Monday, 9 February 2015

A very confused Prince indeed....

It doesn't take a genius to see that radicalism wasn't the killer in Paris or burns a pilot alive and beheads and kidnaped aid workers and more! To us Its all nothing but islamism, and how could anyone sane deny this?

Prince Charles however thinks its radicals so maybe he has renamed the "religion of peace to religion of radicalism" ? 

The Prince of Wales has described the extent to which young people are becoming radicalised as "alarming" and one of the "greatest worries".In an interview with Radio 2's The Sunday Hour, Prince Charles spoke of his hopes to "build bridges" between different faiths. How he thinks to achieve this is a mystery to SDR.

He also spoke of his "deep concern" for the suffering of Christian churches in the Middle EastHe is currently in Jordan on a six-day tour of the region. The prince arrived in the capital Amman on Saturday night and held talks with King Abdullah II on Sunday.
He told the BBC programme he believed part of the reason some young people are radicalised is a "search for adventure and excitement at a particular age".
This shows how ignorant the man is regarding  the global radical Islamic movements role on all the recent killings.

The prince also discussed the work of his charity The Prince's Trust in combating radicalisation.He said: "What I have been trying to do all these years with the Prince's Trust is to find alternatives for adolescents and people at a young age, for constructive paths for them to channel their enthusiasm, their energy, that sense of wanting to take risks and adventure and aggression and all these things. "But you have to channel them into constructive paths."

The Radio 2 programme covers visits by the prince to Armenian, Roman Catholic Chaldean and Syrian Orthodox churches in the UK, and contains accounts from members of these denominations who have had to flee persecution in Syria and Iraq.

He said: "I particularly wanted to show solidarity really, deep concern for what so many of the Eastern Christian churches are going through in the Middle East.

Naive at best 

"Christianity was founded in the Middle East which we often forget, he told while speaking for him self at best.This as most people in the world think of Jerusalem and Betlehem when it becomes Christmas. In many Christian countries its of great importance and also one of the reasons why many westerners support Israel!

We wish to remind the Prince that: At the time of Jesus and before that, not a single soul did convert to Islam because there simply was no such religion existing. 
Besides that both Christians and Jews share many religious matters besides being much older religions than Islam. 

The prince: I wish I could do more. And this is where his words become more lies than truth.
Is Britain not a Kingdom and is the King not heard ? Yes it is and very much so as when ever the Prince travels or gives a statement the UK and world press is at his service.

So for the Prince to say “he cant do anything” for the Christians who are slaughtered each day at Islamic ruled places from Palestine to Iraq is at best revealing his disinterest or low IQ rather than a matter of fact, that indicates the opposite.

Fact is that he could do a million things by standing up back home in the UK becoming fair to all religions back at his home by giving a equal quota for all religions refugees and not just flood the EU with Muslims, while letting Christians die as they have in Sudan and Iraq by genocide! Not to mention the Yazidis and other smaller minorities who are not at all considered when it comes to refugee status to his own Kingdom.

Now to the most naive comment by the prince if we exclude the Father Christmas yearly comment hoo-hoo-hoo:"I think what doesn't bear thinking about is people of one faith, a believer, could kill another believer. That's the totally bewildering aspect in our day and age."

Whats so bewildering that the prince cant see that all the places where the Christians are killed day by day are exclusively Muslim areas o nations. Is it really against his royal morale to read the news as reported to all of on TV newspapers and social media. Even Turkey has in a century gone from 6% Christians to todays 0.02% and thats no coincidence but because laws are segregating and even more the people them selfs. In many reports Muslims in Britain see them self as Muslims first and British second to that 

Just imagine the Prince saying the following:

He suggested that when he becomes king, he may still be sworn in as Defender of the (Christian) Faith. There had been speculation that the title could be changed to encompass all faiths. However, he said he believed an important part of the role was to be a "protector of faiths", defending every religion in his multicultural Britain. We at SDR wonder where the others cultures will be if the Jewish and Christian culture is under constant attack by Muslims. how radical doesn't matter as only the outcome matters!

While visiting Jordan one thing only has become clear and that is that the Britain's Prince Charles is not at all interested in investing even 5 minutes on serious talks rather than floundering around just like the son of a rich father who doesn't have to do anything at all,
giving some polite comments while expressing some idiotic concerns in general.

Prince Charles may not know but the days when the people where illiterate and dumb are long gone we do observe and listen to what he tells and what he does in real life.
Conclusion SDR does notice that Prince Charles tells one thing to the press..... but also did he avoid speaking about Christians to the Jordanian King!

How can the British commoners believe in a royal family that never visit Israel but is best friend with about every Arab so called King there is.

Former U.S. National Security Advisor Asks Why British Royals Refuse to Visit Israel | Jewish & Israel News

The British Prince doesn't need to read the holy Koran what it tells because its what the UK (and other) Imam´s tell their followers that is important!  

Its simply the results of those prayers that we deal with now thats called terrorism! If they would pray for peace non of the IS and Al Qaeda and other militant religious fanatics would have gone to war against the west. 

Gandhi did pray for peace and his followers where the example of his teachings. Islam is not an exception of this simple rule.

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Written by MH with the exception for parts taken from bbc and the algemeiner