Monday, 2 February 2015

Sweden support returning Swedish IS fighters with extra benefits!

While Denmark considers prosecuting jihadis for treason 
and Britain is thinking of taking away their citizenship, 
Sweden aims for dialogue and understanding…………

Social Democrat Mona Sahlin, Sweden's national coordinator 
of the struggle against violent extremists, thinks it would be 
beneficial if local municipalities were to help them get an 
education and a job. When they return to Sweden from battle 
in Syria and Iraq. 

Meanwhile, Sweden's armed forces say of their soldiers returning 
from Afghanistan: "Once they're back home, it's no 
longer our business." 

In a comment in Expressen newspaper, Yekbun Alp, a Kurdish 
woman active in the struggle for Kurdish rights in Turkey, accuses 
Sahlin of betraying Kurdish Swedes whose relatives have been 
killed by the Islamic State:
"Whereas many think that imprisonment for life and extradition 
would be reasonable measures, Mona Sahlin ... has another plan 
for how terrorists should be dealt with. ... 
What will she think of next: Compensate terrorists for lost income? 

Mona Sahlin wants to reward terrorists who have gone to Kurdistan, 
Iraq and Syria to rape women and children and sell them as 
sex slaves -- in addition to decapitating people ..., driving hundreds 
of thousands away from their homes and committing mass murder, 
genocide, torture and kidnapping."

If Mona Sahlin had been in charge of the war crimes tribunals after 
World War II, writes Ms. Alp, she would probably have acquitted 
the Nazi criminals and given them financial support.

"Sahlin has chosen to turn her back on Kurds, Armenians, Syriacs 
and Assyrians," writes Alp. 
"This is a hard slap in the face to all those who have lost a family 
member, friend, acquaintance or relative who has fought against the 

IS, and even to democracy in Sweden and abroad."

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