Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sweden: Malmo School closed after violence and threats - Too dangerous for students and staff

Rosengård to anyone in Sweden is an alias for a no go zone for non Muslims and Ambulance need to have police escort, as they have have been attacked so much that they simply refuse to go there. Just imagine a school situated in such a area where over 90% of the pupils speak Arabic, and no one has Swedish as a mother tongue. Some Arab kids and some Arab parents have spoken out against this, as it feeds gang mentality.  

The following is what the press told:
It's too dangerous for students and school staff in Varner Ryden School in Malmö. Now the teachers' unions Protection closed the high school situated in Rosengård because of violence and crime.
Violence, threats and visits by adult criminals. Eventually it became too much for the teachers' unions at Värner Ryden School in Rosengård, Malmö, whose safety officers now closed lower secondary school.
There is violence and threats and verbal abuse. Then there are violent settlements with students from other schools, says Hans Nilsson, Acting Director of Education at the City of Malmö to TT.
The ball is now with the employer because the closure can only be waived by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.
Students were notified of the closure. But where to go is not yet clear
Student Fights means that they can not guarantee security, says Catharina Niwhede the National Union of Teachers in Malmö to the local newspaper Sydsvenskan.
According to the teachers Union  the urgent situation has arisen since the nearby  Örtagårds-school closed last fall, leading to more students at Värner Ryden School.

Unable to handle the situation
Education director Hans Nilsson says that representatives of the school administration tried to sort out the situation with the principal and staff to see what is needed to manage state. But the situation was so acute that the school had to be closed. Some student groups spread so much concern that teachers could not handle it, says Hans Nilsson. 

The City of Malmö will now hire a security company to make the environment safer.  The staff (That now did not manage to keep the school in order) will also help with security and conflict management.
What metro does not report is that the area is basically a no go area for police and even rescue who refuse to go there after so many threats that is a fact that you the reader can check on Google or YouTube or then ask any Swedish
non muslim if they would walk there at night. With the outcome that any guarding contract will go to some Muslim Security firm. In case this would be the result it hardly would benefit, Christians Jews, Hindus or Buddhists was to try to attend the school.

With the following last few words Mr Hans Nilsson told that some students may be suspended from school, or transferring to other schools. Fact is that almost all students if not all are Muslims who get mad at any what ever talk about Swedish laws  and culture the history lessons must be tragical as the views on  facets rather will be replaced by Islamic Religious comments as a matter of fact and the fact that a Israeli just walking the areas in daytime will end with 
him being bombarded with bottles and more from the city windows as the word spreads like a fire if anything is not as the locals want it to be. Laws? Yea sure bottles thrown from windows was filmed by a camera team just recently
and reflects naturally the pupils who are the children of the bottle throwing immigrants. Oh dear did I just write immigrants generalising ? Fact is no. I have my self visited the area many times the areas and not seen or heard of any Swedish person living there. What make me sad is that the facts about the Schools proves that refugees don’t bring gratitude to Sweden for all the help of free housing, food adult education (payed for with someone else's hard work and taxes) and unemployment benefits and lastly a fantastic totally free healthcare service including dentists free of charge. Nope there is no gratitude in the luggage. At last but note least a statement given by a woman journalist from Somalia on Swedish TV who had to flee from Rosengård saying: It´s more dangerous to her than Mogadishu (see video here below)

The following videos in English will give a realistic view where you can judge your self ....

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Bombs by criminal immigrant in Rosengård Malmö Sweden 2014 

Iraqi refugee: "Rosengård as unsafe as Iraq"

Dedicated to the ones saying there are no so called  no-go zones in Sweden...

Facts about Rosengård:

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