Monday, 23 March 2015

Is Niqab unfit for a modern tax paying society.

The following pictures are of women in  Niqab we see very much of in Europe today SDR would like to ask YOU what your thought is about someone wearing the sort of dress to the unemployment agency and after not being able to get work enjoy of unemployment.
We at SDR think its OK to wear what one wants. But if someone willingly abstain from taking part
in a western society her family or spouse should pay for her costs as she has no intention to 
contribute to the society.

Its about as ridiculous as If someone was to wear a Batman suit or a dressed as a Buddhist monk to the employment agency and then after when not getting a job claim unemployment. 

Whats most disturbing is that there isn't any legal limits on what a woman with Niqab would be able to do. in regard to uphold public safety. For instance driving license should not be permitted with such a limited sight and also insurances should be raised on the risk of having an accident due to limited sight is very much higher than that of a non Niqab dressed person.
Having the ears covered makes hearing as well less and can and should be tested.

For now any woman claiming unemployment is in the eyes of SDR abusing our social system
and her costs should be carried by her family entirely as she won't be a productive tax paying
citizen ever. This should be addressed NOW.

Do we think its right that people go dressed as here below get full social benefits while not contributing ever to our society while using the benefits of this society!

If you are a employer in US or EU would you employ a woman wearing this sort of dress ?

We at SDR have never seen any woman like this doing some public work .....
Have you ?

Question still lingers should a Niqab dressed woman get unemployment?
While we pay by hard work for here to walk around like doing absolutely nothing to contribute while enjoying the fruits of our society that was developed for people participating paying their share.

Someone needs to talk about abusing social benefits and safety driving cars this way as soon as possible ...