Saturday, 14 February 2015

Dogs the latest victims of Republic of Irans killing machine

This is disgusting and appauling.  It seems as though time after time the Islamic Republic of Iran doesn't value the term "sanctity of life."  The Regime has now begun slaughtering dogs, on the street.  

"Iran: Horrific images of dogs slaughtered in the City of Rasht ,by mullahs forces As dogs are viewed around the world as people's friends, companions, and helpers, government forces in Rasht city barbarically rounded up and slaughtered a number of dogs. 

Under Rouhani, pressure on dog owners has increased as a new bill was introduced recently by members of parliament saying that keeping a pet dog could have you receive 74 lashes or a fine, and the animal would be confiscated.   

Apart from many Muslims not generally accepting dog as pets due to some religious reasons once again...This might have become just  another method for the Iranian regime uses to add on to creating an atmosphere of control in the name of religion in society other than stopping cars to carry out searches, arresting people in the streets for improper dressing, torture, and executions."