Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hamas Palestinian Dream For Muslims Only

Hamas asks for a free Palestine. 
But free only for Muslims as its  
intentions is to create a apartheid 
state, with Islamic religious laws only.  
Leaving Christians and Jews to become 
victims of Islamic religious violence 
and forced conversions just like 
the areas held by Daesh (ISIL) and 
other ME nations now.

MEMRI reports today the following:
In a recent TV interview, Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said: 

Answer to Hamas:
It was the British protectorate Palestine and before that Ottoman empire and before that 
it was never a independent Islamic state EVER !

It was part of Egypt and neither the Egyptian Muslims or Turks did see this area as a own state.
In fact the area now a large part now called Israel had so much swamps that that no Arab, Bedouin 
or Cristian ever was able to live there due to the sicknesses...

Of we go back in time we can find Roman coins all over why ? Because there was a Roma empire 
ruling during the times of Christ and if you read your bible or History book all the same you will
notice that there was a Jewish Temple. Christianity was born there and also left some historical
artefact's like fishes carved in stones and the Coptic religion.

Why can't Hamas and other radical Palestinians promoting a Islamic state ever prove their 
Because there was never ever a Islamic state anywhere in the areas of Palestine.
Even the most primitive of cultures leave traces predating and conforming any claim.
But in the case of radical Hamas their only claim is as invented as santa Claus red dress.
No more and no less.

Why would you take any such claim even to consideration we once asked a UN worker.
when there is not one historical fact pointing towards any truth that could ensure a 
Islamic states claim for existence. 

The only fact bit you and me can find no matter how much we dig is that at the times of the 
Roman empire there was Jews like jesus and the Palestinians did not believe in any religion
by the name Islam! They did not even speak Arabic but Aramaic or Hebrew or Greek !

All the museums in the area can show arifactjs dated from now to the Pharaohs and not
one day was there any Islamic state of Palestine.

To claim such by from us is like wanting a drivers licence by reading the first page only.
In Sweden and UK they seem to have overlooked the fact that if this make believe claims
continue they will hear sooner than later that our western calendar is a insult to Islam.

We in the west in the past be it Muslims Jews or Christians never ever did look at our
calendar or modern culture as being a threat and a religious rule...
However when primitive Arabs who barely know to read and write one book start killing 
Westerners and jews it becomes a debate if they have a claim anywhere ?

Jordan was created upon the same land as Israel why doesn't Hamas shoot at them ?
Only for one reason because they are racists! They don't shoot rockets at Muslims.

At some point one would wish for western pleaders to throw away so called Politically
correct and replace it with COMMON SENSE.

We can't have a Palestinian state as long as they attack Jews and Christians.
Why because that would be self hate and me and my friends truly are happy 
to live in a society that can produce cars mobile phones or airplanes and computers.
We also "still" have freedom of speech still but have to fight for it in both Paris
and Denmark. We have women rights and laws that are humane. All in all I see a 
Society worth developing another thousand years.

This while the opposite Like Hamas and IS Taliban's etc. can't produce even their
daily food or any industrial matter that could meet any demand for export.

Please tell us at SDR the name of any invention or purely Arab invention that is produced
and exported please. 

Not in Iran and not in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain Kuwait Iraq Egypt Lebanon or Syria 
or Tunis or Morocco or any other Islamic state.

If I was to look at respect towards any of these countries they will need to show that 
they go to work and develop their countries to be a part of the global trade and economy.
If not well ....then we see only violence and idiotic demands.

And that dear friends is a waste of time not only for UN but for any developed nation
to co-operate with.

Written by MH for SDR

See the original source and video:
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