Saturday, 11 April 2015

Finland bids farewell to free speech in fear of Islam

This day we all never thought would come ...but it regretfully has arrived.
Finns afraid of Islamists ? Oh yes and thats from as high up as it can get.
I have had a ring on my finger telling: Suomesta ..... Roughly translated
as from Finland god damn it!
I took the ring off today and won't put it back.
Why ?

Well Finnish parliament cancels free speech event featuring Muhammad 
cartoonist Lars Vilks over security concerns. My wife was also invited to 
the same event.

Everywhere the West cowers in fear of the Muslim thugs who will kill over cartoons. Enough is enough. They’re just cartoons. Are we going to stand idle while psychopaths who would commit murder because of them frighten the free world into giving up the freedom of speech, the cornerstone of a free society? (Writes Robert Spencer) 

Yle writes :
The Finnish parliament has cancelled a discussion event where the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, known for his depictions of the prophet Mohammed. 

The Secretary General of the Finnish parliament said that the cancellation was made on Security Intelligence Police advice.

A planned discussion event due to be held on parliamentary premises, and organised by Finns Party MP Mika Raatikainen, has been cancelled on the advice of the Security Intelligence Police (Supo). 

Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who is mainly known for drawing the prophet Mohammed, was due to attend the event to discuss freedom of speech issues.

According to a press release from parliament, the decision was made due to a threat assessment from Supo and because the event was not directly related to parliament’s work.

Raatikainen had on Friday morning released his own statement in which he blamed Social Democrat and speaker of parliament Eero Heinäluoma for cancelling the event. According to parliament, the decision was made by the Secretary General of parliament, Seppo Tiitinen.

The Finns who fought bravely in two wars against Soviet Russia without fear have now shown 
how degenerated and easily manipulated Finland actually is by terrorists.
Not a very heroic deed indeed. Let´s hope that the Finnish people don't vote for the same sort of 
coward´s in the upcoming elections!