Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bosnia - Five persons arrests for planning 'terrorist act' in Scandinavia

Sarajevo. Bosnia Herzegovina.

Four Bosnians and a Arab with a Swedish passport were arrested in Bosnia after being found with an explosive device to be used for "a terrorist act" in a Scandinavian country, police said Friday. Sweden Arabs have over 90 % arrived to Sweden on Swedish generosity giving asylum to the needy. This is then how the same persons use their help by dragging more Islamists to the North with intentions to kill, and hurt the helping hands they have been 
given free food shelter housing health care and edification.

If Bosnians and Arabs will encounter hate from locals eventually after such deeds then who can blame Islamophobia or the fact that actions cause reactions?

The operation, by the name "Benelux," was carried out by Bosnian, Swedish and Dutch police, BiH (Bosnia) police said in a press statement.

The arrested Muslims where caught producing an explosive device in BiH (Bosnia) with the intention of delivering it in a Scandinavian country," it said said. The device as the media strangely calls it  was supposed to be used for a terrorist act.

Last month, a gunman of Palestinian origin killed two people in Copenhagen.

Scandinavian or Nordic ? 
We ask this as even most Europeans don't even know that only a part of the Northern nations are part of Scandinavia, and for instance all the Nordic nations together have a so called Nordic Minister Council representing all of the Nordic nations in Denmark.

The authorities refused to give further details, including the final destination or specify if the suspects were linked to local movements.
In a separate statement, a prosecutor said the Swedish citizen was "of Arab origin." Why not call him what he is a of Arab refugee origin!
Three suspects were arrested as they were trying to leave Bosnia in a car where the device was found, police said, adding that another two were arrested in the capital Sarajevo. 
Forty percent of Bosnia s 3.8 million inhabitants are Muslim. It would be more if the refugees who came to Germany Sweden and Finland would have returned after they left as refugees!
Now the same are dragging the Jihad war to the countries that helped them!

According to Bosnian intelligence estimates, some 150 citizens are currently fighting along with jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria and some 20 have been killed so far. Some 50 other jihadists returned to Bosnia.  However if one looks at the amount of Bosnian refugees in all, the West to probably many more who then are just called of Bosnian origin. 

This blog has seen massive refugees who still don't speak Finnish or Norwegian...
Eventually most Nordic Bosnians we know have moved to places where there are large Muslim majorities like Gothenburg or Malmo Sweden while still receiving pensions from the initial nation the arrived to like Finland.  Most readers have know idea about these facts but 
there are so many matters that should be talked about publicly before someone even mention the name Islamophobic. 

To SDR its a shame that EU lets former asylum seekers who later become either terrorists or Islamic fighters to return to live next to my and your children. This while the authorities on most EU try to keep child molesters at a distance form schools.  Does it really make sense and is this fair?
We think not!

 (Story written and based on news provided by AFP)