Monday, 2 February 2015

The fight against false diplomats

A small group of anonymous professionals have created a closed group 
with the intent to fight the growing false use of title diplomatic titles like "Ambassador" by both users and issuers.

SDR was told exclusively that the mapping of the issuers already started a 
year ago and have been under observation in order to avoid misunderstandings.

The source who wishes to stay anonymous told further that most of the  groups 
members have worked within the field of diplomacy or diplomatic security and 
did grow tired of people using hard earned titles like "Ambassador"without any 
consideration to the ones who have studied to get PHDs and then taken up a long 
career for a state before they maybe eventually get selected for such a high post.

There are a few exseptions where the UN or other internationally recognized 
organisation have nominated some celebrity the title Goodwill Ambassador 
for a limited time. These persons are very public in contrary to the goodwill 
no good doers who no media etc know who the are.

According to the group they have the latest technology and no register will 
be found on any computers but are stored somewhere safe far away from 
the group itself independently.

Finally we where told that there is no deadlines but that they will pop-up 
were ever and when ever to reveal the fraudulent persons or organisations 
to international organisations related or affected......

SDR will naturally support the important work of AFDTIS and keep SDR 
readers updated.

Its not a easy journey so don't abuse the privilege