Saturday, 14 February 2015

EU:Gunmen hit Danish blasphemy debate

Gunmen have killed one person and injured three police officers at a free speech debate in Copenhagen attended by a controversial Swedish cartoonist, officials say. Whats a total flop for Danish so called Intelligence is that the French ambassador was also present at the seminar, could have been the target if the gunman would have wished so! In other words the Danish security police should all be fired as such readiness isn't even worth having as a patrolling police man as that to requires somewhat common sense for vigilance. Reports say up to 40 shots were fired and a manhunt has been launched.

This is a picture the person that the police is searching of ...

Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks,has previously faced death threats and attacks over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, was unhurt. Shortly after the shooting, a message appeared on the Twitter feed of French ambassador Francois Zimeray saying he was still alive. (It was not pointed out by the Danish authorities first we like to point out)

What happened
In an audio recording which emerged from the attack, one of the speakers at the debate is suddenly interrupted by a barrage of gunshots.Eyewitness Niels Ivar Larsen, speaking to the Associated Press news agency, said:  "I heard someone firing with an automatic weapon and someone shouting. "Police returned fire and I hid behind the bar."

Authorities claim that the the area around the venue is under lockdown, reports the BBC's Malcolm Brabant while overlooking the fact that the shooter did get away without any confrontation by any so called overseeing secret police or even any normal uniformed police.....Police have now after (!!) erected cordons and are searching a nearby park, he adds.That tells a lot abut the handling and the security procedures ICOE. Officials say they are hunting for two suspected attackers who fled the scene in a car. Did the intelligent secret police video cover the area ? Nope. In this day and age almost every Russian privately owned car has such. Why was  there no CCTV ? Such should be checked before any event that has anything to do with Islam. 

The actual debate, took place at a cafe, and the topic was described on a personal website of Lars Vilks as a talk on whether any limits should be placed on artistic expression or freedom of speech and whether artists could "dare" to be blasphemous in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks by Islamist gunmen in Paris last month.

In an indication of the threat faced by the cartoonist, a note was included on the website saying:There was always "strict security" whenever the artist spoke in public. 
Question lingers: Was this just empty words ?

Surprise -surprise 
An organiser of Saturday's event, Helle Merete Brix, told BBC World TV that the event 
was being guarded by: 
- Armed police
- Security agents from the Danish intelligence service, 
- Mr Vilks' own bodyguards.

Lars Vilks became famous in 2007 by drawing pictures of the Prophet Muhammad dressed as a dog. In 2010 two Muslim brothers tried to burn down the cartoonist's house in southern Sweden and were imprisoned for attempted arson.Satirists targeting Islam have been in the spotlight since the January attacks in France, when 17 people were killed in separate incidents over a three-day period. French President Francois Hollande said Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve would visit the Danish capital as soon as possible. A message from the president's official Twitter feed said Mr Hollande expressed his solidarity with Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad were published by a Danish newspaper in 2005, sparking deadly riots in some Muslim countries.

Let's go back in time and see what should have made the authorities more alert than what now is slowly uncovered.....

Lars Vilks violently attacked by immigrants, while the secret police 
Swedens SÄPO demand payment for protection.............................

Back in 2010 the following planned attack on Vilks in his  native Sweden (Not Denmark like today). Swedish security Police SÅPO demanded that 25% of their costs should be payed in a Country where the taxes are high and where immigrants get all... But their victims get to PAY if they are in danger!
We recently reported on SWEDEN for helping the militant Muslims to come back from Syria after raping and killing children and women with schooling and so called reintegrating.
This while army personal returning from Afghanistan gets NOTHING and even less
anyone becoming a victim by a Muslim Mob!

It pays off to t´read this: