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US really? Mexico might be better than the US for the elderly sick and needy

Here a few mostly a few years old videos on reality about moving to Mexico or just their standard of healthcare compared to the US. No one should believe a video but how about endlessly many telling the same tale. As long as only negative stories sell in the EU and US alike we should take a independent view on any matter and become richer.  Having been there done that around the world the stories here tell a tale of still affordable living in Mexico. For now this is what US and Canadians report.

((Seguro popular, increasing access to health care in Mexico))

((Mexican Town get US Healthcare Tourism))

((Americans living in Mexico praise 'Seguro Popular' universal health care))

((Seniors Use Mexico Health Care))


((Denis Larsen explains why he lives in Mexico))

((Is Mazatlan Safe? What Gringos Say))

((Former Dallas Police Officer, Sid Grosvenor, gives his opinion 
of the crime in the Lake Chapala Ajijic area of Mexico.)

US Border security reality check.

(Border security US rancher's warning on immigration reform)

Allowing Illegal Immigrants from Mexico to Walk Into USA

US - Safety second to political ego

Result: Public safety at risk, and US defence image damaged for a long time it come...

The Republican party controlled US House of Representatives has voted to extend short term funding for the Department of Homeland Security for just one week, hours after they not so unexpectedly rejected the budget outright and increased the prospect of a partial shutdown of the agency.
Friday's late night vote was a last ditch effort to avoid the shutdown, after the House had earlier voted 224-203 against the measure, as 52 Republicans defected on the legislation backed by their leaders.
But at 03:00 GMT, the House passed a one-week funding extension, with the measure now going to President Barack Obama for signing.
The Department of Homeland Security had earlier circulated a lengthy contingency plan. The 46-page document indicated that more than 30,000 employees would face furloughs if Congress did not vote to extend funding.
A combination of conservative, tea party-backed Republicans on one side of the political aisle, and Democrats on the other had earlier opposed the bill.
Is a proof that politics have lost its foremost priority. Namely to defend US interests. US should never get to such a point where shutdowns a  alternative or threat on any agenda. 

People regardless of political affiliation have no right to endanger national security one might think. However sadly we see the opposite where endangering the US as a nation has become a legal option in the fight for political power!
Both Republicans and Democrats should think of the citizens and the Nation first. 
Anything else is at best absurd and serves to show US as a very fragile power structure which other nations won't try to take as their own. In other words foreign policy is damaged at it´s very core!

Where are the main problems ?
The first group was upset because the legislation had been stripped of changes to Obama's immigration policy, and the second because it lacked full-year funding for the sprawling department....Much of the Department of Homeland Security was to remain open, even if funding were to have expired at midnight. Airport security checkpoints would have remained staffed, immigration agents would be on the job, air marshals would do their work and Coastguard patrols would sail on.
Of the department's 230,000 employees, an estimated 200,000 would have remained at work, either because they are deemed essential, or because their pay comes from fees that are unaffected by congressional spending disputes.
Democrats led by Representative Nancy Pelosi had earlier urged Republican leaders in advance to allow a vote on a bill to keep the department in funds through the September 30 end of the budget year - a step the Republican high command had previously refused to take.
"You have made a mess," Pelosi said to Republicans as debate neared to an end on the measure. The tea-party backed representatives naturally disagreed.
"It does not make any difference whether the funding is for three weeks, three months or a full fiscal year. If it's illegal, it's illegal,
" said Congressman Mo Brooks, a Republican, referring to Obama's actions.
Across the Capitol, the Senate waited to add its assent after playing out a series of acts in the Republicans' effort to use the measure to wring concessions on immigration from the White House. Its at best a largely symbolic attempt to advance legislation that would repeal Obama's immigration directive of last autumn failed on a vote of 57-42, three short of the 60 required in the 100-member chamber. Taken together, the day's events at the Capitol underscored the difficulty Republicans have had so far this year in translating last year's election gains into legislative accomplishment - a step its own leaders say is necessary to establish its credentials as a responsible, governing party.
Republicans gained control of the Senate in last November's balloting, and emerged with their largest House majority in more than 70 years. This if anything should give us a true picture on the matter. The new immigration matter is serves only Obama´s fishing for Latin voters for the next election,that the US tax payer will have to pay for.

Smart tactical move yes, if one doesn't have one ounce of morale! However morally its absolutely not acceptable  And naturally it is the one and only reason this sick standoff takes place now. 

Lets hope that US regains its cultural values and that political leaders find back to more decent and diplomatically correct ways of dealing with this matter. Politically correct is hereby dead and gone.

Friday, 27 February 2015

U.S DoS Rewards for Justice - Reward Offers for Information on Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin (HIG) Terrorists

          The Rewards for Justice program is administered by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Diplomatic Security. 
          Since its inception in 1984, the program has paid in excess of $125 million to more than 80 people who provided
          actionable information that put terrorists behind bars or prevented acts of international terrorism worldwide.

Ambassador ret. Yoram Ettinger: Netanyahu addresses the Joint Session of Congress

On June 7, 1981, Prime Minister Begin ordered the destruction of Iraq's nuclear reactor, shortly before it became operational and on the eve of the June 30 Israeli election.  In the short run, Begin was condemned and punished globally, accused of politicking and undermining US-Israel relations.  However, in the long run Begin's defiance dramatically enhanced Israel's power projection, upgraded US-Israel strategic cooperation and spared the US a nuclear confrontation in 1991.   

In 2015, Prime Minister Netanyahu is urged to cancel his address at the March 3 Joint Session of Congress - on the eve of the March 31 deadline for an agreement with Iran and the March 17 Israeli election - lest it undermine US-Israel relations and fuels the rift between him and President Obama. Netanyahu is told that the President – and not Congress – possesses the authority to conclude/reject an agreement with Iran.

HoweverFebruary 16, 2015 CNN poll  documents a rift between Obama and the American people over foreign policy in general and the attitude toward Netanyahu in particular: 51%:41% disapprove of Obama's foreign policy; 43%:25% think that it is appropriate for Netanyahu to address the Joint Session of Congress before the March 31 deadline for an agreement with Iran; and 47%:32% oppose Obama's handling of the Netanyahu's address.  At the same time, the annual February, 2015 Gallup poll, reaffirms vast public support of Israel (70%), in sharp contrast to the lack of support for the Palestinian Authority (17% - similar to Iran, Syria and North Korea).

Moreover, the Iran-driven rift between Obama and Netanyahu is unbridgeableas is the rift between Obama and the pro-US Arab regimes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt.  The latter are deemed by Teheran's Ayatollahs as apostates doomed to oblivion; hence, the Iran-supported subversion and terrorism, which has systematically afflicted them.  They are panicky about the prospect of a nuclear, apocalyptic, megalomaniacal Iran, which is already surging into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, fueling global Islamic terrorism, triggering a potential avalanche, which would replace pro-US Arab regimes with radical, pro-Iran, anti-US elements.

They oppose Obama's policy of containing a nuclear Iran, and his eagerness to achieve an agreement, which would transform Iran into a nuclear threshold state, celebrating annually the "Death to America Day."  They are convinced that Iran's nuclear infrastructure must be the dismantled.  They are aware of Iran's rogue, anti-US, terroristic, subversive, anti-human rights and non-compliant track record, and therefore do not consider the Ayatollahs credible partners to an agreement. They insist that "at this stage, we prefer a collapse of the diplomatic process to a bad deal."

Notwithstanding Obama's assurancesthey are alarmed by President Obama's and Secretary Kerry's worldview and track record:  "the world is less violenthealthier and more tolerant than it has ever been;" subordinating unilateral US military actions to multilateral initiatives; considering the UN a key playmaker of international relations; bringing rogue regimes to the table, not to submission; refusing to acknowledge Islamic/Jihadist terrorism; claiming that economic and social grievances are the root cause of "violent extremism" (are ISIL, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Palestinian terrorists and Boko Haram looking for jobs?); abandoning Iran's domestic opposition in 2009; betraying pro-US Mubarak; embracing the Muslim Brotherhood, the most organized Islamic terror organization; considering Hafiz and Bashar Assad (until 2011) as constructive leaders; welcoming the Arab Tsunami as an Arab Spring transitioning to democracy; the failed retreat from Iraq which bolstered Islamic terrorism and Iran's imperialism; the failed military involvement in Libya, which has been transformed into a terrorist haven; declaring victory over Al Qaeda and claiming that the war in Iraq was over; failing to fend off the Iranian surge in Yemen, which threatens Saudi Arabia and Oman as well as the free passage of oil tankers in the most critical straits of Bab al Mandeb and Hormuz; etc.

The November, 2014 midterm election paved the road to a dramatic rift between Obama and Congress, the world's most powerful legislature, which is a co-equal, co-determining branch of the US government in domestic, foreign and national security areas.

The US Constitution provides Congress with the power to shape foreign policy and to constrain presidential actions.  For example, Congress stopped the US military involvement in Vietnam, Angola and Nicaragua; prevented the supply of AWACs to Iran in 1977; brought down the white regime in South Africa; is still refusing to ratify the 1999 comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; overhauled the US intelligence agencies; coerced Moscow to allow free emigration; forced President Obama to veto a February, 2011 UN Security Council condemnation of Israel; forced Obama on August 1, during the 2015 war in Gaza, to sign a $225mn appropriation for the acquisition of Iron Dome batteries; etc.

Netanyahu's address to the Joint Session of Congress – which has the muscle to forge the policy on Iran - is driven by clear, present and lethal threats to the US, its Arab allies, Israel and Western democracies, not by political bickering.  Its timing is determined by the March 31 deadline for an agreement with Iran, not by the March 17 Israeli election.  Just like Prime Minister Begin, Netanyahu's defiance of short-term political convenience will spare the US, Israel and the Free World long-term disasters.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Australia: Stricter citizenship laws to combat terrorism

Australia is to toughen citizenship laws and tackle those inciting hatred under new measures targeting domestic extremists, PM Tony Abbott has said.

He said citizenship for dual nationals involved in terrorism could be suspended or even revoked. People born in Australia could also lose some privileges if they broke anti-terror laws, he added. Officials have warned that the country faces a growing security threat from radical Islamists. Dozens of Australian nationals are thought to be fighting for Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq and Syria. Experts are worried about the effect of returnees - and on those who support them - on domestic security.

"It has long been the case that people who fight against Australia forfeit their citizenship," Mr Abbott said in a speech at the federal police headquarters in the capital, Canberra. "So Australians who take up arms with terrorist groups, especially while Australian military personnel are engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq, have sided against our country. And should be treated accordingly," he said.

For dual nationals, that meant revoking or suspending citizenship, he said, and the government was also looking at measures targeting Australian nationals involved in terrorism. "These could include restricting the ability to leave or return to Australia, and access to consular services overseas, as well as access to welfare payments." Mr Abbott stressed that the new legislation would also target "hate preachers", referring to groups that incited religious or racial hatred. "Organisations and individuals blatantly spreading discord and division - such as Hizb ut-Tahrir - should not do so with impunity," he said. In his speech, the prime minister said that a new security tsar would be appointed soon.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said he would "engage constructively" with the government over the new measures, but cautioned against rushing through the proposals. "Haste and confusion is never the friend of good, sensible security in the future," he was quoted as saying by Australia's ABC public broadcaster.

Monster loose
Mr Abbott's announcement came a day after a report into December's Sydney cafe siege was released. Two hostages were killed when self-styled cleric Man Haron Monis seized control of the Lindt café. No direct links have been found between the gunman, who was killed when police stormed the cafe, and IS. But the Iranian-born refugee, who was well-known to police, asked for an IS flag during the course of the siege. The report said Australia's security hotline had received 18 calls about Monis just before the siege - but none suggested an imminent attack."We don't believe that at any particular decision-making point, grievous errors were made, but the totality of decision-making let this monster loose in our community," Mr Abbott said.He warned that Australia would have to reconsider where the line was between individual freedoms and the safety of the community.

See the reasons why the laws must change here below. 
This is not the outcome of Buddhists, Hindus or Jews etc but entirely because of one religion that claims to be what we all see its not. Smell the coffee and see the facts:

21 July, 2014: Officials say Australian suicide bomber behind Iraq blast; concern grows over the number of Australians fighting for Islamist militant groups in the Middle East and the effect of them and their supporters and sympathisers on domestic security.
5 Aug: New legislation aimed at preventing people going to fight with Islamist groups announced.
11 Aug: Image emerges of young son of Australian militant fighter holding severed head of Syrian soldier.
27 Aug: New counter-terrorism units set up in airports to stop departing fighters.
27 Aug: Director general of Australia's spy agency, David Irvine, says 15 Australian militants have died fighting in Iraq and Syria. One hundred or more people in Australia are "actively supporting" militant groups by recruiting new fighters and providing funds, he says.
10 Sep: Brisbane Islamic centre raided; two charged with terrorism offences.
12 Sep: Australia raises terror threat level from medium to high, for the first time since the system was introduced in 2003.
14 Sep: Prime Minister Tony Abbott commits 600 troops to fight against Islamic State, as part of a multilateral effort.
18 Sep: Australia carries out what it calls its biggest counter-terrorism raid; Mr Abbott later confirms this was linked to an alleged plot by Australia-based individuals to kill a randomly selected member of the public. The intelligence is reported to have come from an intercepted telephone call involving an Australian fighter with Islamic State (IS) in Syria.
23 Sep: A teenager described as a "known terror suspect" is shot dead after he stabs two police officers at a Melbourne police station.
3 Oct: Australia approves air strikes against IS.
8 Oct: Mr Abbott proposes ban on foreign "hate preachers".
29 Oct: The government says it is trying to confirm reports that the most senior Australian member of IS, Mohammad Ali Baryalei, has been killed in Syria.
30 Oct: Parliament completes approval of a security law that creates a new offence of "advocating terrorism" and seeks to ban Australians from travelling to certain conflict areas.
4 Dec: Australia bans its citizens from travelling to the Syrian province of Raqqa, stronghold of IS.
15 Dec: Gunman Man Haron Monis, a self-styled cleric originally from Iran, takes 17 people hostage in a cafe in the centre of Sydney.
16 Dec: Monis and two hostages are killed after a 16-hour siege. His former lawyer describes him as "unhinged" but not a jihadist.
24 Dec: Counter-terrorism police in Sydney arrest two men, charging one with possession of documents designed to facilitate a terrorist attack.
11 February, 2015: Police arrest and charge two men with planning to carry out an imminent attack, saying they seized a hunting knife, an IS flag and a video describing an attack.
23 Feb: PM Tony Abbott announces plans to toughen citizenship laws and clamp down on those inciting hatred.

How serious was the problem before this ? 

Authorities where and are  concerned about what they call a minority of Australia's small Muslim community.(Who admitted the list abowe which is not little) They have said that about 70 Australians are fighting with extremist groups in Syria and northern Iraq. Another 20 have returned to Australia after fighting in those places.

Spy chief David Irvine, the director general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, said in August 2014 (before the attacks) that about 15 Australians had been killed so far in these conflicts, including two suicide bombers. He also said 100 or more people within Australia were "actively supporting" militant groups by recruiting new fighters, grooming suicide-bombing candidates, and providing funds and equipment to militants.

Who are the Australian jihadists?

Terrorism expert Clive Williams of the Australian National University says Australian jihadists are Sunni Muslims, the branch of Islam which the Daesh (IS) follows. Studies have shown that more than half of those who have embraced radicalism were born in Australia and about 60% are of Lebanese heritage. Most were married with children, and were not particularly religious prior to believing in extreme Islamic ideologies

What about specific individuals?

Some details are known. Local media have also described Mohammad Ali Baryalei, a former Sydney bouncer, as Australia's most senior IS member.

On 29 October, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the government was trying to confirm a report that he had been killed in Syria.
Arrest warrants were issued in July for two IS fighters, Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar.
Sharrouf was one of eight people arrested for plotting to attack the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in Sydney. He was jailed in 2008 and served four years. In December, he slipped out of the country using his brother's passport.
On 21 October, a video emerged of an Australian teenager who had joined IS threatening attacks on PM Tony Abbott, the US and the UK. The 17-year-old, named as Abdullah Elmir but who calls himself Abu Khaled, was believed be in Syria. He later appeared in a second video.
Man Haron Monis, the gunman responsible for the 15 December Sydney cafe siege, was born in Iran and sought asylum in Australia in 1996, later styling himself as a Muslim cleric and "spiritual healer".The 50-year-old faced multiple criminal charges. Officials are still investigating his exact motive for taking hostages.

Even if the Muslim population is now only 2.2% the manage with a hough part of the crime that the normal Australians have to deal with ..besides the fact that they twist and bend every word in hope westerners give up and get lost in translation. 

 Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wassim Doureihi, just can't answer any question directly!
(Published on Oct 9, 2014)

Prominent member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wassim Doureihi, discusses the Prime Minister's comments 
about extremist organisations, while refusing to answer almost every question directly. 

One video tells about a Muslim knife attack with Muslims denying he was guilty while the second video show Proud Muslim ME Thugs telling about how stabbing is a way of life 
(videos below)

Young Afghan stabs anti terror officers and get shot as ra result ...

Australia´s Deadly Serious Muslim Problem With ME Criminals....who stab ...

To generalise is wrong SDR thinks, "but to tell someone they are sleeping as they make their bed" is not generalising 
but a fact of life we all face equally , Muslims jews Hindus or Christians.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Germany condemns the Copenhagen attack

Are these the new diplomatic relations on Nuclear power ?

One picture tells more than a 1000 words .....

 The face of US - Isreali relations
The face of US - Iranian relations

U.S DoS Press Statement: Attacks in Copenhagen Denmark

The United States condemns the terrorist attacks that took place over the weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
The first attack on Saturday was against a meeting to discuss art, religion, and free speech. The second, early 
Sunday morning, was against a synagogue. Our deepest condolences go out to the family of the victims who were killed, and our thoughts are with the security officials injured in these terror attacks.

We remain in communication with Danish authorities and have offered to be of assistance in any way needed. 
The people of the United States stand united with the people of Denmark and all others who defend the 
universal right of freedom of speech and stand against anti-semitism and bigotry in all its forms.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Denmark Terror: Denial of Islam at war on us endangers all of us equally

Copenhagen shootings: Police kill man 'who opened fire'....And Israels Benjamin Netanyahu encourages Jews from Europe to leave and immigrate to Israel! 
Is this really where we are now ? 
Such a open denial regarding killings of Jews like the World War two Germany.
This is not healthy and by far not politically correct towards anyone.

Here all the videos available at the time:
Copenhagen shootings suspect was 'known to police' 

Police say they have killed gunman behind attacks in Copenhagen 

 Man Believed To Be Behind 2 Shootings in Copenhagen

 Denmark  Arrests made after deadly Copenhagen shootings 

The gunman shot dead by police on Sunday after a double terror attack on a cafe and synagogue in Copenhagen that claimed two lives was known to Danish intelligence, the head of the country’s security service has said. Jens Madsen said the killer may have been “inspired by militant Islamist propaganda issued by IS [Islamic State] and other terror organisations”, but it was not yet known whether he had travelled to Iraq or Syria before the attacks. To SDR its strange that all killers need to have a link to IS or Daesh. Fact is that most attacks in Europe and Australia in resent months have had only partly to do with the IS but, "rather been independent attacks by Muslims not belonging to any organisation" even if they have taken certain philosophy from them. For that no Imam is needed as YouTube holds so much radical sermons and pro-Islamist propaganda that any young wannabe Islamist could watch it non stop for a year without repeating any video. Denmark's PM Helle Schmidt keeps repeating its not a war between religions and all other sorts of so called political rhetoric´s without head or tail, while the facts are: Dead people who are all either critical to Islamic rights to dominate us here in the west or then purely RACIST antisemitic killings ! Try to denied this please ...

Do we really need more dead in the name of Islam here in the west ?
What will it take for our leaders to speak out on Islam´s war on us!

Are we all just suppose to believe lies about a few bewildered Muslims after we see tens of people dead in only some months in the west? What does it take hundreds or thousands for the western leaders to see that we are under attack by Muslims even if we don't have a Christian or Jewish war on them. 

We don't see any aggressions against Muslims in Denmark or in France etc so please explain to us Mrs Minister Helle Schmidt why was the synagogue and the debate not properly secured by CCTV´s ? 
Denmark is full of CCTVs its a fact. How comes all places where Islamists "could strike" don't have enough coverage? 
This is a reasonable question that should not be swept under the carpet. 

The suspect was from Copenhagen but has not been named. He had been “on the radar” of the intelligence services, police said. They have recovered a weapon believed to have been used in the first attack.The killings began at about 3.30pm local time on Saturday, when a man attacked the Krudttønden cafe during a debate featuring the controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who had depicted the prophet Muhammad in cartoons. Finn Nørgaard, 55, a film director attending the event, was reportedly shot dead at close range after going outside for an unknown reason at the time the attacker struck. At about 1am, 37-year-old Dan Uzan was killed while guarding the synagogue in Krystalgade during a bat mitzvah celebration. Two police officers were also hit, but their injuries were said not to be life-threatening.We should all blame these deaths directly to the lacking of interest by politically correct idiots who can't even react after tens of people die the same way all around us.  

Shame on Denmark's denial of reality, and for letting innocent people 
die for their bewildered ideas regarding Islam and Muslims reactions. 
The last few months should have been enough of a reality check......

To the rest of us the saying is clear: Your and my image is what we make it and it includes the people of Islam also called Muslims.
Its not a minority of a few bewildered souls we talk of but a large amount as we see no protests about these attacks in Muslim nations but rather approval and understanding. That's a fact and has been enough reported for even the most ignorant politician to see and absorb as a living fact here and now. SDR don't wish to generalise but fact is that too many Muslims don't deny that  the cartoons can be and should be avenged by killings and beheading leaves us little hope not to generalise if we wish to survive this. And if we don't wish to live under a constant threat of a hanging dagger above us. We do have a right to live under our own laws in our own nations without any death threats its a legal fact that our leaders have forgotten.This while Muslims kill Christians so that they are soon a forgotten memory in all the Islamic states from ME to the Gulf. This is highlighted by US partner Turkey that at start of the century had a Christian minority of 6% while its now at best 0.02%.

Imagine western non muslim private media publishing this sort of matters against Islam openly ? The answer to that is is clear...but how do we get the Politically Correct leaders to see the irony ?

Imagine if some Christians did this towards Muslims ?

Lets hope our western leaders all see this picture 
as the house in question could be theirs.

This is the support West get from Islamic nations against this Islamist terror ....

Here below facts on how Muslims reacted on the paris attacks abroad:

Muslims protest over Charlie Hebdo's Prophet Mohammed cartoon | Daily Mail Online

Shocking Reactions to the Massacre in Paris « Refugee Resettlement Watch

Muslim Press Reacts To Charlie Hebdo Attack

Pakistan rally celebrates Paris attackers | Arab News

Mixed Turkish reactions to Paris massacre - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East