Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Cold Danger

Russian nuclear submarine on fire in Arctic dock

Its so far a way that most of you think its not touching you. Really ?
A Russian nuclear submarine is on fire at an Arctic naval shipyard 
and firefighters are tackling the blaze, Russian media report.
The Oryol-class submarine's reactor is not at risk at the 
Severodvinsk base, Lenta.ru website reports.
The fire broke out during repairs and the vessel does not have 
weapons on board, Interfax news agency reports.

The sub joined the Northern Fleet in 1992, reports say, 
and on operations it is armed with anti-ship missiles.  

So far  ... There have been no reports of casualties to the media. 
As we all know neither US or Russia would like any matter like 
this to get any headlines so what every we think for now is
at best a speculation.