Sunday, 15 February 2015

Denmark Terror: Denial of Islam at war on us endangers all of us equally

Copenhagen shootings: Police kill man 'who opened fire'....And Israels Benjamin Netanyahu encourages Jews from Europe to leave and immigrate to Israel! 
Is this really where we are now ? 
Such a open denial regarding killings of Jews like the World War two Germany.
This is not healthy and by far not politically correct towards anyone.

Here all the videos available at the time:
Copenhagen shootings suspect was 'known to police' 

Police say they have killed gunman behind attacks in Copenhagen 

 Man Believed To Be Behind 2 Shootings in Copenhagen

 Denmark  Arrests made after deadly Copenhagen shootings 

The gunman shot dead by police on Sunday after a double terror attack on a cafe and synagogue in Copenhagen that claimed two lives was known to Danish intelligence, the head of the country’s security service has said. Jens Madsen said the killer may have been “inspired by militant Islamist propaganda issued by IS [Islamic State] and other terror organisations”, but it was not yet known whether he had travelled to Iraq or Syria before the attacks. To SDR its strange that all killers need to have a link to IS or Daesh. Fact is that most attacks in Europe and Australia in resent months have had only partly to do with the IS but, "rather been independent attacks by Muslims not belonging to any organisation" even if they have taken certain philosophy from them. For that no Imam is needed as YouTube holds so much radical sermons and pro-Islamist propaganda that any young wannabe Islamist could watch it non stop for a year without repeating any video. Denmark's PM Helle Schmidt keeps repeating its not a war between religions and all other sorts of so called political rhetoric´s without head or tail, while the facts are: Dead people who are all either critical to Islamic rights to dominate us here in the west or then purely RACIST antisemitic killings ! Try to denied this please ...

Do we really need more dead in the name of Islam here in the west ?
What will it take for our leaders to speak out on Islam´s war on us!

Are we all just suppose to believe lies about a few bewildered Muslims after we see tens of people dead in only some months in the west? What does it take hundreds or thousands for the western leaders to see that we are under attack by Muslims even if we don't have a Christian or Jewish war on them. 

We don't see any aggressions against Muslims in Denmark or in France etc so please explain to us Mrs Minister Helle Schmidt why was the synagogue and the debate not properly secured by CCTV´s ? 
Denmark is full of CCTVs its a fact. How comes all places where Islamists "could strike" don't have enough coverage? 
This is a reasonable question that should not be swept under the carpet. 

The suspect was from Copenhagen but has not been named. He had been “on the radar” of the intelligence services, police said. They have recovered a weapon believed to have been used in the first attack.The killings began at about 3.30pm local time on Saturday, when a man attacked the Krudttønden cafe during a debate featuring the controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who had depicted the prophet Muhammad in cartoons. Finn Nørgaard, 55, a film director attending the event, was reportedly shot dead at close range after going outside for an unknown reason at the time the attacker struck. At about 1am, 37-year-old Dan Uzan was killed while guarding the synagogue in Krystalgade during a bat mitzvah celebration. Two police officers were also hit, but their injuries were said not to be life-threatening.We should all blame these deaths directly to the lacking of interest by politically correct idiots who can't even react after tens of people die the same way all around us.  

Shame on Denmark's denial of reality, and for letting innocent people 
die for their bewildered ideas regarding Islam and Muslims reactions. 
The last few months should have been enough of a reality check......

To the rest of us the saying is clear: Your and my image is what we make it and it includes the people of Islam also called Muslims.
Its not a minority of a few bewildered souls we talk of but a large amount as we see no protests about these attacks in Muslim nations but rather approval and understanding. That's a fact and has been enough reported for even the most ignorant politician to see and absorb as a living fact here and now. SDR don't wish to generalise but fact is that too many Muslims don't deny that  the cartoons can be and should be avenged by killings and beheading leaves us little hope not to generalise if we wish to survive this. And if we don't wish to live under a constant threat of a hanging dagger above us. We do have a right to live under our own laws in our own nations without any death threats its a legal fact that our leaders have forgotten.This while Muslims kill Christians so that they are soon a forgotten memory in all the Islamic states from ME to the Gulf. This is highlighted by US partner Turkey that at start of the century had a Christian minority of 6% while its now at best 0.02%.

Imagine western non muslim private media publishing this sort of matters against Islam openly ? The answer to that is is clear...but how do we get the Politically Correct leaders to see the irony ?

Imagine if some Christians did this towards Muslims ?

Lets hope our western leaders all see this picture 
as the house in question could be theirs.

This is the support West get from Islamic nations against this Islamist terror ....

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