Monday, 9 February 2015

Drone attack uncovers IS on the rise in Afghanistan


Drone strike reportedly kills Afghan IS commander Mullah Abdul Rauf.
Reports from Afghanistan say a militant leader affiliated to the so-called Islamic State (IS) 
called Daesh has been killed in a drone strike. Mullah Abdul Rauf defected from the Taliban and pledged allegiance to IS in January. This must be the first we hear of the ongoing power struggle 
between the tailbone and the Daesh (IS) forces in the western media. Lets not forget that the Afghan police and army are famous for selling their arms to the Taliban and now most likely also the IS as the arms are the only matter of value they have once they don't get paid their salaries or then just to better them up. Imagine the US tax payers paying for this while Obama smiles and sees his withdrawal from Afghanistan as a success story......The worst of this is that reports on this matter already circulated 2009 on the media! (see links below)

SDR thinks that the only matter that can wipe all and every Islamists out is a total western embargo on nations who hold IS or other Islamist groups endangering western Interests no matter how small.
This would not maybe work but works well with Russia and did work against Iran and Cuba so why not here too ?

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