Monday, 9 February 2015

Sales shift according to the market even under embargo

While Obama thinks his embargo on Russia get something done it firstly damages all Europe's sales 
for the sake of Ukraine while not hurting US sales one bit. But seen long term it naturally will cut all Europe's buying power drastically, and that has a effect on US trade eventually.
One might argue that neither does it benefit the US to distances Russia from its natural allies the west.
And so with Russia under embargo by both US and EU there is no surprise that it pushes Europe further into facing a major crisis that the media is keeping quiet about. But fact is that soup kitchens -- Food banks and food hand outs take place openly between Helsinki and Athens. And the need is not getting less.
The growing stable poverty is kept silent by the media but it will have its "jack in the box moment" and we should not play surprised when that day comes, because it will!

In the same time the Giant Russia needs to export goods at better prices than the embargo nations US and EU. In other words prices won't get better but Russian arms will keep turning up at any and all places we don't want them to be. It won't be a little as the size of Russia is a that of a continent just in order to put things in realistic proportions.

The US and EU have no strategy on this except the fact that Obama considers sending arms to Ukraine.  That won't help  an Ukrainian independence one bit but make the US and EU and naturally Ukraine feel good. 
But winning it ? 
Hardly so.
Neither Napoleon or Hitler or a Cold War managed to destroy Russia and it won't do that now either.What will it accomplish then we might ask? Sales and sales and sales at places we won't be able to control like Iran or Afghanistan or any places where there are conflicts and arms trade....

This is just one way of dividing us in the west while China and India is buying up more and more raw materials as their populations is growing in a almost aggressive manner. 
There is not any place in Africa etc where you won't find the two buying up and investing while the US is stuck with Ukraine with EU.....The only winner are naturally the radicals who now get Russian arms and China and Indian Industries who in peace can establish them self's globally while Obama is having talks with his friends in Saudi Arabia who have provided the world with millions of extremely adjective anti western religious schools called madrasa´s.......

At last but not least a few wise words by:
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen who outlined several key steps during a speech at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday (1 February 2014 not now 2015) which would help efforts to create a genuine strategic partnership between NATO and Russia. 
"We should be more ambitious. We should be bolder in addressing our challenges, because we share fundamental interests," the Secretary General said.

See the other side of the coin here.
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Meanwhile, Russia is renewing and expanding its network of oil and gas pipelines toward China.