Sunday, 1 March 2015

Italy - Massive Anti Immigration Rally Draws Thousands To Rome

The Northern League protest comes as polls indicate that it is gaining support for its attacks on austerity 
and mainly Muslim immigration policies

Thousands and thousands of supporters of Italy's Northern League have poured into one of Rome's biggest squares for a rally against immigration, the EU and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's government. League leader Matteo Salvini accused Mr Renzi of substituting the country's interests to those of the EU. He also criticised the government's record in dealing with Romanian truck drivers, tax, banks and big business.  A large counter-demonstration against Mr Salvini was also held in Rome. Opinion polls suggest that Mr Salvini is rapidly gaining in popularity. They show him as being second only to Mr Renzi, prompting some to dub him as "the other Matteo"

Mr Salvini described the government's immigration policies as "a disaster"

People hold a banner reading "Renzi go home!"at a rally held by Northern League party leader Matteo Salvini in Rome

The Northern League was once a strong ally of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, but it has sought to find new allies as he struggles to shake off a tax fraud conviction that forced him out of parliament. Mr Salvini's fiery rhetoric against the European Union, immigration and austerity politics had led to comparisons being drawn between him and French National Front leader Marine Le Pen writes BBC. This while forgetting that no antisemitic attacks have been caused by "Lega Nord" aka the Northern League! A matter we can't say about Mrs le Pens followers who at may times have shown sympathy for Muslim slander and attacks on Jews in recent years ! To generalise both France and Italy here would be a big mistake......
Italy has not had open doors to Islam like France that soon might become Europe's first Jew free union member due to this fact no matter what the french president tells now to protect the few Jews left in France. Here Marie Le Pens father Jean Marie Le Pen with his Arab friends doing the the nazi greeting how she could speak out against the killers of Charlie Hebdo doing the nazi greeting with her Father is a mystery to any sane person. 
Dualism in action here:
Marie Le Pen doing the Quenelle nazi greeting 
The same nazi greeting by her father with some Muslim friends 

Then after a while here she is marching against the Charlie hebdo attackers claiming she is Charlie ...

Mrs Le Pen might be interesting but as far away from Italy´s Lega Nord as possible.....
Lega Nord has no best friend Arabs as they are the ones invading Italy. There is a big difference that the BBC and other reporters don't see. 

The counter-demonstration staged by an alliance of leftist parties, anti-racism campaigners and gay rights groups was held only a few hundred metres from the Northern League rally.
"The problem isn't Renzi, Renzi is a pawn, Renzi is a dumb slave, at the disposal of some nameless person who wants to control all our lives from Brussels," Mr Salvini told the rally at the Piazza del Popolo.

 Police blocked streets leading to the square, determined to keep marchers in a counter-demonstration from clashing with Mr Salvini's supporters in Piazza del Popolo

Those at the counter-demonstration included leftist groups, anti-racism campaigners and gay rights groups

Mr Salvini his supporters that the prime minister was the "foolish servant" of Brussels.
Mr Salvini spoke of a "different (New) Europe, where banks count for less, and citizens and small businessmen count for more" .Reflecting and sharing the sentiments of most Europeans today be it in Helsinki or Rome, London or Berlin.

"I want to change Italy. I want the Italian economy to be able to move forward again, something that is obstructed by Brussels and mad European policies," he said, describing the government's immigration policies as "a disaster".

Nota bene: The two protests come just over two months ahead of regional elections in May.

Analysts say Mr Salvini could emulate other right-wing European leaders and capitalise on growing resentment against immigration writes BBC when it actually is all about the one religions terror and the massive emigration to a ready made table by People from ME the Gulf and mostly the so called Arab spring areas where Christians have suffered most. 

Italy has had a long and good relationship with its Somali immigrants due to the Italian and Somali shared past. It never became any problem so one can say Italians hate Islam or other religions. The Jews of Italy never had anything close to what takes place in France now. However Italians have a very closed bond with the Roman Orthodox Church that keeps a small nation by them self's called The Vatican. 

SDR writes this as many readers from outside EU won't know much or almost nothing about the fact that the Vatican is a State with own laws and diplomatic representatives world wide.

In Italy Culture and Art of the past is about as endemic as the landmarks we all visit  as visiting tourists.  No other European nation can understand how much so called Christian Roman Orthodox Culture plays a role in Italian daily life...It culture is deeply rooted and stretches out as far as Austria and Germany.  Lets not forget that the Romans once up on a time, held the entire Palestine and that this was much before the existence of any Islamic religion. 

What will it take for the media to understand that the people have been driven to the point of explosion by a bunch of selfish individuals called politicians, hiding behind the shallow morally dried out word, "consensus".

If the politicians of EU would be fair they would draw the immigration lines at some reasonable line and not let 99.9% of Muslims alone fill all the given immigration quota. 

EU is not any different than a a Aquarium where there is placed fish by fish in order to give the aquarium fishes a own sustainable environment. 
What the politicians have done is: To bring to the aquarium only new predator fishes who can't share with others, while calling the deaths caused by the predatory fish non-existent. One can't hide the fact that if this was to continue the predatory fish will "kill off every other small fish in the aquarium if given time".

This small anecdote is no different then the facts as seen today all over the west with Islam as the predatory fish not able or wanting to share and who will never stop to fight for dominance of any space it inhabits.