Sunday, 1 February 2015

Following Jihad Joe´s economic motivations

Shock Over Young Footballer Joining Islamic State

ISIS Pays Foreign Fighters $1,000 a Month_ Jordan King - NBC News

What the media and our politicians are so confused of might be right 
in their faces! Where they only less lazy and would open up to Intel by 
refugees rather than academic gibberish. Winning the game could be 
seen as realistic. Right now however the intel academics serves just to 
glamorize the academic themselves rather than to giving a clear picture
to our leaders.

The truth is quite simple. Always was and always will be.

SDR was told by Kurd friends that there where where rumours that new 
enlisted Daesh (ISIS) fighters get a 250 US dollar a month for fighting.
This was confirmed by, with the words:

Locals say Isis foreign fighters have a basic salary of at least $215 dollars 
month twice the average income civilians can hope to earn. On top of that 
are shares of war loot, a $3 daily food stipend, and frequent bonuses.
“They never even check prices,” says Saleh. “Money isn’t a concern 
for them.”

Looking at the billions that Daesh (ISIS) is getting from oil and stealing and 
kidnapping etc its very possible that the status of having more money than 
the locals is much more dangerous motive than religion it self.

Just imagine if this is correct and take a good look around what opportunities 
are given by our own EU and West like US to the unemployed youth?
And foremost no future with any respectable status.

Politicians must understand that not only they have a need for such, and its in 
in the human nature to feel to be of essential importance of something.

Given the options of being "no one in EU and in the west" it is very tempting 
to go and fight infidels and get much more money than the locals and also
become a part of a very feared group that naturally gets respect.
Deserters tell a gruel tale of Western fighters loving their sadistic tasks of killing 
and torturing Christians Yazidis and Kurds.
Some try to leave ...but mostly get caught and killed. In November last year a
deserter told the media that hundreds of foreign SIS deserters where killed
by their own.....

What we now need is to vote for no golf playing idiots and more realistic 
politicians who dare to speak about the fact that we are fighting against
people who declared a religious war on us. Even if we don't !


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