans as a result. Is it real? It's not currently being enforced, but it is real. British Prime Minister, David Cameron mocked the directive at his Conservative Party conference
9. Eggs cannot be sold by the dozen.The reported directive: In 2010 the EU said that food items could no longer be priced by the number (i.e. a dozen eggs or ten apples) and instead had to be priced based on weight.  Though it's still possible to by six of 12 eggs at a time, the price paid is based on the weight of those eggs. Is it real? Sure is, although only in draft form. Stubborn MEPs would not allow for some items to be exempt from being sold by weight but don't expect eggs to be sold individually any time soon. 

And now to the latest mad gadgets laws.

Many gadgets are connected to the internet 24/7, using 25-100 watts while their owners sleep.
But new devices sold from Thursday will fall to sleep, using a trickle of power when they are not in use. The European Commission said the move would save an average household about £32 a year.
The change is part of the EU's Ecodesign initiative, which aims to cut costs, improve competitiveness and reduce carbon emissions.

Energy labels on online products will also be improved, while gas ovens will have to display energy ratings. The Commission said the best gas oven would typically save £143 over its lifetime compared with the worst.

Critics argue that such regulations - which recently included banning the sale of popular high-wattage vacuum cleaners - are denying consumer choice.
Energy experts have told the BBC that manufacturers deliberately increased the wattage of some vacuums to make them appear more attractive to consumers - even though the machines produced more heat and noise, rather than more suction.

Coffee machines
The UK technology guru James Dyson backed the efficiency regulations in principle and said many vacuum cleaners could use less power without compromising their ability to clean.
But he said some manufacturers had conspired to skew EU efficiency tests to their own advantage.
The new EU rules even extend to the coffee machine. Drip filter machines with non-insulated jugs must power down 40 minutes after the end of the last brewing cycle.

Domestic drip-filter coffee machines with insulated jugs - which keep the coffee warm and preserve its taste without further heating - must switch off after five minutes. Coffee drinkers may be alarmed by the changes, but the Commission claims consumers will not even notice, as coffee in drip-filter machines without an insulated jug is undrinkable after 40 minutes anyway. The Commission says its measures on stand-by devices will reduce energy consumption by almost 75 terawatt-hours (TWh) without affecting product performance. This will reduce CO2 emissions by 28 million tons, equivalent to the annual emissions of 1.5 million households.

An analysis for last month estimated that the efficiency rules have reduced the average individual's electricity consumption by 10% over five years. Manufacturers who do not comply with the new rules will be judged by member states.

As if this was mad enough lets se what else we can find locally that has noting to do with EU but still makes one think EU is a place for idiots with biometric passports.

We’ve all read about them, and laughed at them. The weird and crazy laws of different states in the US; for instance the one about how unmarried women who parachute in Florida on Sundays can be jailed. Rest assured, Europe has its fair share of cuckoo laws. Here are some:

1. In the UK, it is against the law to die in the Houses of Parliament.
2. In Denmark, if a horse drawn carriage is trying to pass a car and the horse becomes uneasy, the driver of the car is required to pull over and if necessary, cover the car.
3. In Switzerland, men are not to relieve themselves standing up after 10 pm. But that doesn’t really matter since it is forbidden to flush the toilet after 10 pm anyways…
4. In Switzerland, it is furthermore forbidden to hang clothes to dry outside on Sundays, to mown your lawns, or to wash your car. Basically, if you are in Switzerland, to keep on the safe side, don’t do anything on Sundays.
5. In France, no pig may be addressed as Napoleon by its owner.
6, In France it is also illegal to take photos of police officers or police vehicles, even if they are just in the background. If they arrest you for taking pictures of them, I’d suggest you do not try and call them Napoleon.
7. In Italy, men in skirts may get arrested.
8. In Sweden, you will be fined if you try selling a flag with something written or painted on it.
9. In Greece, all electronic games are forbidden. They wanted to ban internet gambling, but since the government could not distinguish between gambling games and harmless internet chess, all games became banned.…
10. In Germany, it is illegal for a car to run out of gas on the Autobahn.

The world is full of mad rules be it US or EU no matter where I go....
For EU however its easy to get free of this madness and that could be accomplished  by demolishing the sickening bloodsucking hora by the name EU!