Sunday, 15 March 2015

News from India: Rape rape rape rape rape rape.......

India has seen frequent protests over violence against local women but no protests are ever seen when the victim is a foreigner

India's new year 2015 start with 5 men again raping a Japanese tourist.....
In he past we used to hear about India the tourist paradise but since about ten years we hear more and more about rape not only committed on Indians and that are usually cause for large protests but many many rapes of foreigners that the Indian public don't protest about ever.  I have many times my self been hearing and meeting ladies that where raped or just and just escaped such in Rajasthan and always they where advised to rather leave the matter than to report it to the local police...

The one and only reason for this the Indians them self's can blame their hunger for only one gender top be born and that's boys! There are places where according to register no girl was born I was told years back by a red cross worker. Fact is that Indian women are well aware of this and still think a demonstration against rape helps when they them self's are going for ultra-scan to see if the birth is a wanted (make) or unwanted (female).

Ergo only Indian women them self's can put an end to this by giving birth to many females.
This is a matter that the Indian state has overlooked in the same way it overlooks toiled birth of so many children that they never will be possible to feed and educated with the resources given now in India to its citizens.

With this direction, India's male population will grow so desperate that they will cause a threat for any female tourist. Not to mention the rapes that India will see in the future of its own women and girls. And whats more sickening is that elderly senior citizens as well are in danger of rape.

The news today reports a 70 year old Nun raped yesterday! Police say the nun in her 70s was gang-raped by a group of 7-8 bandits when she tried to prevent them from committing a robbery in a Christian missionary school in eastern India. The nun was hospitalized in serious condition after the attack, which was committed by seven to eight robbers at the Convent of Jesus and Mary School in West Bengal state s Nadia district.

Now not only is this sick and beyond words.
 that anyone can rape someone that old. But here we talk gang rape of the poor elderly 
Nun! This makes me wonder is there no moral what ever in India left?
Are Indians like animals taking any female by force that come their way ?

Such actions can't be hidden behind curtains and India will have to learn one way or 
another that such matters cant continue forever without consequences elsewhere.

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