Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Media Distortion Against Israel Is Exposed Here

A terrible looking picture of a Jewish man yelling angrily at a Muslim woman made the rounds in the anti-Israel media. Claiming proof of Israeli aggression against the Arabs? 
Its actually the opposite! Here is the true story. 

A group of religious Jews gathered together to pray outside the Temple Mount, a hotly contested piece of land in the Old City of Jerusalem to which Jews have very little access – although it is Judaism’s holiest site. While these Jews were praying, an angry mob of Arab women armed with cameras came out shouting Allah hu akbar. One of the women grabbed a prayer book out of a Jewish man’s hands while he was reading from it.

It was the the perfect opportunity for a photo. And sure enough, it spread all over the internet, claiming to show Israeli aggression against poor, innocent Palestinians. Without knowing the story behind the picture, one would think the Israeli man was about to attack the Muslim woman. That would be a false representation of what happened.

Palestinian woman been attacked by Jewish man?

This video could be qualified as a "must watch and share"! It’s up to us all to help people to see the truth and let them know what is really happening in Israel and Palestine.
There are sadly many who want and try to demonize and destroy Israel. You and only you have the power to stop a second holocaust. The Nazi style propaganda has already started!